How to change your wallpaper and login screen in Windows 10

Windows 10 has a new Settings menu, and as a result some common tasks have changed. Replacing the wallpaper for your desktop or login screen is among them. Here's how to do it with 10.

How to update to MacOS Sierra when it launches on September 20

After months of developer builds and sneak peaks, MacOS Sierra is finally here and within your reach. The update is pretty straightforward, but there are a couple extra steps you should keep in mind before taking the plunge.

Back to the grind: How to clean your garbage disposal

Tired of a clunky, dirty garbage disposal in your kitchen? We'll show you how to clean it out in short order, and using stuff you probably already have lying around your kitchen.
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Weekend Workshop: Build an old-school lightbulb from pencil lead and a jar

By using little more than eight D-cell batteries, a glass Mason jar, and a graphite pencil needle, anyone can easily piece together their own electric light bulb this weekend and make Thomas Edison proud.
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Wax on wax off: Here are the best methods for cleaning battery acid and corrosion

Battery acid is no joke, but there are safe and effective ways to deal with corroded batteries. Here are the best methods for cleaning up battery acid, so you can properly assess the damage and get rid of any unwanted residue.

How to overclock your CPU without setting your computer on fire

Is your PC just chugging along, a little slower than you'd like? Sometimes you just need a little more power under the hood. Before you pick up some new hardware, maybe you should consider overclocking your processor. Here's how to properly…

Here's how to delete your Snapchat account

Tired of dog filters and a ceaseless deluge of Stories? Here's how to delete your Snapchat account using the platform's web interface, so you can step outside the yellow-hued limelight once and for all.

The Surface Pro 3 can be a troublesome beast, but these tips can tame it

Having some problems with your Surface Pro 3? Suffering the dreaded blue screen of death? This guide will help you solve the most common problems, with the most reliable solutions.

How to clean cloudy headlights

Headlights, like every other part of your car, require some upkeep to maintain clarity. Thankfully, there are a few simple strategies and home solutions one can employ to ensure the road ahead is always visible.

Buying an iPhone 7? How to sell your old iPhone without getting ripped off

Our guide to selling your iPhone (without getting ripped off). Whether you're looking to upgrade to the latest-and-greatest, making the switch to the Android platform, or just in dire need of some cold, hard cash; this is what you need to…
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Recycling batteries in an eco-friendly way is really easy

Don't know how to recycle your alkaline or rechargeable batteries in an eco-friendly way? It's easy, so long as you know what you're doing. Here's how to do so, whether you want to rely on a local scrap yard or electronics dealer.
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Weekend Workshop: How to easily build a DIY hand-powered LED flashlight

With little more than an old soda can, some LED lights, and a 12V DC motor, anyone has the ability to easily build their very own hand-powered LED flashlight in under and hour.