Best jailbreak apps and games for iPhone

We sift through the best Jailbreak apps and games for your iPhone so you don't have to waste your time figuring out which ones to get. Multiple members of the Digital Trends staff contributed to this list.

This kids activity tracker might just get your kid off the couch and save them from obesity

X-Doria has created a Kids activity tracker that might just have what it takes to get kids more active. Using a kid-friendly interface and a goal-oriented system rather than metrics, the KidFit encourages kids to keep active.

Android Wear doesn’t play nice with paid apps due to encryption bug

A recently-discovered encryption bug prevents paid apps from being installed onto Android Wear devices. The problem lies in Google's app-encryption measures. No word on when we should expect an update to the G Watch and Gear Live.

NFC payment service ISIS rebranding to distance itself from Middle Eastern militant group

In a written statement, NFC payment service ISIS will go through rebranding efforts in the coming months in order to distance itself from the Middle Eastern militant group that shares the same acronym.

Your next phone may use magnets to share data with other devices

Developers were recently able to transmit data from an electromagnet to a smartphone. Data included everything from a Web address to a MIDI music sequence. The team also suggested that magnetism could be used to replace NFC transactions.

Can’t play an instrument? You can still ‘paint’ music with HarmonyWiz

We sit down with Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater to discuss his latest music creation app, HarmonyWiz, which aims to help anyone create music.
Home Theater

Popcorn Time lives on, announces support for Chromecast on Windows

After initially shutting its doors, torrenting allstar PopcornTime is not only surviving, but seems to be thriving, adding new apps, and announcing support for Chromecast. But that still doesn't mean it's legal.

Vertu partners up with Bentley, says we should expect first exclusive smartphone in October

Luxury smartphone company Vertu has announced a partnership with Bentley, the luxury car firm, which will result in the release of five different smartphones. The resulting devices will be co-designed by the pair, and the first is expected…

Airport security: If your phone isn’t charged, you could get banned from flights

The US Transport Security Administration has given more details about recently introduced "enhanced" security checks at some international airports, warning that uncharged electronic devices may be confiscated.

Foxconn robots: iPhone 6 to be built by ‘Foxbots’

While Foxconn is thought to have hired around 100,000 extra workers to help with the assembly of the next iPhone, company boss Terry Gou says it's also planning to introduce 10,000 'Foxbots' to help automate the process.

Selfie stupidity: Tour de France fans in danger of causing massive pile-up

While it could certainly make for a very interesting selfie, the idea of stepping onto a road with your smartphone as hundreds of cyclists hurtle toward you sounds like a recipe for disaster. Doesn't seem to be stopping fans of the Tour de…

OK Go makes it rain: Lead guitarist on his top-selling mobile game

There’s another side to OK Go lead guitarist Andy Ross that fans of his rock band’s particularly sunny brand of music – and its elaborate, quirky music videos – might not be aware of. Ross is also a founder and lead programmer for…