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Cool Tech

Tokyo police are now taking 3D mugshots of suspects

Starting in April, all 102 precincts of the Tokyo police will get the 3D camera technology. Officials hope that it will increase the rate of identification of suspects from security camera footage.
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This ingenious new lighter ignites things with an electric arc, recharges with a few shakes

The Tesla lighter uses electromagnetic induction to create an electric arc that can be used to spark a fire, instead of an open-flame lighter. Thanks to diametrical magnetization, the Tesla lighter increases the energy output compared to…
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In just 30 days, nearly 300,000 people have registered their drones with the FAA

In the 30 days since the Federal Aviation Administration began requiring drone certification, the agency says nearly 300,000 people have registered their aircraft. Registration costs just $5 and lasts for three years.
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Germany is building a 100-kilometer ‘Bicycle Autobahn’ exclusively for cyclists

The Bicycle Autobahn is currently under construction in Germany, aiming to bridge ten Western cities and four universities. When it is completed, the roadway will stretch for 100 kilometers of exclusive cyclist access.

Google is donating 25,000 Chromebooks to help refugees in Germany

On Monday, Google announced a $5.3 million donation to various nonprofits throughout Germany, which will help them distribute 25,000 Chromebooks to refugees seeking to "reconnect."
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Explore the Guggenheim through the Google Cultural Institute

Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural masterpiece may be a fixture on New York City's famed Museum Mile, but now, even if you're not a Manhattanite, you can explore the Guggenheim anytime you want, thanks to the Google Cultural Institute.

Scott Kelly sends photos of Winter Storm Jonas from outer space

Everyone's favorite astronaut Scott Kelly sent some pretty phenomenal shots of our beautiful planet from his miles-high vantage point, and as it turns out, Jonas' power was palpable even from the International Space Station.

See how eye-tracking may make your smartwatch easier to use in the future

A clever eye-tracking tech called Orbits shows us how smartwatches may be easier to use in the future. Developed by a team at Lancaster University, it works by tracking moving objects on the screen to activate functions.
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Blue Origin becomes first to achieve second landing with same rocket 1:49

Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin space company has successfully landed the same rocket twice, a feat SpaceX is yet to achieve. While Blue Origin's mission may have been less complex than SpaceX's, it still marks a major step forward for…

This levitating bonsai tree will add zen to your home, though may tempt the cat

If you thought bonsai trees just stood around looking quaint and mystical the whole time, think again. A startup in Japan has just added some gadgetry to create the "Air Bonsai," a unique creation that causes the miniature tree to…
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This robot manages to solve a Rubik’s Cube in a second

So much for the glory of man. Absolutely obliterating the current human record for solving a Rubik's Cube (4.904 seconds), a robot managed to crack the code to the famous puzzle in a mere 1.019 seconds.

The wearable chair is now a thing 1:31

For all those times you've wished you could just take a seat, it is my duty to inform you that the Archelis (literally, "walkable chair" in Japanese), has now been introduced, and can be purchased within a couple years.