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Box office hits and misses: Kung Fu Panda 3 wins as Star Wars crosses $2 billion

Kung Fu Panda 3 was the highest-grossing film of the weekend for the second straight week, but Star Wars: The Force Awakens joined elite company by crossing the $2 billion mark worldwide.
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Here are all the best ads from this year’s Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is great whether you like the game or the ads. This year's game will follow the established (and successful) formula, with ads trying to win over our hearts and grab our money. Here are the latest and greatest.

Torrents Time lets you stream from The Pirate Bay and others, right inside a browser window

Being a pirate isn't as easy as it used to be. Torrents Time lets torrent sites like The Pirate Bay add the ability to stream videos directly in a user's browser, -- but as is always, there's a catch.
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CBS says Super Bowl 50 saw a ‘record audience’ watch via streaming

This year, it was easier than it has ever been to watch the Super Bowl via streaming, and viewers took advantage of that, leading to a "record audience" watching online, according to CBS.

Beyoncé’s world tour announcement crashed her website during Super Bowl

After a scintillating halftime show performance, Beyoncé released a short commercial announcing her impending Formation World Tour. Minutes after the commercial aired, the superstar singer's official website crashed.
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Here’s what $5 million and a Super Bowl ad will buy you

What is it that keeps so many advertisers coming back to the Super Bowl year after year, even as the holes in their pockets grow larger? What exactly is the payout when you're spending $5 million?

Rapper Future debuts Apple’s Beats by Dre Super Bowl 50 commercial on Twitter 0:30

On February 6, a day before Super Bowl 50, rapper Future debuted Apple's Beats by Dre commercial for Super Bowl 50 on his personal Twitter account. Future narrates the commercial which features Super Bowl quarterback and NFL MVP…
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How to watch Superbowl 50 online

While you're busy making your party plans for Super Bowl 50, we've made you a handy guide on how to watch Sunday's game on TV, on the Internet, and via tablets, smartphones, and streaming devices.

Panthers cornerback Charles Tillman loves Mario, Madden, and yes, Sharknado

Carolina Panthers cornerback Charles Tillman returns to his second Super Bowl and faces Peyton Manning again, but off the field he loves Call of Duty and Sharknado.
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From Wassup to Darth Vader, the 10 greatest Super Bowl commercials of all time

Everyone has their favorites, but some commercials stand the test of time. We've scoured through the archives, and these are our 10 favorites Super Bowl commercials from the past few decades.