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This $2,000 zero-emissions smart scooter can be driven without a license

The OjO Commuter Scooter is a two-wheeled ride that hopes to convince adults that they haven't outgrown the toys of their youth. Described as a bike-lane-friendly ride, this may just be the answer to your daily commute.

Neonoe AirBar adds a touchscreen to your MacBook Air, but is it a must-have?

MacBook Pro users may have a Touch Bar, but now MacBook Air users can have an entire touchscreen, thanks to AirBar. The sub-$100 sensor makes it possible to use your entire display as a touch device.

Connect your unconnected devices with the Sense home energy monitor

After a successful pre-order release last year, Sense Labs, maker of the Sense home energy monitor, has announced general product availability, integration with IFTTT, and a $15 million series A round of financing.
Cool Tech

Ossia Cota can wirelessly charge electronic devices throughout your home

Ossia, the Bellvue, Washington-based startup behind the Cota wireless device charger, envisions a world where over-the-air power is as ubiquitous as Wi-Fi. It expects the first few models to launch later this year.

Alexa, is that you? The LG Hub Robot uses Amazon’s voice-activation assistant

Alexa is showing up everywhere, including in LG's upcoming Hub Robot. The voice-activated robot debuted at CES 2017. Unlike the Echo or Dot, it has a screen and works with an army of baby bots to control your smart home.
Cool Tech

Monoprice just unleashed a bundle of new 3D printers – and one is just $150

Online retailer Monoprice announced today at CES that it was expanding its popular 3D-printing lineup with several new printer models that target both the home and professional user.

For $199, you can protect your bike with a smart lock called Ellipse 3:12

Meet the Ellipse, a connected smart lock from smart-city startup Lattis. The intuitive, solar-powered device aims to provide bicyclists the world over with a means for preventing unwanted theft and injury.

Heat vision for every occasion: Flir launches 5 cams for phones, drones, and homes

Flir's new thermal cameras include two third-generation Flir Ones for iOS and Android, the brand-new Duo and Duo R cameras for drones, and the rugged C3 designed for home and building inspections.

The Smart Moto Airbag Vest gives motorcyclists a fighting chance in crashes

Gear manufacturers like Dainese already produce suits and jackets with built-in airbag technology, but In&motion wants to make such technology more accessible by cutting the price nearly in half with the apt-titled Smart Moto Airbag Vest.

Popular YouTuber shows how the 1980s' gaming 'light guns' actually worked

In his latest video, popular YouTuber 8-Bit Guy shows us how two “must-have” bits of 1980s' gaming tech -- the Light Pen and NES Zapper gun -- actually worked. It's surprisingly fascinating stuff.

Need a screen in the kitchen? Samsung puts a tablet in even more fridges

Samsung is doubling down on its brainy appliances. At CES 2017, the company announced it would add its Family Hub 2.0 technology to three more refrigerator models to help make your kitchen a little bit smarter.
Cool Tech

Watch a 3D printer build a cube from a vat of goo … using a phone screen

Taiwan's T3D is showing off a new 3D printer that uses light-sensitive resin and your smart device's screen to print out 3D objects. It will go on sale later this year for a fairly affordable price of $299.