Cool Tech

This scanner could one day make moving a whole lot easier

In partnership with Ford, a group of Carnegie Mellon students came up with the tool to make moving easier. It’s called Argo, and it looks more like a supermarket scanner than anything else.
Cool Tech

As coach seats shrink, these new designs could save your sanity

There’s no getting around it: Airlines are putting more coach seats in less space. But these new designs at least attempt to make it more pleasant.
Home Theater

You can now use Amazon Echo to buy another Amazon Echo

While the Amazon Echo is a cool piece of technology, given the company behind it, the lack of hands-free shopping features was always a bit surprising. Now with the most recent firmware update, owners can use the Echo to re-order items from…
Cool Tech

Security scare: Drone flying close to White House prompts lockdown

After failing to spot a drone flying over the grounds of the White House back in January, security officials are watching the airspace around the president's official residence more closely than ever. And on Thursday they had to act.
Cool Tech

Forget plastic — this 3D printer retrofit makes it possible to print fudge, jelly, and more

Instead of feeding plastic filament through a heated nozzle, Bocusini works like a super-precise pastry bag, and deposits food onto your plate, layer-by-layer, from a syringe-like cartridge

Technology to prevent train accidents exists, but Congress may delay its implementation

Technology exists that forces trains to slow down or stop if they are driving too fast, but federal funding and other concerns delay its implementation. It's possible this tech could have prevented the derailment in Philadelphia that killed…
Cool Tech

This drone parachute automatically deploys itself if it detects a stall

Whenever SmartChutes' sensors detect that your drone is falling, they automatically deploy a spring-loaded parachute, which slows down the drone's descent, and (hopefully) reduces the damage it experiences when it hits the ground.
Cool Tech

GE engineers just made a fully-functional 3D printed jet engine

To showcase the versatility of 3D printing as a manufacturing process, a team of engineers at GE recently built a fully-functional, backpack-sized jet engine made entirely from 3D-printed parts.

iRobot wants to map your house and connect your smart home

iRobot plans to release a new system later this year that will map your house, as well as its objects. In turn, your smart home devices will be able to use the map data to communicate with each other and work efficiently.
Cool Tech

Japanese authorities waking up to drones, ban flights in all of Tokyo’s public parks

Tokyo-based drone enthusiasts have had it pretty easy when it comes to flight freedom around the city. However, following a recent high-profile incident where a man flew radioactive material onto the Prime Minister's office, it's…

In Pakistan, electric rickshaws wage quiet war with their sputtering gas cousins

Whiny, smoke-puffing rickshaws are one of the best way to flit through the crowded streets of Pakistan, but a new company says its electric models are quieter, greener, and cheaper to run.

Samsung shows off the tiny processors that’ll power your next Internet-connected refrigerator

Samsung's getting serious about the amorphous Internet of Things. The company unveiled reference hardware, dubbed Artik, for developers. It's designed to make rapid IoT iteration easier.