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Cool Tech

Luigi the robot ventures into the sewers so you don't have to

MIT's Underworlds project has resulted in Luigi, a sewer-diving robot, capable of acting as a smart, remote control sampling pole by venturing into manholes, controlled via iPhone app.
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We found the best 4 hoverboards (and how to avoid the ones that explode)

With widespread reports of cheap, knock-off Chinese hoverboards exploding, these self-balancing scooters may be getting a rough reputation. They're not all bad, though. Ride in style with our picks for the best -- and safest -- hoverboards
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Self-cleaning towel uses the natural power of silver and bamboo

Powered by natural antibacterial agents silver and bamboo, this is the world’s first dermatologist-recommended self-cleaning towel. And it's hoping to clean up on Kickstarter as well.
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‘Alexa, what’s in the news?’ Your Echo will now read you Digital Trends headlines

Starting today, you can get the latest headlines from Digital Trends and others directly through the new Alexa Flash Briefings feature.

Walmart is cutting 7,000 jobs due to automation, and it’s not alone

The World Economic Forum warned of a "Fourth Industrial Revolution" involving the rise of the machine in the workforce, and the latest company to lend credence to that claim is Walmart, which is cutting 7,000 jobs on account of automation.

Hubsan H501S X4 quadricopter packs an array of drone tech into a $260 package

The Hubsan H501S X4 quadricopter offers first-person-view flying for just $260. A built-in 1080p camera facilitates capturing aerial videos, whereas a multitude of flying modes were designed to suit novice and intermediate pilots alike.
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Chinese firm Qihan launches robotics-as-a-service with Sanbot

We met Qihan's cute Sanbot, a sensor-packed domestic robot that it's launching as part of a robotics-as-a-service model for businesses in health care, education, and security. It can navigate, answer questions, dance, and more.
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Australia’s new futuristic $5 bill will be one of the hardest in the world to counterfeit

Australia has just introduced a snazzy new $5 bill that it hopes has enough new security features to hinder even the most determined counterfeiting operation.
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Zuckerberg ‘deeply disappointed’ that SpaceX destroyed Facebook’s satellite

Mark Zuckerberg, who is currently in Africa, is deeply troubled by the loss of his firm's Amos-6 satellite as a result of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket explosion. He shared his thoughts in the form of a public post on the social network.
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Watch this super-tough coating make a watermelon bounce from a 150-foot drop

As you know, watermelons don't much like being dropped from a great height as they tend to disintegrate on impact, an act that renders them useless. However, coat it in a super-tough protective spray and the outcome is very…
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Popular YouTuber won't win many prizes for her terrible sandwich-making robot

Popular YouTuber Simone Giertz is well known for her "shitty robots." Her latest creation? A sandwich-making robot -- or, more appropriately, a robot that tries to make a sandwich and fails terribly.

Keep belongings safe, gadgets charged with Lifepack backpack, Solarbank

The Lifepack is a multifunctional, secure backpack with a Solarbank inside that provides power, charges up via solar panels, and doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. This feature-packed bag has everything.