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Sony drops PlayStation Mobile support for Android

Sony has announced that it will no longer support Android with its PlayStation Mobile platform for publishing indie games and original PlayStation classics.

Gaze at the guts of a diesmboweled Roomba in this super-detailed teardown

Former iRobot project leader Scott Miller tears down a Roomba -- a bot that he himself helped to develop-- and offers insights along the way
Movies & TV

Watch Chris Pratt give a video tour of his Guardians of the Galaxy spaceship

In a featurette promoting Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt gives a guided tour of his character Star-Lord's "retro" spaceship, The Milano.

Obama goes against the FCC on net neutrality

President Barack Obama spoke out in favor of net neutrality, condemning the practice of paid prioritization. His statements go against the current FCC proposal on the issue.
Home Theater

Yamaha adds a premium Blu-ray player to its plush Aventage line

Yamaha's new Blu-ray player adds style and substance to your home theater source, offering a premium chassis with plenty of high-grade components, flexibility for multiple file formats, and extras like Bluetooth and Miracast. But where are…

Sprint replaces CEO as T-Mobile merger plans reportedly fall apart

Sprint announced that, after seven years at the helm, Dan Hesse will be replaced by Brightstar founder and CEO Marcelo Claure. Claure will be the company's new president and CEO, effective August 11.

Nokia job postings hint at return to Android phones

Nokia may make new Android smartphones in the future. Recent job postings show that the company is looking for engineers, designers, and more with a background in Android.

Reqallable InCar lets you stay in touch without taking your hands off the wheel

The days of pulling over to respond to a text – or dangerously juggling your phone on the freeway – may be over. Reqallable InCar by ReQall is a hands-free Android app that can dictate, describe, and deliver messages using nothing but…
Movies & TV

Kickboxer reboot to feature impressive cast of Hollywood martial artists

The Bourne Ultimatum actor Scott Adkins and Ong-bak star Tony Jaa join Dave Bautista and others in the cast of upcoming reboot of the Kickboxer franchise.

Square Enix publishes ‘Dargon Quest IV’ in the iOS App Store, hilarity ensues

Square Enix published a hilariously misspelled "Dargon Quest IV" to the iTunes App Store, spawning the Twitter meme #DargonQuestMyGame for more delightfully misspelled titles.