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Clever new wearable stops you from becoming a hunchback while you stare at your phone

Sorting out our own poor posture is one thing, but changing your children's can be just as difficult. Enter the EyeForcer, a gadget that encourages electronics users to sit up straight, or they won't get to keep playing.
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Animation captures the massive scale of what will be the world’s largest telescope

How big will the world's biggest telescope be when completed? A newly released concept animation video shows the massive scale of the telescope as it sits atop the summit of Cerro Armazones in Chile’s Atacama Desert.

Everblume puts your garden in a fridge, and it works

Everblume is a clever concept that takes hydroponic growing and makes it easier, smarter and on a larger scale than many indoor gardens. It combines LED lighting with smartphone integration, for a unique package that fits in your kitchen.
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Live: You can stream the White House’s AI for Social Good workshop right now

Today’s workshop is co-hosted by the Computing Community Consortium in Washington, DC and will discuss the use of AI for social good. The event is livestreamed online for those who can’t attend in person.
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Robot overlords: Google researchers unveil framework for an AI 'kill switch'

What if we lose dominion over artificial intelligence? What if friendly AI suddenly becomes our foe? To avoid ever having finding out, experts suggest we to develop an AI “kill switch” to inhibit systems from misbehaving in the first…

Flying is for suckers! These new mini-submarine drones take a GoPro underwater

The Seawolf VR360, still in development, incorporates a 360-degree camera and uses a GoPro and goggles to navigate. While the sub can't dive quite as deep as the other options, it's still capable of heading down about 80 feet.
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Astronauts take us inside the space station’s new inflatable room for the first time

It's called an inflatable "room," but banish from your mind any thoughts of five-star luxury. The BEAM living pod is really a test module to see how the habitation system functions in space, and on Monday we took a look inside for…

Canon could use Diffractive Optics tech to shrink a 1,000mm lens to half its size

Canon's latest patent shows off the optical design for a 1,000mm super-telephoto lens that uses Diffractive Optics. This would be Canon's largest super-telephoto lens since its 1,200mm f/5.6 developed for the 1984 Olympics.
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UC Davis biologists are trying to grow transplantable human organs inside of living pigs

United States scientists are now attempting unconventional means to supply demand – with researchers from the University of California, Davis injecting human stem cells into the embryos of pigs.
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For soldiers and old folks, the Superflex exosuit may help carry the load

Superflex is a soft exoskeleton that fits snuggly over the wearer's body and carries much of the load from the legs, arms, and torso – helping soldiers, the elderly, and physically disabled people move with ease.
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Second-gen bionic leaf creates fuel from sunlight, makes Mother Nature seem inefficient

Harvard researchers may have just found a solution to the planet's most pressing issues with a device dubbed “bionic leaf 2.0,” which functions even more efficiently than the fastest-growing natural plants.
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Next-generation ‘Big Wing’ Predator drone completes 37-hour test flight

The Predator B Big Wing drone recently lived up to its name, successfully completing a challenging 37-hour long-endurance test flight. This milestone brings the drone one step closer to being certified for use in European airspaces.