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Cool Tech

Dubai is building a $1 billion skyscraper that may be the tallest in the world

Prepare to have a major crick in your neck. Pushing the boundaries of the sky are developers in Dubai, who plan to build a $1 billion skyscraper that will put the current tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, to shame.

This Uber competitor is betting heavily on sexual discrimination

As tired as innovation may seem in ride-sharing, one new company from an ex-Uber driver may hold some promise yet. All the drivers and passengers of Chariot for Women are, you guessed it, women.
Virtual Reality

Touch in VR goes in a predictable direction: VR sex suit sells out in hours

Having sex with another person is so 20th century. Here in the 21st, we make love to virtual people -- or at least we can, thanks to the creation of the Tenga sex toy suit, which simulates touch, breast squeezing, and a whole lot more.
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The CIA is investing in skin care products to extract your DNA

The CIA's venture capital division invests in many technologies relevant to its mission, including Skincential Sciences' Clearista, which softens your skin while extracting your DNA.
Cool Tech

Weekend Workshop: How to build a delightfully retro Tetris lamp

Since its debut in 1984, Tetris has been everywhere. Now, thanks to an easy walkthrough on Instructables, anyone can build a Tetris-style lamp for their home or apartment in a mere matter of hours.

Jog on: These high-tech shoes know how to make you a better runner

Just like a golfing smartwatch can improve your game, or a fitness tracker can help you be more active, these smart shoes will make you a better runner. A special sensor inside the sole gives feedback that before, was only really available…
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The world's tiniest pacemaker is no bigger than a vitamin, and it was just approved by the FDA

Micra Transcatheter Pacing System, the world's smallest pacemaker, just received FDA approval. It is one-tenth the size of traditional devices and measures about the size of a large vitamin, so it is easy to implant and can last for more…
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Tourists in Japan could soon use their fingerprints as currency

Soon, you may be able to touch to buy -- literally. Capitalizing upon its status as one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, Japan is planning to test a new system of currency over the summer -- the fingerprint.
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These adjustable tint airplane windows could replace those pesky plastic shades forever

Vision Systems is replacing airplane plastic window shades with these photovoltaic dimmable windows that go from transparent to opaque in no time. The technology is being introduced to small planes and private jets, and could even work in…
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MIT’s new pill sticks to your gastrointestinal tract for a slow, long-term drug release

MIT engineers developed a pill that sticks to the GI tract for long-term controlled drug release. One side sticks using a mucoadhesive polymer, the other repels food particles so that the pill does not become dislodged.