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Machine learning may be a key in helping diagnose Alzheimer's earlier

Could machine learning tools be used to help detect and identify Alzheimer’s disease before it is currently possible to do so? That is the mission of researchers from VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam, led by Dr. Alle Meije Wink.

Phononic's thermoelectric fridges aim to revolutionize the appliance industry

Phononic's thermoelectric refrigerators reportedly use 25 percent less energy, operate at a near whisper, and cost the same as traditional fridges. Appliance giant Haier has teamed with Phononic to develop the machines.
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WowWee's new robot dog reacts to different human voices and surroundings

Toymaker WowWee demonstrated its latest robot, CHiP, a pet dog that responds to human interaction, at the 2016 CE Week. Like a real pet, it’s able to react to human actions and responses.
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An algorithm can predict how smart you are based on your Facebook photo

Researchers at the Psychometrics Centre at the University of Cambridge have devised an algorithm for predicting how smart someone is by looking at their social media profile picture.
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After its Micro 3D printer fizzled, M3D promises fireworks from the $500 Pro

Ever since M3D's Micro hit the market, the company has been gathering feedback from users. Today at CE week 2016 in New York City, the company unveiled a new printer -- dubbed the M3D Pro -- that addresses all the flaws and shortcomings of…
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DJI’s latest update allows verified drone users to bypass its No-Fly technology

The latest update to DJI's No-Fly technology received an update this week that allows verified pilots to bypass some of the no-fly zones. The update will be compatible with all of DJI’s Phantom drones going back as far as the Phantom 3…
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Watch these Protozoans compete in a nano-scale Pac-Man game

When scientist Erik Andrew Johannessen wanted to showcase his protozoans he chose the most eye-catching medium possible -- Pac-Man. He populated a cool-looking replica of the game with euglena, rotifers, and other single-celled…

Lamborghini bets big on carbon fiber for use in next-gen connecting rods

Lamborghini's technical center in Seattle is working on developing the world's first carbon-fiber connecting rods. Using carbon fiber instead of steel can make cars faster and more powerful.
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Security lines may finally get shorter thanks to initiative by TSA and American Airlines

In a joint initiative with American Airlines, the TSA is planning to install a series of new screening technologies, including automated security screening lanes and computed tomography (CT) scanners at airports across the country.
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More than half a million hoverboards have been recalled over fire risk

More than half a million hoverboards have been recalled in the U.S. over concerns they could suddenly burst into flames. Affected owners have been urged to stop using their board "immediately" and to return it for a refund or replacement.
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Look out mall cops — this 300 pound security robot might be your replacement

The K5 security robot has taken a new job as a mall cop at Stanford Shopping Center, and the new employee has even prompted the hashtag #securityrobot among visitors.

These could be the 9 best drone images you see all year

Think you've seen some great drone photos? You haven't until you check out these nine winning images from the Dronestagram annual contest. From travel to sports and nature, the winners will be featured in National Geographic.