PlayStation 4: Imagining Sony’s Next Game Console

We speculate about the Playstation 4 console, what Sony's next steps forward will be, and what it will take for the PS4 to beat out Microsoft and Nintendo from launch.

Sony Considers Charging for Used Games that Play Online

Sony is considering a charge for online gamers that purchased their games second hand.

Mass Effect 2 “Lair of the Shadow Broker” Coming in September

"Lair of the Shadow Broker", the newest Mass Effect 2 DLC is releasing on September 7 for $10.

EA Still OK With Letting Gamers Play as Taliban in New Medal of Honor Game

The battle of words continues between EA and UK Minister of Defence, Liam Fox, who wants Medal of Honor game banned because players can be the Taliban.

NPD: Social Gaming Eating into Traditional Game Revenues

A new NPD reports find that the popularity of social network games means people are spending less on traditional computer and video games.

Gamer Sues Developer after Spending 20,000 Hours Playing Game

A gamer has sued the makers of the MMO Lineage II, claiming that the game is so dangerously addictive, he spent 20,000 hours over five years playing, and that he became “unable to function.”

Microsoft Shovels on Record-Breaking Ad Dollars for Halo: Reach Launch

Microsoft is planning to make the Halo: Reach the biggest marketing campaign for a game in its history. There will even be robots involved.

Crysis 2 Shows Off Multiplayer Modes in New Trailer

This week at Gamescon, Crytek debuted a new trailer, giving us our first look at the multiplayer gameplay for Crysis 2.

Metroid: Other M Live Action Trailer

Check out a new live action trailer for Metroid: Other M, Nintendo's latest entry into the Metroid series.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow to Launch in October, Future DLCs Planned

Konami has announced that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will be released October 5. Konami also announced that two DLCs are planned for the game.

PSP 2 May Have Buttons on its Back

A new rumor from Gamscon suggests that the new PSP will feature touch sensitive controls on the back of the device.

EA Releases Dead Space “The Jump” Video

A new gameplay video from Dead Space 2, titled “The Jump”, has been released. Dead Space 2 has a release date of January 25, 2011.

PlayStation 3 Security Foiled by Jailbreak USB Stick?

PS Jailbreak takes the form of a USB stick, and claims to let PS3 owners copy games to their own storage devices and run homebrew applications.

New Dragon Age II Trailer Debuts

BioWare has released a trailer to the sequel to its award-winning RPG, Dragon Age: Origins. Dragon Age 2 is due for release on March 8, 2011.

First Gameplay Trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The first gameplay trailer for the new Dues Ex game has been unveiled at Gamescon in Germany.

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