MacBook Air 2012 vs MacBook Air 2013: Spec Showdown

Apple finally unveiled its long-rumored refresh to the Macbook Air lineup, but how do the specs compare with its successor? Check out our spec comparison for all the details.

From iOS 1 to iOS 7: How Apple’s iPhone OS has evolved since 2007

Come with us on a trip down memory lane, back to the birth of iOS, up to today’s WWDC unveil of the 7th version. Let us remind you how the platform has evolved with images, videos, and a few words.

Pandora killer? Spotify slayer? iTunes Radio needs more than hype to compete

Apple has finally introduced the world to its Pandora-challenging, Spotify-rivaling streaming service, iTunes Radio. But this brief look doesn't confirm anything beyond yet another competitor in the digital music market.

Will iOS 7’s Activation Lock really deter iPhone theft?

One of the most important features in iOS 7 barely got two minutes mention in the keynote but could prove a big favorite among iPhone and iPad fans. Activation Lock makes it so thieves can't wipe and reset your device if they don't have…

Apple outs Gigabit Wi-Fi AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule

Apple is bringing Gigabit Wi-Fi to the new AirPort Extreme router and Time Capsule backup drive (available in 2TB and 3TB), so that they can work with the new 802.11ac-ready MacBook Airs and Mac Pro desktop.

Apple AirDrop takes a dig at Samsung NFC sharing, uses peer-to-peer Wi-Fi

At today's Apple WWDC 2013 conference, Apple showcased its AirDrop feature, which utilizes peer to peer Wi-Fi to share files and app features with nearby friends. The feature will roll out to the iPhone 5, iPad Mini, and fifth generation…

Siri for iOS 7 is a man! And he can now search Wikipedia or Bing…

Apple's personal assistant app Siri is getting a makeover, including a new voice. Siri can now have a male or female voice, search Twitter or Wikipedia, change settings on your phone, and more. Plus, Siri will be making its way to your car…

Apple bursts onto the streaming radio scene with iTunes Radio

At the Apple World Wide Developer Conference, Apple unveiled iTunes Radio, which may end up competing with Spotify, Pandora, and other streaming music apps.

Get your iDrive on: Apple slots Siri into the dashboard of a dozen automakers

Apple has partnered with a dozen automobile manufacturers to bring the chatty hands-free assistant Siri to potentially millions of dashboards. Outside of basic iPod and iPhone connectivity for music and phone calls, Apple has lagged behind…

Apple announces new Mac Pro: Smaller, more powerful, and made in the USA

Apple unveiled a new Mac Pro, its oft-forgotten desktop computer, at WWDC. A new cylindrical design, tons of power from Intel Xeon processors, and dual AMD CPUs will be built into the made-in-America Pro. It will be available in the fall.