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Cool Tech

Sketch nylon, polycarbonate or even bronze in thin air with the 3Doodler Pro

What sets the 3Doodler Pro apart from its forebears is the fact that it can print with a wider range of materials, and also offers a higher degree of control over parameters like heat and extrusion speed.
Cool Tech

Astronomers discover the oldest, most distant galaxy cluster ever seen

It’s name is as dizzying as it’s distance from Earth. CL J1001+0220 lies some 11.1 billion light years away, which means galaxy clusters began to form some 700 million years earlier than scientists previously thought.

Humavox partners with AKM to build smaller wireless charging receivers

Humavox wants to make wireless charging easier, and more widespread. That starts with manufacturers, and that's why Humavox is teaming up with AKM Corporation, a semi-conductor manufacturer.

Hospitals of the future will sound different … and that’s a good thing

No one thinks of a hospital as a relaxing getaway. In fact, one of the most common complaints people have about hospitals is about the noise level. With changes to design and new technologies, all that may be about to change.
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Watch an eerie, IBM Watson-made trailer for a film about the dangers of AI 3:27

Aside from being a Jeopardy! champion, IBM’s Watson has held positions as a health care adviser, teaching assistant, and meteorologist. Now, America’s most famous artificial intelligence has lent its intelligence to Hollywood.
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This unique GoPro stand frames your footage just how you want it

While most GoPro holders include tripods of various shapes and sizes or bendy contraptions with clamps, there's a new super-compact alternative that claims to offer 18 different shooting angles with hardly any set-up time…
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Amazon’s delivery drone team will like the sound of this significant FAA decision

Amazon is investing much time and money in its Prime Air drone, which it one day hopes will deliver packages to customers in under 30 minutes. Flying out of the line of sight of an operator is still a major issue, though a recent…
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Transparent solar panels are the photovoltaics of the future

A company named SolarWindow Technologies has created futuristic transparent solar panels, which turn regular windows into super-efficient photovoltaics. Best part of it? They're available now.
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Startup uses deep learning to let you shop for items by snapping photos

A startup called GrokStyle has developed an algorithm that claims to be more accurate than any competing system at recognizing objects within a picture and then linking them to real­-world items for sale.
Cool Tech

Goodbye drops: Smart contact lenses release drugs directly into your eye

Goodbye eye drops! Researchers at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children's Hospital have created a smart contact lens capable of delivering doses of medication directly to the eye.

Largest passive housing development now underway in Germany

In Hiedelburg, Germany construction has begun on what will be the largest passive housing building to date. A 162-unit apartment complex is set to include several buildings, utilizing 85 percent less energy than comparable developments.

Taking selfies from above is a Breeze with new $500 drone from Yuneec

Life looks better from a bird's-eye view, right? For everyone in agreement, there's a new "ultimate flying camera" known as the Breeze. It's a $500 device perfect for drone enthusiasts, camera lovers, and narcissists alike.