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Elite: Dangerous goes into development after 15 years of false starts

David Braben has been trying to make a sequel to his open world space sim Elite since 1998. Now thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, his studio will begin work on Elite: Dangerous.
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Banish your cat lady friends to Catmoji, a social network just for cat pics

Need a place to post photos and videos of your adorable kitten, but afraid your social network friends may tire of them? On Catmoji, this behavior is more than welcomed.

Matt Nava and the playable art of ‘Journey’

From a few rough drawings to becoming one of the most talked-about games of the year, the tale of how Journey came to shake up the gaming community is a journey itself. Art director Matt Nava talked with Digital Trends to share how the team…
DT Daily

DT Daily: Windows 8 adoption rate worse than Vista, iOS pirate community Hackulous closes shop 3:13

Windows 8’s adoption rate is worse than Vista, Canonical announces an Ubuntu smartphone, Microsoft acquires home automation company R2 Studios, iOS pirate community Hackulous closes shop, a new iPhone 5S rumors suggest 2 screen…
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Smart TV game company takes on Ouya with tiny Android console GameStick

Ouya won't be the only Google Android based video game console vying for people's attention in 2013. Smart TV game company PlayJam has announced its own cheaper alternative, the GameStick.
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Google’s Google+ strategy: Evil, but still working

Google is further integrating Google+ with the rest of its services, forcing users to sign up whether they want to or not. While they've earned criticism for the strategy, it's still proving very effective.

Welcome our robot overlords: U.S. has more internet-enabled devices than people

Is it possible to be too connected? The U.S. says no, as internet-enabled devices now outnumber people in the country. Smartphones and tablets are leading the way in what is clearly the biggest sign of the singularity we've seen yet.
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Twitter may eye 2014 IPO and a $11 billion valuation

What the IPO tech world and Twitter investors have been anticipating might come in 2014 say analysts, and could be based on an $11 billion valuation.

Samsung ups the ante with Intel, plans for Tizen smartphones

Tizen, the magical cross-platform, open-source OS, hopes to reign as king in the world of Linux, and Samsung has just upped the ante for the OS with plans for smartphones in 2013.

MSI debuts Quadro WorkStation with Nvidia Quadro K2000M Graphics

With CES just days away, MSI is getting a head start by launching its Quadro Workstation laptop with Nvidia's Quadro K2000M graphics chip.

Hands-on preview of Samsung’s 3D-capable NX300 Smart Camera

Samsung gets a head start on its CES camera announcements with its new NX300 Smart Camera, featuring dual-band Wi-Fi, hybrid autofocusing, and 3D.

Sony patent describes tech that will block used games on PlayStation 4

Even though the video game industry is relying more and more on digital distribution, rumors suggest that the PlayStation 4 will still use discs for games. There will be one change, though: Players may not be able to play used games.