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Cool Tech

Drone lovers unite! DJI+Discover is the Facebook for drone fans

Are you looking for other drone lovers to chat with about your favorite new drone gear? DJI+Discover, DJI's new drone app, is aims to connect drone lovers and help people find drone professionals or recommended places to fly.
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IBM is developing a brain implant that can can detect and predict seizures

Working with neurologists from Australia, IBM's Stefan Herr is preparing an implantable system, akin to an "artificial brain," that will analyze brain waves in order to prevent seizures.
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Short haul flights will be quieter with Siemens and Airbus electric aircraft

Siemens and Airbus are betting on electric and hybrid/electric aircraft for short haul flights. The benefits are less fuel, lower emissions, and less noise. The companies expect demos by 2020 and planes in service by 2030.
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Chatbot creators hire poets to make A.I. seem more human

You don't need a STEM background to make it in Silicon Valley. In fact, one of the most desirable skill sets these days in the tech capital of America has seemingly little to do with technology.

Someone turned a Game Boy into the ultimate arcade machine using Raspberry Pi

Warner Skoch might be a regular mobile app developer by day, but by night, he's making history by transforming a classic handheld gaming device into the ultimate modern day arcade machine.
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Just For The Tech Of It: Pig hearts, eating with electricity, and hiding Earth from aliens 4:08

Electric forks can trick your tongue into tasting salt, pig-to-human heart transplants could be the answer to the worlds organ donor shortage, and how scientists plan to hide Earth from prying alien eyes.
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Drones may one day save your life: European responders to use drones for rescue missions

Drones are great for consumers, but beyond that they will one day be used to save lives. First responders in Europe are set to begin learning how to use DJI drones for rescue missions, potentially opening the door for more similar programs.

Trends with Benefits: Nvidia builds AI brains, you can try VR at Gamestop

Episode 77: Each week we gather a round table of tech experts from the DT staff, along with the occasional celebrity guest, to discuss all things tech. Topics range from the big tech stories of the week to predicting the future.
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Watch this amazing 18-rotor super-drone lift a guy into the sky 5:07

Check out this awesome super-drone lifting a guy into the sky during its maiden manned flight. Created by a company in southern Germany, the Volocopter comprises a web of "drones," and can reach a top speed of 62 mph.
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New zebrafish research suggests that limb regeneration may be possible in mammals, including humans

Researchers from Duke University have identified the regulatory genes involved in Zebrafish tissue regeneration and have used it in a proof of concept experiment with mice. In the future, they hope to use this discovery to stimulate…