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DT Daily: Hackers Hijack Siri, Guns limited on Facebook, T-Mobile users flee from Blackberry 2:20

Hackers hijack Siri and teach her to control Spotify, Facebook cracks down on illegal gun sales, and T-Mobile validates our opinions of Blackberry.
Cool Tech

Oscar Mayer iPhone device wakes you up to the smell of bacon

Probably tied with cinnamon buns for the best breakfast food smell to wake up to, the scent of bacon is being combined with an iOS dongle and an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning.

Apple demands a court order to unlock an iPad bequeathed after death

Definitely a horrible process to be subjected to after losing a loved one, Apple needs to see a court order before unlocking an iOS 7 device previously owned by a deceased family member.
Home Theater

As the ink dries on Dish’s new licensing terms with Disney, CBS eyes a better deal

CBS president Les Moonves says Dish Network will have to do better than its recent deal with Disney if it wants to secure CBS content for its forthcoming online TV service. Meanwhile Dish uses AutoHop as a bargaining chip to try and create…
Product Review

Cyberpower Zeus Mini Review

Cyberpower Zeus Mini review.
Home Theater

You’ll soon be able to “cast” Vudu content onto your TV screen via Chromecast

Vudu is the first to announce Chromecast compatibility since Google's SDK release for developers looking to bundle support into apps and websites. This comes after Roku's announcement yesterday of its Chromecast competitor slated for an…

Activision doesn’t want you to forget about Black Ops II, releases new customization packs

Activision and Treyarch have released a new trailer showing off the new Call of Duty: Black Ops II personalization options recently released, which are available now.

FreedomPop enters the private smartphone space with its Galaxy S2-based Privacy Phone

Free Internet provider FreedomPop announced the Privacy Phone, a modified version of the Galaxy S2 that encrypts just about everything that you do. If you're interested, you can even purchase the handset with Bitcoin.

Samsung may put an augmented reality keyboard on your fingers

According to a patent filing recently made public, Samsung wants to put an augmented keyboard on your fingers. While this feature won't likely be implemented, a variation could be used for its rumored Google Glass competitor.

Canary raises $10M in Series A funding for its home security product

Canary, a crowdfunded all-in-one home security system, has just raised $10M from various investors to accelerate production and bring the device to market this summer.