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From the guys that created the TiVo comes Qplay, a different kind of media streamer

Co-founders of TiVo are looking to shake up the set top box industry with a new streaming device called Qplay. The box is designed to curate video content, allowing users to find videos, create playlists to share with friends, and, of…
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Cornell researchers fabricate a fully functional 3D printed speaker

Bringing us that much closer to Star Trek, researchers at Cornell have developed a fully functional 3D printed speaker. The speaker is created from customizable printers that create a coil, magnet, and base housing that can be minimally…

Rocki meets its funding goals, will soon make any speaker wireless

Find most bluetooth speakers to be disappointing? So did the makers of ROCKI, a wifi music system. It's looking for backers on Kickstarter to finish the project and is offering an affordable buy in price for a wifi speaker solution.
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Klipsch GiG Review

Klipsch GiG review.
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Yamaha Soavo speakers are part grand piano, part speaker, all awesome

Yamaha's Soavo speaker line doesn't make it to the US very often, but when it does, it usually makes a splash. This year's Soavo offering includes the NS-F901, a gorgeous floor-stander that looks as good as it sounds. Or is it the other way…
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From zero to hero: Google’s Chromecast has a real shot at total TV domination

A new report from Gigaom reveals a bold new pathway Google's Chromecast in 2014, including international release, an open SDK, and the possible creation of a new protocol called Google Cast, which could be released in devices across the…

Pump up the volume (and hide the speaker) with the AwoX Bluetooth-streaming LED bulb

The AvoX Striimlight is a hybrid LED light bulb and Bluetooth wireless speaker. Powered via most standard sockets, this light bulb is long lasting, and lets you add music to any room while hiding unsightly speakers and wires.
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Luxury home theater gift guide

When money is no object
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Microsoft’s first batch of original Xbox video content hits early 2014

Attempting to take a page out of Netflix's playbook, Microsoft is currently targeting early 2014 to launch Xbox video original programming potentially exclusive to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms.
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Will Dolby make CES 2014 the year of the Super TV?

Dolby has created a liquid cooled “super TV” that douses viewers with up to 20,000 nits of light, or about the equivalent of looking at a 100 watt light bulb. The TV, which is 200x brighter than the industry standard, has spawned LED…
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Apple adds ABC, Bloomberg and Crackle apps to Apple TV

Potentially useful to anyone that owns or is interested in the Apple TV set-top box, a handful of new applications for entertainment and news were added to the streaming video platform earlier today.
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Samsung PN51F5500 Review

Samsung PN51F5500 review.