Cool Tech
Cool Tech

Dewpal, a 3D-printed water collector, is inspired by a desert beetle

Water scarcity is a huge global problem, affecting about 3 billion people around the world each year. However, a team of researchers believe 3D printing may have a role to play in finding a solution.

If you're a designer, check out this new Google Search color conversion tool

Google has once again come to the rescue, offering an easy way to convert colors between various kinds of color values, including RGB and Hex.

The Cuciniale portable kitchen uses AI to cook your meals to perfection 2:53

Fancy the world’s first artificially intelligent cooktop, that will ensure you never have to eat another badly cooked steak, risotto, or other meal again? Thanks to this device, such a dream is (almost) a reality.
Cool Tech

Coffee grounds become high-tech filter to purify contaminated water

Expanding what we can do with coffee grinds, a team of Italian researchers are collecting these used coffee grinds and converting them into a long-lasting foam filter that can remove heavy metals from water.
Cool Tech

This keyring attachment is a one-handed multi-tool extravaganza on Kickstarter

Like gadgets? GRIPsher offers -- deep breath -- pliers, wire cutters, adjustable wire strippers, various screwdrivers, grip indents, a bottle opener, a material thickness gauge, and more in one multi-tool extravaganza.
Cool Tech

Off the grid: Small South African airport runs entirely on solar power

A small South African town just finished the country’s first “green” airport. From its control towers to its escalators and ATMs, the regional airport in George will run exclusively off solar power supplied by 2,000 solar panels.
Virtual Reality

Digital graffiti hidden in augmented reality at Washington state art museum

Microsoft's Hololens is going to help a lot of people with design work, collaborative developments and in learning DIY, but it could also help the graffiti artists of the world take their art online, as one Microsoft developer has shown.
Cool Tech

MegaBots team scraps Kickstarter-backed Mk.II robot, now building Mk.III

Head on over to Kickstarter, where you can help American MegaBots and its robot in its quest to defeat Japanese Kuratas robot in their upcoming duel, which will feature all the guts, glory, and glamour of hand-to-hand combat.
Cool Tech

Artificial intelligence will help you get snacks faster at Indiana Pacers games

You shouldn't have to miss a buzzer-beater just to get a beer. And now, the Indiana Pacers want to help you beat the crowd to the concession stand so you can help cheer the team on to beating their opponents.
Cool Tech

European Space Agency sends final command sequence as its spacecraft approaches Mars

The instructions include details on when the Schiaparelli probe should disengage from the Trace Gas Orbiter mothership and how the lander should conduct its descent and touchdown on Mars.

As billionaires ogle Mars, the space race is back on

SpaceX, Blue Origin and NASA all want to put humans on Mars, and with competition heating up, it may go down in less than a decade.

This 1,000-square-foot luxury tent costs more than some houses

Wake up in a huge bed, take a shower, snuggle by the fireplace. This is what camping (or should we say glamping?) looks like in the $100,000 Autonomous Tent from architect Harry Gesner.