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Who ya gonna call? Microsoft’s age-guessing photo site finds ghostly face in picture

Microsoft's website has taken social media by storm, thanks to its uncanny ability to not judge anyone's age correctly using face recognition software and complex algorithms. However, it may have another, slightly more…
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Watch this ridiculously fast drone zip into the stratosphere in half a second

Consumer-oriented drones are getting more advanced with each passing month, but for all their crazy capabilities, they still can't hold a candle to some of the custom setups that multirotor hobbyists are putting together out in…

Turn your green beans into coffee with Ikawa’s at-home roaster

The Ikawa Home Roaster, which has just debuted on Kickstarter, is the perfect product for any coffee lover who wants to feel like a professional barista by roasting his or her own beans.
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Crack any Master combination lock in 8 tries or less with this online combo calculator

Serial hacker and white-hat troublemaker Samy Kamkar has devised a new method that allows anyone to learn the lock’s combination in eight tries or less — and thanks to a handy online calculator, the entire process only takes about two…
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This nanotech toothbrush cleans your teeth without toothpaste

While our computers keep getting smaller and our processors keep getting faster, one thing has remained constant: We still brush our teeth like people did in the 1800's. Japanese designer Kosho Ueshima aims to change that.

View master: Researchers developing LCD shutters that go from transparent to a new scene

Researchers at Pusan National University in South Korea are developing LCD shutters that can be either transparent or opaque, meaning you can see out your window or use the shutters as a screen.

Microsoft wants the HoloLens to put apps on your walls, cadavers in your living room

Rather than building what's available at the moment, Microsoft has set a lofty goal for themselves with the HoloLens - and it's starting to get there.

Want to creep everyone out? This selfie stick looks like a human arm

If you'd like to have a friend in your selfies but don't actually have any, the Selfie Arm could be the answer. Made of fiberglass and featuring a hand that looks like it's been stolen from a morgue, the innovative device could be every…
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Will Microsoft’s holographic headset allow you to read emotions?

Happy or sad? Confused or bored? Angry or surprised? Microsoft may give you the edge on reading people's emotions using the HoloLens headset according to details within a related patent.
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DARPA’s self-guiding bullets can hit a moving target — even if it moves after the shot is fired

This week, nearly a year after the first life-fire tests were conducted, DARPA has released new footage of its EXACTO bullets in action. They're now able to redirect themselves mid-flight to meet a moving target -- even if said target…
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This is what an exploding lithium-ion battery looks like with thermal vision

In a study published today in Nature Communications, a group of European researchers pushed two different lithium ion batteries to the breaking point so they could observe what happens when they fatally overheat. Why? For science, of…