Your Pebble now has full notification support, thanks to an Android app update

Pebble has updated its standard Android app, adding in system-wide notifications, where previously a third-party app had to be used. Additionally, there's support for special characters, making the watch even more useful for international…

Microsoft celebrates Black Friday with $150 off Surface Pro 3, Xbox, and PCs

Microsoft is getting in the holiday spirit with a ton of Black Friday deals. The company offers discounts on Surface tablets, mobile devices, PCs, the Xbox One, and more.

Do you have the requirement for velocity? Need For Speed No Limits goes mobile

EA has teamed up with pro rally racer Ken Block to announce Need For Speed No Limit, a mobile racing game currently under development by Australian studio Firemonkeys.

Android One off to a shaky start, as shops refuse to stock the budget smartphones

Google's grand plan for Android One is to introduce developing markets to the joy of stock Android on a reasonably priced phone, but early sales decisions, and less-than timely updates may have hurt its chances.

Turn your hand-drawn sketches into digital files with this smart notebook

Now you can turn your hand-drawn Moleskine sketches into digital files for editing on Adobe's Creative Cloud apps. The Moleskine Smart Notebook is available for pre-order and should arrive in December.

Google ponders opening Play Store in China, starts accepting apps from Chinese developers

Google now allows Chinese developers to submit apps directly to the Play Store. Meanwhile, another report hints that the country may finally get the Play Store installed on select Android devices.

Shoot 360-degree wide-angle time-lapse videos with GoPro mount for Galileo dock

Now you can easily shoot 360-degree, wide-angle time-lapse videos with your GoPro with a new mount for the Motrr Galileo rotating dock. The dock automatically rotates, pans, and tilts, letting you create smooth videos.

Tom Hanks’ typewriter app hits the iPhone with a huge clickety-clack

Tom Hanks loves typewriters so much that he created an app called Hanx Writer. The app turns your iPad, and now your iPhone keyboard into a typewriter, loud clacking sounds and all.

This Chinese phone maker wants to crush Samsung, and take its throne

The CEO of rapidly growing Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi says that in five to ten years time, the firm could be the world's number one manufacturer, should its momentum continue.

The Mythbusters take on Gorilla Glass, inevitably break lots of it

Corning, the makers of Gorilla Glass, has teamed up with Mythbusters to produce a two-part video series about its product. It's fun and informative, plus we get to see flexible Willow Glass in action, a key part of bendy phones and watches…

This belt can charge your phone while it holds up your pants

For a long time now the humble belt has competently fulfilled its job criteria of keeping our pants in place, and for that we must be grateful. However, if a UK-based startup has its way, it could soon be charging our smartphone…

This cool battery could let you buy extra battery standby time at the local store

Imagine walking into a convenience store and buying six hours of extra standby time for your phone. This cool concept battery could make that scenario possible, and in an environmentally friendly way.