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Amazon renews four kids shows, sets up six more for pilot season

Six new original kids' series have been given the greenlight for Amazon Instant Video's 2015 pilot season this summer, allowing subscribers to decide which will make the cut. Meanwhile, the service has renewed 4 other original kids series.

Play it in G! Spotify analyses our streams to find the most popular musical key

A new study from Spotify suggests that two musical keys in particular are more frequently used than any other keys in the western scale. The data was collected from Spotify's 60 million users, across all of the sites 30 million songs.
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The name is pure marketing, but Samsung’s SUHD is really a step up. Here’s why

We take a close look at Samsung's SUHD TV, specifically, the flagship JS9500, to get a better understanding of why UHD isn't just four times the resolution of 1080p anymore.
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Best stuff to bring to the beach 2015

Soon it'll be scalding hot and the best place to escape the heat is the beach. These days there's plenty of tech to keep you from feeling like you've trekked into the wilderness to reach your sandy shore, even if you have.
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Onkyo nails the surround sound sweet spot with its bold and brawny TX-NR838 receiver 3:34

Onkyo's TX-NR838 receiver offers an impressive list of features, including support for Dolby Atmos surround sound up to a 5.2.2 system, and a wealth of power, all for a reasonable $800 asking price.
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ABC reboots 1989’s Uncle Buck for TV

ABC added Uncle Buck, a comedy series starring Mike Epps (The Hangover) to their 2015-2016 programming. The multicamera comedy features Epps as a quirky uncle who moves into his brother and sister-in-law's suburban house to help out.
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Tina Fey literally gave Letterman the dress off her back on air last night

Tina Fey literally gave David Letterman the dress off her back on air, promising to never wear fancy dresses again on talk shows following his departure, and noting she only ever did so out of respect for him.

Netflix and Steam are about to get more expensive in Australia

Netflix, Steam and many other companies that provide on demand entertainment may need to raise their prices in Australia, after a new budget forces them to begin charging a 10 per cent Goods and Services tax.
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Chris Rock to back Amy Schumer for her own HBO comedy special

Amy Shumer, star and creator of Inside Amy Schumer, will be starring in an HBO comedy special set to debut later this year. The show will be produced and directed by funny man Chris Rock.
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Audeze EL-8 Review

No contest: These are the finest headphones you can buy for under $1,000
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Orphan Black opens the rabbit hole even deeper with 4th season order

BBC America picks up the Tatiana Maslany-starring Orphan Black for 4th season in 2016. The series follows Maslany, as Sarah Manning, as she uncovers clones of herself and attempts to find out why they exist — before someone kills them…