The NYPD commissioner doesn’t like phone encryption, either

NYPD commissioner William Bratton criticized companies like Apple and Google for enabling encryption for their handsets. Bratton hopes to push legislation that would allow access to handsets without worrying about encryption.
Product Review

Apple iPad Mini 3 Review

The iPad Mini 3 is an amazing tablet and an atrocious waste of money.

Grandma blocks Wi-Fi and mobile signals from her house with $6,400 paint

According to 72-year-old Stefanie Russell, she suffers from electro-sensitivity. To combat this, she hired specialists to coat her house with four layers of anti-radiation paint.

Android Wear update features offline music playback, bluetooth pairing, and GPS support

The newest version of Android Wear brings GPS support and welcome enhancements to music playback. The update is rolling out to users in stages.
Home Theater

Take your iPad Air’s sound from paltry to powerful with the stylish Amp

Part case, part stand, and part wireless stereo speaker system, OIO's new Amp is a beautiful add-on for your iPad Air, designed to take the portable media experience to the next level.

RIP Microsoft Surface Pro 2, we hardly knew ye

With little fanfare, Microsoft seems to have discontinued the Surface Pro 2. Here's the full scoop.

Start your engines, Apple fans! The iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 arrive in select Apple Stores

Select Apple Stores already have the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 available for in-store pickup. Only the Wi-Fi models are currently available in stores.

Zuckerberg is mastering Mandarin, and joins the Tsinghua University advisory board

With Facebook looking to learn more about China's tech market, how long until the ban on the social network is lifted from the country?

AT&T tries to sweeten the Fire Phone, offers buyers a Kindle Fire HDX for $50

AT&T will start stocking the Kindle Fire HDX this month and is offering the tablet on a variety of different deals, including one where it costs $50 when purchased with an Amazon Fire Phone.

Listen to cops, pilots and truckers by turning your phone into the ultimate radio

For less than $30, you can tune into local law enforcement, track aircraft, and more using your Android Device and a piece of equipment called RTL-SDR. Here's our guide on getting started.

To help quell privacy fears, Xiaomi shifts its international data storage out of China

In the wake of stories accusing it of collecting private data without permission, Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi has started shifting its international users' data to servers located in the U.S. and Singapore.

This fitness tracker is yours for free, if you subscribe to the $12 per year companion app

Here's an interesting addition to the ever-expanding fitness tracker market. It's from Pivotal Living, and the company will give you a free wearable fitness band, if you subscribe to the companion app for a mere $12 per year.