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You can now click to shop from YouTube ads

Google is launching shoppable ads on the YouTube ad platform, enabling potential consumers to access products they see advertised right from the video. It's called TrueView shopping and is aimed at driving higher ad retention and sales.

Edmund’s ‘DrivePromise’ app uses pictures of loved ones to keep you focused on the road

A new smartphone application called ‘DrivePromise by Edmunds’ is designed to help Apple Watch and iPhone owners stay focused on the road. The app was inspired by the publication’s talk with behavioral economist Dan Ariely.

This VR headset is your backstage pass to a top fashion show

Fashion house Dior has made its own virtual reality headset, called Dior Eyes, and will use them to put wearers backstage at its fashion shows. However, don't get any weird ideas, as the headset is for use in Dior boutiques only.

The minimalist Light Phone wants to be your ‘phone away from phone’

If you like the idea of taking a break from the incessant temptations that your smartphone presents but feel queasy at the idea of leaving home without it, then the Light Phone, which only makes and takes calls, may offer a solution.
Cool Tech

Kokoon EEG headphones can detect when you’re in deep sleep, trigger lucid dreams

Recently launched on Kickstarter, Kokoon is a set of app-enabled EEG headphones that can perform a wide variety of different functions -- including the potential to induce lucid dreams.
Cool Tech

NASA’s latest plan? Send out hundreds of tiny satellites to monitor extraterrestrial worlds

NASA wants to use its pico-sized cubesats to explore extraterrestrial worlds, and to accomplish that goal with a two-stage spacecraft weighing less than 11 pounds in total.
Cool Tech

Electroloom prints ready-to-wear clothing like a cotton candy machine gone haywire

Rather than creating garments with a series of snap-together plastic parts, the Electroloom uses a process it calls Field Guided Fabrication to create real, fabric-based clothing from scratch
Cool Tech

KFC launches a meal tray that’s also a Bluetooth keyboard for your phone

KFC customers in Germany can now eat fried chicken and keep their smartphone screens clean thanks to the Tray Typer, a reusable meal tray insert that doubles as a Bluetooth keyboard. You can bet Colonel Sanders never saw this one coming.
Product Review

Samsung Powerbot VR9000 Review

Samsung’s robot vacuum is ready to take on Roomba, but is it ready for your room?