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Japanese artificial intelligence gives up on University of Tokyo admissions exam

For the past five years, a team of researchers has been attempting to create an artificial intelligence that could pass the University of Tokyo entrance exam, but the project has been abandoned due to poor results.
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Google unveils a slew of new and improved machine learning APIs

Google is drastically revamping its cloud-powered machine learning services. It's introducing a slew of new APIs, reducing prices on others, and launching a showcase of the best apps and utilities created with them.
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USB stick for HIV detection could bring modern medicine to developing regions

Developed by scientists at Imperial College London and DNA Electronics, the compact, disposable device sends an electrical signal through a single drop of blood to detect HIV when plugged into a computer.
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Watch this guy use a drone to rescue a drone, then drop it from a great height

If your drone crashes in an elevated location that you can't easily access, maybe you've got a copter-owning buddy who can grab it for you. That's what happened to two Detroit buddies recently, though the rescue effort didn't…
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Seen a great Indiegogo project? Now you can invest in the startup behind it

Up to now, backing an Indiegogo project has meant throwing in a few bucks for a perk or the product itself, but have you ever fancied actually owning a stake in the startup? Well, a new platform launched by Indiegogo this week allows you to…

Create a 3D model of your home in mere minutes with Canvas app for iOS

Canvas is a new iOS app that lets iPad users with a 3D-scanning Structure Sensor easily capture scans of entire rooms in their (or other people’s) homes, complete with accurate measurements.
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DJI’s new Inspire 2 hits highway speeds, Phantom 4 Pro dodges in every direction

Chinese drone manufacturer DJI unveiled two new drones today that promise to set a new standard for aerial imaging. Meet the Inspire 2, and the Phantom 4 Pro.
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Luxury apartments in Los Angeles come with smart robot butlers

Ever wondered what kind of amenities you could expect if you rented a luxury apartment for $25,000 per month? California-based robotics company Savioke has your answer -- and it’s a smart robot butler called Charley.

Got a camera drone? This app lets you earn money for 10- to 15-minute flights

The DroneBase app is giving drone owners a reason to fly -- money for 10- to 15-minute flight photos and videos. The new app -- from a two-year-old startup backed by DJI -- has more than a million potential projects.
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Wearable exoskeleton lets researchers in Russia control a robot in Germany

A European research project lets scientists in Russia wear an exoskeleton to control a connected robot in Germany. It could one day allow earthbound scientists to control a robot on the ISS.

Netgear's Arlo Go is a 100-percent wire-free, mobile smart security camera

Netgear has taken all of the features of the Arlo Pro, including its weather-proof design and two-way audio communication, and built them into the Arlo Go, which adds 4G LTE connectivity for a 100-percent wireless and remote security…

Kickstarter’s flaming fireplace coffee table is so hot right now

Kaffee is a bioethanol-burning "fireplace coffee table," which gives you all the warmth and hypnotic goodness of a real fire, without any of the downsides. Best of all, you don't need money to burn to afford it.