McLaren could build a car with more than two seats, but it won’t be an SUV

McLaren is open to the idea of building a car with more than two seats. It could be either a three- or a four-seater, but the company has ruled out following its rivals into the super-SUV segment.

Ouch! Don’t leave the garage with your Tesla Falcon Wing doors open

The Tesla Model X has doors that swing up for ease of exit in close quarters, but you're supposed to close them before you drive off. Although there are visual and audible door open alerts, an Illinois Model X 90D owner was apparently in a…

Will a new law in Japan kick off the end of car mirrors?

A new law in Japan allows automakers to replace mirrors with cameras. Several components manufacturers have already offered to supply the technology in Japan, but mirrorless cars remain banned in the United States.

Highly anticipated Tesla Autopilot 8.0 release to roll out in July

Some may say it's too late, or about time, but the Tesla Autopilot 8.0 due to be deployed in the next few weeks has been expected for several months. A major software release, 8.0 will add off-ramp exiting and other driver-assistance…

Uber and Lyft drivers now have another option — rent from Hertz

Expanding on a pilot program with Lyft, Hertz is now entering into agreements with both Uber and Lyft for weekly driver rentals. In addition to adding an option for potential rideshare drivers, the program also gives Hertz a way to make…

Eye-tracking goggles reveal how F1 drivers ‘see’ the track

Drivers don't come much more skilled than F1 competitors. To learn more about how a racing driver 'sees' the track and responds lightning-fast to a myriad of situations, Sky Sports recently stuck a pair of eye-tracking goggles on…

BBC’s new Top Gear show in turmoil as presenter Chris Evans quits

Following numerous reports of behind-the-scenes rifts and poor audience ratings, Top Gear presenter Chris Evans has quit the show after just one season.

Tesla second-quarter deliveries fell short of target despite production jump

Tesla says it is now producing cars at the rate of around 2,000 per week, and hopes to bump that up to 2,400 cars per week by the end of the year. It will need that pace to meet CEO Elon Musk's ambitious goal of 500,000 cars per week by…

Weekly Rewind: DIY beer from your phone, robot soccer, Android Nougat, and more

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on, in fact, that it's almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech…

Forget about parallel parking: These wheels can make your car drive sideways

Canadian William Liddiard designed a set of wheels that will make driving in urban traffic congestion much easier. In short, his omnidirectional wheels can make a car drive sideways and turn around without any forward movement.