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Hyundai’s vaporous N performance line gets some substance with new Genesis Coupe rumors

A new rumor about the Hyundai Genesis Coupe states that the sports car will front the previously announced N performance line. The new Coupe will have an engine output in the 480 hp range and will have an upgraded exterior design.

One product fits all for socks, not music says Deezer’s US CEO

With the US firmly in his sights, Deezer's North American CEO, Tyler Goldman, tells us what's lacking in the music streaming experience right now and how Deezer is going to deliver it.
Movies & TV

Orange is the New Black confirmed for fourth season in 2016

The highly acclaimed drama/comedy series featuring Piper Sherman fighting her way through women’s prison slated for fourth season.
Cool Tech

NASA tech that converts heat into electricity may recharge your car battery one day

NASA has licensed thermoelectric material -- material that converts heat into electricity -- for commercialization. It may make its way into cars, manufacturing plants, and more.

This suitcase-style record player looks like it belongs to a secret agent

The suitcase-style record player is making a comeback, and now Electrohome is offering its take on the retro design with this highly affordable fold-up job known as the Archer.
Cool Tech

MakerBot lays off 20 percent of its staff and closes its three retail locations

MakerBot, one of the most recognizable names in the world of 3D printing, has laid off 20 percent of its staff in one fell swoop. The company is calling the move a “reorganization” to better align to what matters most to its customers.

Listen to Garbage jam, Ava Luna mix musical styles, and more with out top 5 songs to stream

Not sure what new music to listen to? We'll let you know what new tracks and albums dropping this week that are are worth using your bandwidth on. Up this week: Ava Luna, Garbage, Crystal Castles, and more.

Steam cracks down on spammers, restricting new accounts until users pay up

Steam users have likely noticed a recent influx of spammers sending bogus friend invites and trade requests. To fight this increase in spam, Valve is limiting new accounts until users pay at least $5 USD.

A cluster of lenses is better than one: Startup to bring super cameras to smartphones in 2016

Smartphone photography has come a long way, but photos you can snap with your phone still fall short of photos you can snap with a DSLR camera. A startup called Light has a way to bridge that gap: a cluster of small lenses each coupled with…

Good news, Aliens: NASA’s MRV is bringing sideways performance to a planet near you

NASA’s Modular Robotic Vehicle, or MRV, is a battery-electric people-carrier designed for transport on other planets. The agency has released a test video of the MRV, which shows off the vehicle’s lateral driving prowess.