Apple has announced a new OS X: Mountain Lion

Apple has a new operating system underway. The OS X Mountain Lion will offer some of the features iOS users have grown accustomed to and plans to integrate iCloud capabilities across all your Apple devices.

Are bandwidth caps about easing congestion, or protecting television?

So-called "data hogs" and file sharers are routinely blamed for data caps imposed by ISPs, but what if broadband providers are really interested in protecting their television businesses?

Time Warner releases live TV streaming app for the PC

As cable companies continue to look for new ways to keep dwindling subscribers from cutting the cord, Time Warner Cable has just rolled out streaming television support for the personal computer.
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Asus Zenbook UX31 Review

Asus Zenbook UX31 Review.

Samsung might spin off LCD business

Samsung says it is considering options for its LCD business...and the might mean spinning it off into its own separate business.
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Does Firefox have a mobile future?

Mozilla has ambitious plans for mobile in the coming year, but will the team behind Firefox be able to make the leap to mobile, or be left stranded on the desktop?

Chrome 17 launches, upcoming updates focus on speed

While Microsoft is making users wait months for the final version of Internet Explorer 10, Google has pushed out yet another version of Chrome to consumers.

Technology of tomorrow, today? One terabyte, one centimeter holographic data storage cube in the works

New Jersey-based Access Optical Networks (AON) says it has developed a 1 terabyte holographic data storage cube that can transfer data at blazing speeds and measures 1 cm.

Microsoft to beat Apple at retail by being… less crowded?

Microsoft will open 75 new retail stores over the next three years, but can Redmond beat Apple at its own game?

Google Drive cloud storage service expected soon

Sorry, DropBox: Google will reportedly debut its own dedicated cloud storage service in the near future.
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Sony Vaio Z Review

Sony Vaio Z Review.
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Maingear Vybe Review

Maingear Vybe Review.