Heads up: The best VR headsets under $100

Virtual reality looks promising, but the best headsets are difficult to afford and must be connected to an expensive PC. VR sets that use a mobile phone are a great compromise. Here are the best, sub-$100 headsets due out before the end of…

What expensive camera filmed this 4K video of London? The iPhone 6S

Thanks to the creative minds at AmnesiArt, the true selling point of the iPhone 6S is being put on stunning display in a 4K video of England's capital city in a video aptly named "Portrait of London."

ZTE introduces ‘lease-to-own’ plan in the U.S. for customers who want to buy direct

ZTE announced a lease-to-own plan in the United States, which lets customers pay monthly for devices directly from the company, instead of paying for both the phone and data in one contract with a carrier.

Your next pizza might be delivered by Uber’s courier service, launching today

Uber is expanding into the courier market, launching Uber Rush in San Francisco, New York, and Chicago earlier today. The service will allow businesses to order in couriers on-demand, instead of hiring drivers.

Samsung isn't done with Tizen, its Z3 smartphone arrives in India

Only six months after the release of the Z1, Samsung looks to give Tizen another shot with the Z3 smartphone. The mid-range phone was announced for India in October. Here's everything we know about Samsung's new Tizen phone.
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Homido VR headset Review

It's not Oculus, but Homido lets you dabble in VR for $80

These seven Android phones might actually have better cameras than the iPhone 6S

It seemed as certain as death and taxes that the iPhone would always have the best smartphone camera in the world. However, things have dramatically changed as seven Android phones are now ranked higher than the iPhone 6S.
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OnePlus X ‘Powerfully Beautiful’ event scheduled for October 29

OnePlus has announced an event on October 29 in London and Beijing, with the tagline Powerfully Beautiful. The event will likely be focused on the OnePlus X, the company's second phone of 2015.

Apple facing massive damages after University of Wisconsin wins chip patent case

Apple has lost big-time in a dispute with the University of Wisconsin, which accused the tech giant of violating a patent for improving chip efficiency. The technology is used in Apple's A7, A8, and A8X processors, found in several of its…
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Microsoft Lumia 735 Review

The Microsoft Lumia 735 is perfect for the casual user, but it’s limited for the power user.

Samsung announces early app partners for Gear S2

Samsung has released an early preview of apps available on the Gear S2, its newest wearable. They include Line, Nike+ Running, and Volkswagen apps that have been specifically designed for the smartwatch.

Google’s Waze dubs the United States one of the top countries in the world to drive in

According to Google's Waze traffic navigation app, the United States offers a relatively good driving experience when compared to other nations. However, that shouldn't be cause to forget about the country's infrastructure woes.