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OnLive will launch in the UK on September 22

OnLive announces plans to launch its cloud gaming service in the United Kingdom starting September 22, to coincide with the launch of the 2011 Eurogamer Expo London.


Samsung makes a quarter of the parts in the iPhone 4: Infographic

As the fight between Apple and Samsung intensifies, the Economist takes a look at which parts Samsung supplies for the iPhone 4 in this handy infographic.


Preorder Prototype 2 and you might win a chance to be in the game

Fans who preorder Prototype 2 will have the chance to be scanned and digitally inserted into the gaming as unsuspecting pedestrians.


200,000 people stopped paying for TV last quarter, are Netflix and Hulu to blame?

Almost 200,000 people stopped paying for TV in the second quarter of 2011, many of whom have turned to streaming video providers like Netflix and Hulu.

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Next iPhone won’t be LTE? AT&T’s first LTE phone won’t arrive until late 2011

AT&T will not launch its first 4G LTE device until closer to the end of 2011, indicating that the next iPhone will most likely not be LTE.


Walmart launches iPad-optimized Vudu site, eschews native app

Walmart is foregoing a native iPad app for its Vudu video streaming service, opting instead for an iPad-optimized Web site - and keeping 100% of its revenue.


FCC: Emergency 911 system will soon accept text, photo and video

The Federal Communications Commission has plans to allow individuals in emergency situations to send text messages, video and photos to 911 responders.


Mortal Kombat Legacy headed to Blu-Ray

Popular fan-made Mortal Kombat web series gets the Blu-Ray treatment.


NASA awards contracts to private spaceflight companies

Seven commercial spaceflight companies will receive $10 million in contracts from NASA.

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UK may block Twitter, Facebook to help stop future riots

British Prime Minister David Cameron is pushing forward a plan to ban people suspected of inciting or planning criminal activity from using social networks like Twitter, Facebook and BlackBerry Messenger.

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Intel waving cash around in search of Ultrabook developments

The company says laptops of the future will be faster, more efficient and more tablet-like.


HTC to buy majority stake in headphone maker Beats

The company now has exclusive access to Beats' tech for smartphones.

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Samsung PN51D550 Review

Review: The Samsung PN51D550 gives buyers an extra inch of diagonal span compared to 50-inch HDTVs, plus outstanding plasma black levels and 3D performance.

  • Pros: Most affordable active-shutter 51-inch 3D HDTV available (as…
  • Cons: No Web apps (Netflix, etc.) , Remote not backlit , Plasma…

US to test fastest aircraft ever, moves at 13,000mph

An aircraft scheduled to be tested by the Pentagon on Thursday is capable of reaching speeds of up to 13,000mph, or 3.6 miles a second.

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