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Live from E! gets interactive with daily Facebook Live broadcasts

Cable network E! is launching its first Facebook Live talk show. Live From E! will be shot on an iPhone 6S Plus and live-streamed each weekday from the broadcaster's Facebook page, which currently boasts over 9 million likes.
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Doctor Who is coming to Amazon Prime thanks to a deal with the BBC

Amazon has secured exclusive North American streaming rights to Doctor Who. The first eight seasons will be available for free Prime streaming now that the BBC's previous licensing deals have expired and a new one has been reached with the…
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Get ready for Bloodline season 2: The Netflix series returns this May

Bloodline season 2's Netflix premiere date has finally been unveiled. The thriller-drama series will return on May 27 when the 10-episode second season arrives on the streaming service.
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This Luke Cage trailer was tagged onto the credits of DareDevil season 2 0:20

Tagged onto the end of the DareDevil Season 2 credits on Netflix appears the first teaser trailer for the upcoming series based on Marvel character, Luke Cage, due to hit Netflix September 30.
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X-Men actor Lucas Till cast as lead in CBS’ MacGyver reboot pilot

Lucas Till is going from superhero to secret agent. The X-Men actor has been cast as the lead the pilot of CBS' MacGyver reboot, which is set to focus on the resourceful operative's early career.
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Sick of politics as usual? Check out this trailer for season 5 of Veep

The 2016 presidential primaries have dominated the news cycle of late, but if you're growing tired of counting delegates, this trailer for season five of HBO's Veep may be just the thing.
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Ben Affleck responds to Iñárritu’s infamous ‘cultural genocide’ comments

Fresh off back-to-back Oscar wins, Alejandro González Iñárritu is Hollywood's hottest director -- but that doesn't mean that the industry agrees with his strong stance against superhero movies.
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Netflix pays $90 million for Will Smith fantasy crime drama Bright

Netflix has made its biggest investment so far in Bright, an upcoming fantasy crime drama starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, set to be directed by David Ayer from a script by Max Landis.
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Box office hits and misses: Zootopia three-peats while Divergent disappoints

Disney's animated feature Zootopia continued its impressive box-office run this weekend while The Divergent Series: Allegiant fell short of expectations and Star Wars started to run out of steam.
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Following its crackdown on VPNs, Netflix is now targeting pirate websites

Netflix has begun issuing takedown requests to pirate websites offering up downloaded links to Netflix content like House of Cards and Narcos, which is in stark contrast to the attitude the company had toward piracy even a few years ago.

Enraged by buffering video streams? You’re not alone

A new study suggests over half of consumers experience a new phenomenon known as Buffer Rage, "a state of uncontrollable fury or violent anger induced by the delayed or interrupted enjoyment of streaming video content."
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Popular YouTube prankster jailed for staging bomb threat hoax

There are practical jokes and then there are displays of idiocy. The following is the latter. Following a rather elaborately staged bomb threat hoax, a popular YouTube troll has been arrested.