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Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel preview: Visceral Games goes back to its unexceptional roots

Electronic Arts returns to the Army of Two well a third time with The Devil's Cartel, a new third-person shooter built on the Frostbite 2 engine. Minor tweaks to the formula don't revitalize a milquetoast series.

UK court orders smug PR spin to be removed from Apple’s Samsung apology

Apple will need to amend its statement saying Samsung didn't copy the iPad's design, after UK courts took a dim view of the PR spin the company added after the approved text.
Cool Tech

Put grandma to work with this iPad power-generating rocking chair

Motion-powered generators are becoming a trend in tech-infused clothing, furniture, and accessories ... but none have targeted an older audience quite like this iRock rocking chair.

Consumers accuse lithium-ion battery makers of price fixing in class-action lawsuits

Several of the biggest makers of lithium-ion batteries have been accused of price fixing in a number of class action suits, which could have major implications for the future of electric cars.

Dotcom taunts the FBI, announces Mega website

Kim Dotcom has launched the splash page to his new cloud storage website, now named Mega. To try and avoid further prosecution, he is asking for interested hosting companies to get in touch only if they have no ties with the US. Will his…
Android Army

Watch out Apple, Google Play now has 700,000 apps too

It's reported that Google Play now contains 700,000 apps, which means it equals Apple's figure provided for its iTunes App Store. With Android activations growing too, Android could soon overtake iOS here too.

Stolen phone database goes live, as US carriers work on stamping out mobile thefts

AT&T and T-Mobile are working together on a joint database that could help reduce mobile phone thefts. It does so by blocking the stolen phone itself, not just the SIM card, and is part of a larger, unified, national database planned for…

Google Earth for desktop gets tour guide feature and additional 3D imagery

Google Earth 7 is now available for download, with the Mountain View company adding the tour guide feature from the Android and iOS versions together with a load of new 3D imagery.

Halo 4 review: The definition of playing it safe

The Halo brand returns under new management. But fear not, loyal enthusiast, the new caretakers, 343 Industries, know a thing or two about what makes Halo tick. The result is Halo 4, a game that is very much a Halo game, but stops short…
Social Media

Facebook to take on Craigslist with classifieds plan, report claims

Facebook is set to challenge the king of online classifieds Craigslist with the launch of its own service, a report claims.

BlackBerry 10 phones being tested by carriers as Pentagon says it will keep using RIM handsets

Research In Motion boss Thorsten Heins has announced that devices running the firm's next-generation OS, BlackBerry 10, are now being tested by carriers around the world, keeping it on course for release early next year. Meanwhile, the…
Home Theater

JBL Soundfly wireless speakers tap your outlets, ride your walls

JBL's Soundfly wireless speaker removes the power cord middle-man and plugs directly into wall outlets. Clever, but does it fill an actual need?