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3D-printed mount turns four Sony cameras into a 360 video rig

When a media company couldn't find a suitable 360 camera, it designed its own using four Sony a7S IIs, a 3D printer, and stitching software. While the price still sits at a pro level, it's considerably less than the $45,000 Ozo.
Cool Tech

Superfast fMRI is first to track human brain activity during thought

Up until now, fMRI hasn't been quite quick enough to detect the kind of subtle brain activity that’s associated with higher order brain functions. That may be changing thanks to a new fMRI technique that's up to 10 times faster.
Virtual Reality

Hololens being adopted as visualization aid for spinal surgery

Microsoft's Hololens is being used to help fuse patients' vertebrae as part of complex spinal surgery in South America. Cheaper and far more portable than traditional visualizing tools, surgeons there hope it will catch on to help augment…
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Do you still give it a tip? Autonomous robot delivers takeout food in the U.K.

Leading online food-delivery service Just Eat teamed up with Starship Technologies to test a new robot-based delivery service in London. The testing region will take place in the Greenwich suburb before it expands further.
Cool Tech

Run hard, breathe easy: Heated balaclava helps athletes in cold weather

Researchers from Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom and German knitting machine manufacturer Stoll teamed up to develop a smart balaclava prototype that uses high-tech yarn to heat oxygen as the wearer breathes in.

Uber invests in artificial intelligence with a new acquisition and division

On Monday, the San Francisco-based transportation giant announced it acquired AI research startup Geometric Intelligence, a New York-based company seeking to "[redefine] the boundaries of machine learning."

Let there be light! Compact sterilizing pod uses UV light to kill bacteria

A new product called Ellie might make that task a bit easier for parents. The compact sterilizing pod, which uses ultraviolet light to eliminate harmful bacteria, was recently launched in an Indiegogo campaign.
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Rent the Runway is opening up a new flagship location, and it’s all about tech

Rent the Runway first became popular for bringing the catwalk onto your computer, but now, it's taking things offline again -- into its first flagship store. It's opening on December 6.

Use this tool to help you decide if the news you're reading is the real deal

In an attempt to make fake news a bit more ... flashy, a team from TechCrunch Disrupt London has created an algorithm that tells you when that "news" you're ready is not as newsy as you may think. It's called

Paper is so last century — reMarkable tablet aims to make it obsolete

Meet the reMarkable, a rather self-confidently named tablet now available for preorder geared towards folks who want the feel of paper, and the convenience of a tablet. It's slated to begin shipping next summer.
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Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity SpaceShipTwo makes a successful debut solo flight

It's been over 2 years since a tragic crash derailed the SpaceShipTwo program, but Virgin Galactic has rebounded with a successful glide test of its new space plane, VSS Unity.
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Will AI built by a ‘sea of dudes’ understand women? AI’s inclusivity problem

The programs written today will inform the systems built tomorrow. If designers all have one worldview, we can expect equally narrow-minded machines.