AT&T finally introduces Mexico to the wonders of 4G LTE

After spending close to $4.5 billion in purchases, AT&T finally announced its 4G LTE network rollout into Mexico, starting with six cities. Over the course of three years, AT&T hopes to blanket as many as 100 million Mexican subscribers.
Product Review

Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 Review

After trimming its mane, Creative's Roar 2 is leaner but no less fierce.
Home Theater

Vudu finally dishes up 1080p HDX content for Android while iOS users remain on standby

Vudu's upgraded app is apparently "Empire Strikes Back big." The company has added new features that improve the overall viewing experience. Most notably, users will be able to view content HD and HDX.

Xperia Z5 Premium vs. Xperia Z5 vs. Xperia Z5 Compact: Which Sony phone is right for you?

We went hands on with Sony's new trio of smartphones at IFA and, though they're closely related, there are some key differences, which we explore here. Find out what how they compare, and which is for you.
Social Media

Shop ’til you drop: Facebook shows off shopping feed and new ads for brands

Facebook wants you to shop with the brands you like right in its app. The social network developed tools for brands to make better ads, a shopping feed for users to browse through, and even a buy button.

Ed Sheeran becomes first artist to cross 500M Spotify streams with one song

Spotify superstar Ed Sheeran just passed another milestone for the service, as his hit song Thinking Out Loud crossed 500 million streams. Sheeran is the first artist to hit that mark with a single song, pushing his overall streaming total…

Are you ready for some football? TuneIn Premium adds NFL games to subscription

Are you looking for another premium service to add to your monthly subscriptions? TuneIn Premium gives you access to MLB and soccer games, over 40,000 audio books, and over 600 commercial-free radio stations.

Apple snaps up a startup with facial recognition that doesn’t invade user privacy

Apple acquired Palo Alto-based startup Perceptio for an undisclosed amount. The mobile AI firm created the app Smoothie, and its creators were looking into facial recognition tech that wouldn't send private information into the cloud.

Careful with that boarding pass, it contains a lot of personal information

As per a new blog post authored by Brian Krebs of Krebs on Security, the barcodes on your boarding passes contain a wealth of information, and more alarmingly still, clues as to your current and future travel plans and habits.

Got allergies? On a diet? Ipiit scans food barcodes to tell you what products to avoid

The ipiit Food Ambassador app learns your dietary preferences to advise product choices on any grocery barcode you scan. It's perfect for anyone with allergies or dietary restrictions who needs a little help making supermarket selections.

Sanho touts Hyper iShowFast as world’s fastest flash drive for iOS devices 1:05

A follow-up to last year's iStick, the Hyper iShowFast from Sanho is a flash drive with both USB 3.0 and Lightning connectors. The company calls it the world's fastest flash drive for iOS devices.

New pictures of the mysterious HTC One A9 leaked, may be official on October 20

HTC is rumored to be launching a new One series smartphone in October, but will it be the One A9, the Aero/Hero, or something completely different? Here's all the rumors you need to hear leading up to the launch.