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New FCC proposal threatens to eradicate the open Internet

Striking a blow to proponents of net neutrality and the open Internet, the FCC will soon be voting on a proposal that provides rules around paying Internet providers for preferential speed treatment.

A Land Rover Defender you can comfortably commute in? Icon 4×4 just made one

The problem with the amazingly capable Land Rover Defender has always been that it is about as sophisticated as eating beans out of a can, but aftermarket specialists Icon just rebuilt one into what amounts to the most usable Defender ever.

Microsoft’s Bing in the Classroom launches, filters out ads and adult content

Microsoft's ad-free version of Bing takes flight, and is now available for use with all eligible school districts here in the states. You can learn more about Bing in the Classroom here.

43 percent of DDoS hacking attacks in Q4 2013 came from China, Akamai report says

A huge chunk of Denial of Service attacks originated from one country towards the tail end of last year. However, this doesn't come as a huge surprise to us. Learn more here.
Home Theater

Sceptre’s new X322XV TV is more colorful than an 80’s music video

The California-based budget HDTV maker's newest addition to its Color Series lifestyle line is the X322XV, available in pink, purple, pearl white, and black. The TV could be a hit in playrooms, kitchens, and any other space that complements…

Who needs Oculus Rift when you can build your own VR headset

Find the $350 Oculus Rift developer kit a little costly? Why not just build your own version of the Oculus Rift and pay a fraction of the price for all the materials? Sounds like a pretty good deal.

China welcomes all console games… as long as they play by these rules

After lifting a 14 year ban on consoles, the Chinese government has laid out several guidelines that console games will need to follow, and there are a whole lot of them.
Cool Tech

This unassuming desk lamp eavesdrops and live-tweets private conversations

Embedded inside this normal-looking lamp, there's a small computer and a microphone that records conversations, transcribes them, and uploads them to Twitter.

Another World rating listings hint at console and Vita/3DS releases

Newly spotted rating listings in Germany suggest that Eric Chahi's classic platformer Another World is due for a re-release on multiple consoles and handhelds.