Ex-Nokia engineers take on Android with the first ‘Jolla’ smartphone

Jolla has confirmed it'll release the world's first Sailfish OS-powered smartphone on November 27, at a launch party to be held in Helsinki, Finland. Those who pre-ordered the phone are receiving information on how to buy the device.

Lumia 525 announced: Nokia’s budget-friendly Windows Phone gets a modest update

Nokia has announced a modest update to its popular, and very reasonably priced, Lumia 520 smartphone. The Lumia 525 has only one major technical change, and also comes with the latest Nokia software package.

Stick with a Rolex: Why you shouldn’t give a smartwatch this season

Smartwatches like the Galaxy Gear are one of this holiday season's hottest new items, but do you really want to buy one? Here's why you may want to hold off on the watch until next year.

Future iPhone cameras could employ Lytro-like light-field tech for image refocusing

Apple has been awarded a U.S. patent for a camera system that can refocus an image after it has been shot. The system uses light-field technology that's similar to Lytro.

Google’s Eric Schmidt writes his own guide for switching to Android

Google chairman Eric Schmidt may not be unbiased when it comes to Apple versus Android, but his guide to switching to his company's own mobile operating system is attracting some major attention on - where else? - Google Plus.

You can now pre-order the $180 Moto G in America

Motorola's new Moto G was originally down for its U.S. launch early next year, however the company has decided Christmas should come early, and has put the phone up for pre-order through its own online store.

‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ comes to lots of mobile devices in December

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is coming to so many mobile devices in December 2013. Android, iOS, Windows Phone, all with the expected contextual touchscreen controls, improved-for-mobile checkpointing, and controller support.
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The new Tinder lets you stick people in the dreaded friend zone

With a new update, Tinder is entering the friendship game. The refreshed app is also giving users lots of ways to categorize all the other cuties they come across.

Laptops and desktops to take a backseat to tablets in 2014?

Tablets are in, we all know that and no one would argue otherwise. In fact, one research firm says that tablet shipments in 2014 could outpace laptop and desktop shipments as soon as next year.

Photographers, get excited! Google confirms uncompressed RAW image support for Android

Source code reveals that Google has been developing a new Android camera API that adds support for advanced features like RAW image capture, continuous shooting, and face detection. While it didn't show up on the new Nexus 5, it could debut…

You can now recharge your phone with the Hammer of Thor

You can now buy a small replica of Thor's hammer that comes complete with lights, sound effects, and a 10,400mAh battery. It won't vanquish your enemies like the real Mjolnir, but it will power everything in your pocket.
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TV goes social as Comcast and Twitter roll-out the See It platform

Comcast and Twitter have unveiled a preview for iOS users of the SEEiT platform, a link embedded in tweets that will allow users to watch content on their smartphones and tablets, or program their DVRs to record them. The platform begins…