Ready for an emotional Siri? Computer voices are learning how to sound scared or excited

In case of emergencies, the technology will deliver messages in an alarming tone, which in turn will give you a clue that you should freak out.
Home Theater

Chromecast adds Vudu, Crackle to its growing list of apps, Seinfeld fans rejoice

Chromecast added Vudu and Crackle to its burgeoning family of apps today, marking a rapidly expanding pace of application partners since the company released its SD kit to developers in February.

Acer to hold April event, could reveal new smartphones, or first wearable device

Acer has called a press event for April 29 in New York, where it will reveal its 2014 range of products, which could include wearables, smartphones, and tablets.

SmartMat can tell you when someone’s at the door, and turn on the TV for you

Ever wondered what life is like with a smart doormat? SmartMat is here to answer that question with a special pressure-sensitive mat design. It can send text messages, turn on the lights, and so much more.

A $7 app lets your iPhone shoot video at higher resolutions, faster framerates

The Ultrakam app for iOS lets you record high-definition 2K video and a cinema-quality frame rate of 24 fps on your iPhone 5S. It also offers other pro video features, including a time-lapse mode.

BlackBerry reaffirms intent to launch BBM for Windows Phone as service hits 85m users

BBM forms a key part of BlackBerry's plan to return to profitability, with the company confirming in recent days its intent to bring the software to Windows Phone by July. The messaging app launched for iOS and Android in October last year…
Android Army

Apple drags Samsung to court yet again, this time for $2 billion

Apple and Samsung return to court Monday in an all-new patent-related case relating to a bunch of Samsung's more recent mobile products. If things go Apple's way, the Korean company could be ordered to pay up to $2bn.

This smart nano-tech patch knows when you need more drugs

Scientists in South Korea are developing a medical patch using nano technology which not only monitors your health, but is also smart enough to know how much medicine you need, and when.

Smartphone kill-switch tech could save consumers $2.5bn a year, research claims

Research published over the weekend estimates Americans could save around $2.5 billion a year by cutting spending on phone insurance if manufacturers and carriers were forced to implement kill-switch technology in newly sold handsets.

Android is the most stable mobile OS, says new report

How often your favorite apps crash can vary depending on the type of device you're using, the operating system it's running, and even where you are in the world, says a new Crittercism study.

How to install Flash on an Android phone or tablet

If you miss the days of using Flash Player on your Android phone or tablet, check out this simple, easy to follow, how-to guide covering how to install Flash on most Android powered devices.