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Home Theater

Dolby Atmos will support up to 34 speakers in high-end home theaters

Now that the cat is out of the bag about Dolby's Atmos surround sound tech headed for home theaters, the company that the developed the technology is shedding some light on details about where the tech is headed in the coming years.
Cool Tech

Boston’s solar-powered benches charge your phone while you’re one with man-made nature

If you’re someone who’s tired of having your phone die on you while you’re watching your kid or feeding the pigeons, Boston’s pilot program might interest you. The city is installing solar-powered benches, which…
DT Daily

DT Daily: Windows Phone folders, UK Google Glass bans, cat-style headphones 2:30

Today we’ve got news a future version of  the Windows Phone OS could include the ability to create app folders on the home screen, Google Glass gets banned in UK cinemas, and a set of headphones that includes an extra set of…

Super Mario Bros. 5-minute speedrun sets new world record

Super Mario Bros. speedrunner Blubbler has barely eked out a new world record for the fastest unassisted time to complete Nintendo's seminal platformer, clocking in at 4:57.69.
Movies & TV

Jurassic World director posts new, bloody photo from the set of the Jurassic Park sequel

Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow posted a bloody new photograph from the set of the upcoming Jurassic Park sequel set 22 years after the original.

Windows 9 public preview ‘likely’ coming this fall

A Windows 9 Threshold public preview is reportedly coming later this year, and with it, Microsoft is aiming to win back desktop users.

Google bans skins and custom UIs from Android Wear

Google won't allow manufacturers to add custom UIs or skins to Android Wear, Android Auto, or Android TV. The three new operating systems will feature a more consistent design and functionality that's all Google.

Surface Pro 3 firmware, driver updates reportedly to blame for iffy Wi-Fi

A new set of firmware and drivers for the Surface Pro 3 are reportedly causing issues with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Don’t worry, Peter Dinklage’s Destiny voiceover wasn’t final

Bungie community manager Eric "urk" Osborne finally put an end to fretting that Destiny players would be stuck with an underwhelming voiceover performance from Peter Dinklage.