$1 billion in global profits is helping to keep Uber's Chinese operation alive

In the wake of rather alarming reports regarding Uber's huge losses in China (to the tune of $1 billion a year), the transportation giant now says that it's using its profits from other markets to prop up the difficult situation.

After six months, Volkswagen still has no plan to fix its diesel cars

Volkswagen missed a March 24 deadline set by U.S. District Court Judge Charles Breyer to come up with a fix for its TDI diesel cars. Six months into the diesel scandal, there is still no fix in sight.

Land Rover could take on the segment-defying BMW X6 with a stylish crossover-coupe

Rumors claim Land Rover is developing a stylish, form-over-function variant of the Range Rover called Sport Coupe. More road-focused than any Land Rover before it, the Sport Coupe will share its platform with the Jaguar F-Pace.

Toyota’s popular Corolla celebrates its 50th birthday with a bold new look

Toyota is celebrating the Corolla's 50th birthday by giving the compact a new look, and launching a limited-edition model. Limited to 8,000 examples, the commemorative Corolla gets more standard features and black cherry accents.

Jaguar's head-turning answer to the Tesla Model X might be just two years away

Ian Callum, the head of Jaguar's design department, has revealed the company will launch a model that's not powered by a gasoline-burning engine in two years' time. Rumors indicate Jaguar's first EV will be a crossover called E-Pace.

The Macan gets a turbo four and becomes Porsche’s most affordable model

Porsche has expanded the Macan lineup with a new base model that's powered by a 252-horsepower turbo four. The entry-level Macan hits 60 mph from a stop in 6.1 seconds when it's equipped with the Sport Chrono Package.
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Cobra CDR 855 BT Review

Cobra’s latest dash cam packs high features into your low budget.

Buyers are willing to camp outside of a Tesla store overnight to reserve a Model 3

Prospective Tesla Model 3 owners are ready to camp out overnight in order to make a $1,000 deposit and get an early reservation number. At least 100 people are expected to wait outside of the Tesla store in Montreal, Canada.

The Tesla Model S is rumored to get new features and a higher base price

Tesla stores have allegedly been warning buyers that the Model S is about to get more expensive. The price hike might signal the arrival of a facelifted model, a new range-topping model, or both.