Spotify’s new family plans let everyone jam for less

Spotify now offers family plans for music streaming at a much lower price than paying for individual subscriptions. Spotify aims to convince casual users to subscribe with the new plans.
Product Review

Amazon Kindle Voyage Review

Sharper, brighter and quicker, Amazon's Kindle Voyage is its finest ereader yet.

Before smartwatches can stand solo, carriers need to rethink their plans

No one wants a smartwatch that fizzles and dies without a smartphone, but before we can get there, carriers will need to get smart too, and sell us data without an additional plan.

Yahoo finally rolls out Flickr for iPad

Yahoo has just launched an iPad-optimized version of Flickr, offering photography enthusiasts with an Apple tablet a richer, smoother experience than the mobile site that went before.

Report: Fitbit preps the Surge, a $250 fitness smartwatch

Ideal for anyone that wants to track their cardio workouts, Fitbit will soon launch a new wearable that's specifically targeted at runners and includes GPS tracking as well as heart rate monitoring technology.

Whisper app tracks users’ locations, shares data with Department of Defense and FBI

WhisperText (the company behind the Whisper app) tracks the location of users who have opted out of geolocation services and has shared user data with the FBI, MI5 and U.S. Department of Defense.

iPad Air 2 vs. iPad Air: Spec Showdown

The iPad Air 2 is here. We sort through the specs to determine how it stacks up against the already stellar iPad Air.

You’re about to lose your wallet … to Apple Pay. Here’s what you need to know

Apple Pay could usher in the era of mobile payments and change the way we buy things. Here's how it works, the security behind it, where you can use it, and why the timing is perfect.

Five reasons to get excited about Windows 10

Microsoft has officially introduced Windows 10. Here are five reasons why we're excited about the preview.
Home Theater

7 things Google’s Nexus Player must do to rule the living room

Thanks to the massive failure of Google TV, some think it may be too late for Android TV and the Nexus Player to join the party. Here's nine things the Nexus Player must just to get a stab at success.

DT Giveaway: Enter for a chance to win a 64GB iPhone 6! (Update: Winner chosen)

Want to win a brand new, unlocked iPhone 6, courtesy of the fine folks at MapHook. We've got a device here, ready to go. Enter today to win!

iPad Air 2 vs iPad Mini 3: How do Apple’s two newest iPads stack up against each other?

Apple lifted the veil on two new versions of its popular iPad with the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3. We stack the two side by side to see how each differs.