Cool Tech

Come sail away with Garmin’s waterproof Quatix 3 smartwatch

There's nothing too new with Garmin's smart watch targeted towards marine enthusiasts, except that the company has merged features from the Fenix line, including smart notifications, and multisport activities.
Cool Tech

Own a hoverboard? Feds say get yourself a fire extinguisher, too

There's little doubt that hoverboard fires are a thing, and sometimes destroy entire homes. In fact, the situation is now so serious that a top safety official is urging owners to keep a fire extinguisher with their machine at all times.
Cool Tech

So, how do space toilets work? Astronaut Tim Peake answers ‘the big question’

It's "the big question" that everyone asks astronauts, apparently, and ISS inhabitant Tim Peake has kindly taken the time to give us an answer. The question? How do astronauts use a space toilet?

This phone case lights up in time to music, ready to annoy everyone behind you at concerts

Smartphones are now so common at concerts and festivals, we may as well make them standout as much as possible. That's the idea behind the Candel, a case with a light up rear panel that flashes in time with music.

Before robots get smarter, they must learn to say ‘no’

Artificial intelligences and helper robots could well be the defining technological breakthrough of the 21st century, but much work is required to ensure they'll respond reliability and behave ethnically.
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Smartbe is a ‘self-propelling’ stroller, but could you really go hands-free? 2:59

If you've ever struggled with a stroller up a steep hill, you may have wished for a bit of motorized assistance to help you on your way. The Smartbe "intelligent stroller" could be the answer, and it even lets you go hands-free.
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Carolina Panthers ban hoverboards due to “drag racing” among players

Likely an attempt to keep players healthy during the postseason, the Carolina Panthers head coach thought it would be a good idea to keep his team off hoverboards instead of drag racing in the halls.
Cool Tech

Astronomers have found compelling evidence of an unseen 9th planet in our solar system 2:58

In a recent report, astronomer Mike Brown says he's found signs of a planet ten times the mass of Earth located roughly 19 billion miles past Pluto. Though no one has actually seen it, evidence greatly points to its existence.
Virtual Reality

Explore a Salvador Dalí masterpiece in virtual reality 1:16

This weekend (January 23), the Salvador Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, will introduce a VR experience that takes audiences into the Spanish creative's famed 1935 painting: Archeological Reminiscence of Millet’s…
Virtual Reality

Explore the Great Barrier Reef and Buckingham Palace in VR

Thanks to new destinations added to Google Expeditions, you can now visit the Australian underwater phenomena, Buckingham Palace, and a number of other exciting global hotspots in one of the most exciting virtual reality…

Scan your food with the NutriRay3D smartphone accessory to count calories 4:01

Meet NutriRay 3D, a smartphone add-on that will scan your plate and fill out your food diary for you, because you don't want to eat pre-packaged foods for the rest of your life just to count calories.
Cool Tech

Scientists create tiny brain-scanning implants that dissolve completely after use

Scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have developed tiny brain monitoring implants that dissolve completely after use. The sensors are highly accurate in measuring temperature, pressure, and brain…