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Keeping a dead family member’s DNA instead of ashes is the new funeral ritual

A biotech company is offering customers the chance to keep dead loved ones' DNA at home within a lightweight capsule. The firm claims that storing a person's genetic material can help their family unlock the secrets to their own personal…
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Just For the Tech Of It: Monkey thought control, the ravages of microgravity 3:46

We discuss Scott Kelly's return to Earth after 340 days in space, supersonic planes that don't make sonic booms, and monkeys that can drive wheelchairs with nothing but a thought.
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Researchers used geotagging and math to reveal the identity of the street artist Banksy

A new report from researchers at Queen Mary University of London reveals that a common criminology method has been employed to unmask the mysterious artist Banksy.
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Polish chemists tried to make kryptonite and failed, but then made a huge discovery

Though chemists didn't actually see a bond in person, the team ran algorithms that allowed them to theorize the possibility of bonding krypton and oxygen. The resulting compound was krypton monoxide.

Boeing is coming out with self-cleaning bathrooms using UV light 2:30

Despite the fact that recent studies have shown the dirtiest parts of airplanes to be those foldable tables and not, the bathrooms, Boeing's introduction of self-cleaning toilets will doubtless elicit a sigh of relief from…
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Orion spacecraft’s solar array passes first major hurdle

Airbus Defence and Space this week announced that it has successfully tested the solar array that will power Orion's European Service Module, which will serve as the primary power and propulsion source for the spacecraft.
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Sony launches Future Lab Program to get customer input on upcoming products 0:47

Sony is getting much more public about what it has in the works with the launch of the Future Lab Program, which gives users a chance to give their input on possible products, like a strange wearable that promises a new way to…
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This shoulder-mounted, net-firing bazooka can down a rogue drone at 100 meters 3:30

Nets seems to be popular with companies building systems to take out rogue drones. The latest design, an awesome shoulder-mounted, net-firing bazooka, comes from a team of engineers in the UK.
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Gunman uses hoverboard as getaway vehicle, cops fail to catch him

A man who shot a driver in Dallas on Thursday morning reportedly fled the scene on a hoverboard. Cops arriving at the location failed to track down the perpetrator, even though he presumably hadn't gotten very far.
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Connecticut may soon make it illegal to strap firearms onto drones

The Connecticut legislature will soon rule on two new laws that would make it a class C felony if anyone strapped tear gas, a handgun, or a working flamethrower to a quadcopter or drone.
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Europe's Sentinel-3A satellite sends back stunning first Image of Norway

The European Space Agency last month expanded its Copernicus program with the launch of its third Sentinel satellite. After a few weeks of early testing, the Earth-observing satellite is starting to phone home with some breathtaking images…