Amazon’s new Instant Preview feature shares the perfect quote and a preview of the Kindle ebook

Users of the Amazon Kindle app for Android will notice a bevy of new sharing options have been added. Amazon's new feature called Instant Previews will allow those you share with to read a portion of the book for free without needing to…
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Mojio Review

Mojio sends your dumbcar back to school, but don't expect a Ph.D

Yahoo revamps search for mobile to highlight broader range of relevant content

In an effort to increase its share of the mobile search market, Yahoo has rolled out changes for its browser-based offering that it says guarantees more relevant, and therefore helpful, information at the top of returned results.

Hot or not? Find out for sure using your phone and the new Flir One thermal camera

Flir -- the company behind the smartphone case with a thermal imaging camera built-in -- is back with the Flir One 2015, a plug-in accessory for your Android or iOS smartphone that adds an improved thermal imaging camera to it.

French taxi drivers protest Uber by the thousands in violent displays

The ongoing war between taxi drivers and car service giant Uber has taken an ugly turn in France, where violent protests against the company have shut down entire cities with overturned cars, fires, and smashed windows.

LIVE Singapore! uses big data from smartphones to improve quality of life

In Singapore, smartphones and the growing amount of data that can be collected from these devices are legitimately being used to do good in a program called LIVE Singapore!, providing inhabitants with actionable advice based on big data.

Remember Android 1.6 Donut? This hacker got it running on an old calculator 0:48

If you wished your graphing calculator ran something a bit more capable in the software department, Josh Max might have your answer. The developer managed to install Android 1.6 Donut on his Texas Instruments graphing calculator.

Taylor Swift tweets ensure 1989 will be available on Apple Music

Less than a week after Apple said it would pay royalties to musicians during Apple Music's free trial, Swift said she would allow the service to stream her album, 1989, which features popular hits Shake it Off, Blank Space and Bad Blood.

Google Hangouts passes 1 billion installs on the Play Store

Today, Google’s Hangouts messaging platform has passed 1 billion installs on the Google Play Store. Before today, there were only about ten apps that have reached a billion installs, but most of them were owned by Facebook.
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YotaPhone 2 Review

Two screens really are better than one with the insane, innovative YotaPhone 2

Ready, set, download! Amazon puts $50 worth of Android apps and games up for sale

Amazon is at it again with another bundle of free apps. This deal includes 23 apps and games for a total savings of $50. Titles include Mirroring360 - AirPlay Receiver, Weather Live, and so much more.

BlackBerry might design a bacteria-free smartphone for hospitals

During a recent visit at a Canadian hospital, BlackBerry CEO John Chen implied the company could eventually develop a bacteria-free phone for hospitals. Such a development could contain some much-needed solutions for the health care…