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Cool Tech

Leave it to 3D: MIT engineers make printing electronic surfaces easier

A new nanotube ink developed by MIT researchers can be printed on firm of flexible surfaces like tapes or window panes. The method may offer a cheaper, easier, and faster means to manufacture products with interactive electronic surfaces.
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AI educational software knows when students are bored, can adjust lessons accordingly

Little Dragon is an educational startup that's developing learning apps which sniff out the emotional reactions of users and use this to change the way they teach you. You'll never be bored again -- hopefully!

Segway MiniPro drops its price to $600 in time for the holiday season

Based on the same balance-controlled technology as the original Segway, the new Segway MiniPro is now $600. Use your knees to control speed and direction. Use a smartphone app to monitor and control performance.
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Watch this daredevil autonomous drone fly through narrow gaps at high speed

Researchers at the University of Zurich in Switzerland have transformed regular drones into aerial daredevils capable of maneuvering themselves through tight gaps without having to slow down.

This wonderful interactive map lets you explore radio stations around the world

There are plenty of available radio apps that let you search stations by country, but the Radio Garden interactive map for mobile and desktop makes it a whole lot more fun.
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SpaceX is delaying the first crewed launch of its Dragon capsule

The knock-on effects of SpaceX's recent rocket explosion continue. Following recent news of a delay in the Falcon 9's return to flight, the company has just revealed that the first crewed flight of its Dragon capsule has also been pushed…
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How snapping a quick selfie could help identify genetic diseases

Facial recognition can do some pretty impressive things, but could it help diagnose a genetic disease simply by looking at a person’s features? This medical tech startup certainly thinks so.
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Scientists shed light on why lithium-ion batteries sometimes go boom

Scientists at the Canadian Light Source (CLS) conducted high-resolution X-ray imaging to see exactly what happens inside a lithium-ion battery when it is about to explode.

Feed it to the worms: Australian company debuts compostable coffee pods 1:52

Made of 100 percent compostable materials, the comPod Nespresso-compatible coffee capsule promises to completely biodegrade within six months. The creators hope to stop the landfill problem of current instant coffee pods.

Ikea's stretchy 3D-knitted chairs are like shoes you sit in

Heard of Nike's Flyknit sneakers? Ikea's newest chairs use a similar production process, 3D knitting. It creates a lightweight, semi-see-through material that's stylish and comfortable, according to the company.
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Soon you'll be able to 3D print chewing gum in any shape or flavor you want

3D-printed confectionery is all rage in the closing months of 2016, and now German company Wacker has just announced its latest addition to a growing genre: 3D-printed chewing gum. And it's almost here!