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MGM Brings Full-Length Content to YouTube

YouTube plans to offer full-length television shows and programs from MGM...and they're launching with the 1990's version of American Gladiators.


Circuit City Declares Bankruptcy

Just a week after announcing plans to close 155 stores, Circuit City has filed for bankruptcy protection in order to keep its remaining stores open.


Panasonic May Acquire Rival Sanyo

Sanyo's solar power and rechargeable battery divisions have caught the major Japanese competitors' eye.


Wal-Mart Jumpstarts Holiday Sales

An upcoming Saturday sale will offer Black-Friday-like deals, including a notebook for $298 and 46-inch 1080p LCD HDTV for $798.


AT&T Buys Wi-Fi Hotspot Operator Wayport

AT&T has announced a deal to buy Wi-Fi hotspot operator Wayport for about $275 million in cash.


Study Links Violent Sites and Violent Youth

A study published in Pediatrics finds that young people exposed to violent media are more likely to exhibit violent behavior themselves.


Belkin Flythru

Can a laptop bag help speed you through airport security? Belkin seems to think so.


Toshiba TLP-X200U Projector Talks Back

Toshiba's TLP-X200U projector simplifies use and maintenance by offering a voice guidance feature to walk users through instructions, alerts, and warnings.


Apple’s iPod Wiz Steps Down

One of the chief designers of both the iPod and iPhone will leave his vital position at Apple for a less involved role as an adviser to Steve Jobs.


MySpace, MTV to Plant Ads in Pirate Video

MySpace and MTV are turning to Auditude to plant ads in video clips uploaded in violation of copyright - and let copyright holder earn money from them.


TV Watching and Net Surfing Go Together

Research firm Nielsen finds that over 30 percent of in-home online activity occurs while users are simultaneously watching television.


Circuit City to Shutter 155 Stores

Reports have electronics retailer Circuit City getting ready to close 155 stores before the holiday buying season in a move to restructure its business.


Researchers Dupe Keys Using Photos

Teleduplication allows researchers to reproduce working key copies just by snapping photos of them - even from afar.


Ooma Tacks Features Onto Premier Service

Ooma has sweetened the pot on its paid VoIP service with a attractive bundle of new features for the same price.


Logitech Acquires SightSpeed for $30M

The Berkeley-based supplier of video conferencing solutions has fallen under Logitech's umbrella, perhaps giving its webcam division a leg up for future development.