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The solution to football concussions may come from ‘a smartphone in your mouth’

The i1 Biometrics Vector MouthGuard not only protects a football player’s teeth, it uses microscopic electronics to detect impacts to his skull. And the resulting data is fundamentally changing the way the game is played.

Health & Fitness

This clever headset creates 3D sound maps for the blind, but isn’t as cute as a guide dog

Microsoft has been working with a UK charity and several other companies on a project called Cities Unlocked, developing a clever headset which creates 3D sound maps to help blind and partially sighted people navigate around their surroundings.


Behind the scenes of OK Go’s mind-boggling new music video

We speak with OK Go about its newest video for "I Won't Let You Down," which employs hundreds of extras, robotic scooters, and drones to show us something we've never seen before.


The Onyx wearable makes Star Trek communicators a reality

Conceptually ripped right of the chest of Jean-Luc Picard, the Onyx is a personal communication device that can be worn on a shirt and used to chat over a private network when linked to a smartphone.

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Take calls and listen to music ears-free with these bone conduction sunglasses

Thanks to the magic of Bluetooth and bone conduction technology, Buhel's sunglasses pass phone call and music sound through your cranium so you can go hands-free and ears-free.

Home Theater

Timex’s $400 Ironman smartwatch doesn’t need your phone, uses AT&T’s 3G network (Updated)

Timex announced its Ironman One GPS+ smartwatch earlier this year. Unusually, it doesn't need to be tethered to your phone to use a data connection. Designed for running fanatics, it's up for pre-order in November through AT&T for $400.


Drones are turning up over French nuclear plants, but no one knows why

Security officials in France are investigating mysterious drone flights over its nuclear power plants, with a growing number of incidents reported at sites across the country over the past month.

Cool Tech

This tiny lens will put optical zoom into smartphones without making them ugly

DynaOptics is developing an optical zoom lens specifically designed for smartphones, which doesn't need the awkward and bulky extending section we're used to seeing. The clever tech means it's so unobtrusive, you won't know it's there at all.


This smart keyboard could be the reason you need to buy a Jolla phone (Updated)

A project to build an "Other Half" QWERTY keyboard accessory for the Jolla smartphone is nearing completion, and has now been launched as a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter.


Nixie wearable camera drone takes top prize in Intel tech contest

Nixie the wearable camera drone has taken the top prize in Intel's first 'Make it Wearable' tech contest, an international initiative designed to encourage innovators to come up with awesome wearables and in turn help the chipmaker succeed in the market.


Carnival’s new at-sea Wi-Fi network is finally faster than your shuffleboard game

Carnival, the world's largest operator of cruise ships, announced it will add faster and better Wi-Fi to its vessels. Called WiFi@Sea, the network uses a combination of land-based antennas and satellites.

Cool Tech

Solar brick road: This bike path will power three homes, cost $3.7 million

The Dutch installed a 70-meter bike lane that has solar panels built into the concrete. That small segment of bike path generates enough energy to power three homes, but it sure is expensive.

Cool Tech

This prototype tablet screen can fold down to a third of its size, and we want it now

A Japanese company has demonstrated a flexible tablet screen which can fold down to a third of its original size, without any hinges, by using a bendy OLED display.


SpaceShipTwo investigation reportedly focusing on structural failure, not engine explosion

Investigators looking into Friday's SpaceShipTwo crash are reportedly examining the idea that structural failure may have brought the spacecraft down rather than an engine explosion, as some eyewitness accounts had suggested.

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