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Hyundai adopts Google Maps, begins the Apple vs. Google in-car wars

Google picks up another automaker partnership as Apple pushes ahead with nine others.

Eidos confirms multiplayer in upcoming Tomb Raider

It looks like the new Tomb Raider sequel will feature a fully-functional multiplayer component. Beyond that, we're largely in the dark.

Rumor: Justice League movie’s heroes have been revealed

As rumors surrounding Warner Bros. big screen adaptation of DC Comics' Justice League ramp up, we've finally got word on which heroes might feature in the movie.

Negative Yelp review will not be censored, Virginia court rules

A Virginia court has reversed a preliminary injunction against a Yelp user that would have required her to censor a negative review of a business. Online rights advocacy groups are calling the decision a win for freedom of speech on the…
DT Daily

DT Daily: Intel plans pay-per-channel TV service, Bentley’s 202-MPH convertible 3:17

Intel is planning a pay-per-channel TV service, New laws counter companies’ ability to ask for your Facebook account, Bentley unveils a 202-mile-per-hour convertible, netbooks are officially dead, and Amazon apologizes for…

Apple partnering with Broadcom to bring 5G Wi-Fi to 2013 Macs

If the rumors are true, Apple may be in the process of adopting high-speed 5G wireless for 2013's Mac lineup.

LG now shipping 55-inch OLED in Korea, US shipments soon to follow

After a long year of waiting, LG says it will start shipping its 55-inch OLED TV in Korea, with US shipments to follow shortly thereafter.

It’s retro: Polaroid prepares Fotobar store for printing photos from smartphones

Sick of just being a name associated with old, out-of-date means of photography, Polaroid may have found a way back into the fray. A plan to open retail stores where consumers can edit and print out photos from their smartphones and online…

Spanish companies test wireless EV fast-charging system

Want to charge your EV to 80 percent capacity in 15 minutes? A group of Spanish companies is testing a fast-charging wireless system that claims they can do just that.

Hackers crack the Nintendo 3DS opening its doors to pirated software

The Nintendo 3DS has been impressively secure since its release in 2011, protected from the piracy that plagued the Nintendo DS. Members of the Nintendo homebrew community now claim they've cracked the system, paving the way for…

Manufacturers’ sales figures seem fishy? They probably are

Every tech company wants to break about all the gadgets it sold last year, but the methods used to figure it out aren't always as accurate as you would expect.

Chevrolet Volt dealers opt out over expensive tools

The Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid requires expensive tools to service its battery pack, and some dealers don't think they will recoup their investment.