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Cool Tech

Seen a great Indiegogo project? Now you can invest in the startup behind it

Up to now, backing an Indiegogo project has meant throwing in a few bucks for a perk or the product itself, but have you ever fancied actually owning a stake in the startup? Well, a new platform launched by Indiegogo this week allows you to…

Create a 3D model of your home in mere minutes with Canvas app for iOS

Canvas is a new iOS app that lets iPad users with a 3D-scanning Structure Sensor easily capture scans of entire rooms in their (or other people’s) homes, complete with accurate measurements.
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DJI’s new Inspire 2 hits highway speeds, Phantom 4 Pro dodges in every direction

Chinese drone manufacturer DJI unveiled two new drones today that promise to set a new standard for aerial imaging. Meet the Inspire 2, and the Phantom 4 Pro.
Cool Tech

Luxury apartments in Los Angeles come with smart robot butlers

Ever wondered what kind of amenities you could expect if you rented a luxury apartment for $25,000 per month? California-based robotics company Savioke has your answer -- and it’s a smart robot butler called Charley.

Got a camera drone? This app lets you earn money for 10- to 15-minute flights

The DroneBase app is giving drone owners a reason to fly -- money for 10- to 15-minute flight photos and videos. The new app -- from a two-year-old startup backed by DJI -- has more than a million potential projects.
Cool Tech

Wearable exoskeleton lets researchers in Russia control a robot in Germany

A European research project lets scientists in Russia wear an exoskeleton to control a connected robot in Germany. It could one day allow earthbound scientists to control a robot on the ISS.

Netgear's Arlo Go is a 100-percent wire-free, mobile smart security camera

Netgear has taken all of the features of the Arlo Pro, including its weather-proof design and two-way audio communication, and built them into the Arlo Go, which adds 4G LTE connectivity for a 100-percent wireless and remote security…

Kickstarter’s flaming fireplace coffee table is so hot right now

Kaffee is a bioethanol-burning "fireplace coffee table," which gives you all the warmth and hypnotic goodness of a real fire, without any of the downsides. Best of all, you don't need money to burn to afford it.
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‘Locked-in’ patient communicates through first at-home brain implant 1:27

In a medical first, a 58-year-old ALS patient suffering from locked-in syndrome has regained the ability to communicate through an at-home brain implant that translates her thoughts into text.

Google’s self-driving car has nailed the tricky three-point turn

If you've ever shouted out in frustration when your intended three-point turn started to creep toward double figures, then self-driving technology probably can't come soon enough. The good news is, Google's driverless cars have nailed the…
Cool Tech

Nike’s ‘self-lacing’ HyperAdapt shoes will cost you $720

Nike is just a couple of weeks from launching its snazzy HyperAdapt "power-lacing" sneakers that automatically tighten around your feet when you put them on. But if they look like the perfect fit, you'll need a spare $720 to snag a pair.