TAG Heuer's first Android smartwatch is going to be huuuge. Literally.

TAG Heuer is the first luxury watchmaker to produce an Android Wear smartwatch. The Carrera Connected costs $1,500, and promises Swiss cool with Intel and Google smarts.

Up Next aims to make sure students make a smooth transition to college by texting them

Up Next, a joint effort spearheaded by digital creative agency Huge, Civic Nation, and the White House's Office of Public Engagement, aims to help students make the transition to college by texting them.

Don't call it 'the hump' - Tim Cook defends the iPhone 6S battery case

Apple has stealthy launched an official battery case for the iPhone 6S and 6, offering up to 25 hours of additional battery life. At $99, the Smart Battery Case is on the higher end of the spectrum, but could be hugely beneficial for iPhone…

Give Quicken Loans’ new website 8 minutes, and it will approve you for a mortgage

Quicken Loans recently unveiled its Rocket Mortgage tool. You answer some questions, it pulls in your information, and you can be approved for a mortgage in as little as eight minutes.

Lost keys have met their match with the Tile Bluetooth tracker 2:47

For those who often misplace stuff, adding this Bluetooth tracking device to your key ring may just be the answer to the age old question of, "Where the heck are my keys?"

Hey Cortana! Welcome to Android and iOS

After months of beta testing, Cortana has finally made its official debut on iOS and Android. Microsoft also announced a partnership with Cyanogen OS, saying that the personal voice assistant will be coming to the OnePlus One.
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Pinterest’s new acquisitions will make it easier to find, buy pins on the app

Pinterest has acquired two startups to help index images and boost mobile shopping on its app. It is thought that the teams from Pext and The Hunt will make it easier for users to find and buy pins on Pinterest.

Mozilla axes Firefox OS for smartphones

Firefox OS debuted in 2013 and didn't really take off, and now after two years of struggling to gain a solid user base, Mozilla is shutting it down. The company is focusing on developing its Firefox browser over its other services like…

10 awesome tips to get the most out of your Google Nexus 6P

If you own a Google Nexus 6P, you are no doubt a power user looking to unlock the full potential of your smartphone. Look no further because these Nexus 6P tips and tricks will show you how to master your phone in no time.

Give everyone you know and trust the keys to your home with this $89 smart lock 1:54

The Lark-Wi Blueguard-E smart door lock, which connects to your phone via Bluetooth, is probably the cheapest we've seen. Right now you can get it on Kickstarter for $89, with delivery expected in March 2016.

Google releases Android 6.0.1 with updated emojis and more

Google has just released its first update to Android Marshmallow. The 6.0.1 will hopefully squash a few existing bugs, but it introduces a few new features such as updated emojis as well.

Big, bold, and badass: Say goodbye to the Nexus 6

Check the Google Store lately? You won't find the Nexus 6 there. That's right, the company says the device is "unavailable for purchase" now. With the Nexus 5X and the 6P leading the way, Google doesn't want last year's model cramping their…