HTC’s One M8-style Butterfly 2 may be plastic, but it’s also water resistant

HTC has announced another spin-off of the One M8 smartphone. Called the Butterfly 2, it's destined for certain parts of Asia, and comes wrapped up in a shiny, water resistant, polycarbonate body.
Cool Tech

Wireless electricity is here! And we’re using to power … robot fish?

One of the first uses of true wireless charging technology is here ... and it's a fish tank with toy fish. Yep. It holds a Guinness World record, too.

This app will shut down everything on your phone until you call your mom back

New app Ignore No More helps parents force uncommunicative teens to call back by disabling smartphone functions temporarily. Parents can lock their kids' devices until they reply.

Panasonic published a comic book about an IT guy saving the world with his Toughpad

Panasonic is going all out for its 5-inch ToughPad FZ-E1 phablet. The super durable device now has its own comic book series and a sweepstakes contest.

Wow, Xiaomi’s new Android UI is almost indistinguishable from iOS 7

Xiaomi is often accused of copying Apple's smartphone and iOS design elements, but its latest MIUI 6 update looks almost exactly like iOS 7 in several key ways.

LG preps G Watch 2 with OLED screen for IFA

LG may soon introduce its second smartwatch, the G Watch 2. The company's next wearable may have an OLED screen and a Qualcomm processor when it debuts.
Home Theater

No Netflix needed: AT&T may be gearing up to broadcast cable TV to your phone

A top executive for AT&T announced the carrier expects to begin deployment of LTE Broadcast, or LTE "Multicast," sometime next year, a move that signifies a potential shift to cable TV delivery via mobile devices. AT&T CSO John Stankey…

Microsoft launches WindUp, its own time-limited picture sharing app (Updated)

Microsoft has launched WindUp, an app that lets you send messages to your friends which are deleted after a set amount of time or views. Despite similarities to Snapchat, Microsoft says the app is part of an ongoing research project into…

Sony will offer discounted albums through iTunes for iOS users

Available now, Sony's "Album of the Day" app offers iPhone users discounted albums for download through iTunes. The app first launched in Germany back in March, though time will tell if it's successful in the U.S.

The IBM Simon, the world’s first smartphone, to be put on display at London Science Museum

Considered the world's first smartphone, the IBM Simon will form part of a new exhibition at the London Science Museum later this year. The device has a touchscreen and a stylus, but the battery lasts only for an hour.