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Cirrus7 Nimbini wipes the sweat off your NUC’s brow

Passive cooling is often a pipe dream of system builders, but even with the latest and greatest CPUs from Intel, Cirrus has managed to achieve it with its new Nimbini NUC, which bundles powerful hardware and a passive cooling chassis in one…

Ferrariā€™s new virtual showroom brings real-time car customization to new buyers

Ferrari has commissioned the development of an app that uses augmented reality overlaid on top of physical showroom cars. This allows customers to customize the vehicle with their preferred options and explore its inner workings.
Health & Fitness

Weight weenies, tool alert: Kickstand, pump, tire lever, and taillight in one

Kickstand pump is the kickstand for bike riders who hate kickstands. It is actually a bike pump capable of 120 psi, a tire lever, and a tail light.
Android Army

Work and play on your Android smartphone with the new Android for Work app

Work and play on the same device? It's more than just a dream -- Google released the Android for Work app in the Play Store. If you're employed by a company that's embraced it, you can now BYOD seamlessly.
Movies & TV

Watch Star Wars’ new droid, BB-8, win the day at The Force Awakens movie event

During this week's Star Wars Celebration convention in Anaheim, J.J. Abrams introduced the newest member of the cast, the ball-shaped droid BB-8, which is no figment of computer generation, but a real, animatronic model.

Rock Band 4 will still support your old Guitar Hero ax

Rock Band 4 will also be coming out this fall, alongside Guitar Hero Live. However, unlike Guitar Hero Live, Rock Band 4 will support your old guitar controllers, no matter what game they were made for.

The Apple Watch is selling like hotcakes

According to analytics firm KGI Securities, the Apple Watch continues to sell briskly: it's managed to top 2.3 million shipments in a little over two weeks. That's thanks largely to Apple's sales strategy.

Two roommates stab each other with broken beer bottles, arguing Android vs. iPhone

Two roommates stabbed each other with broken beer bottles during a fight over which operating system is better: iOS or Android. The men were taken to the hospital for treatment, and police were called.

Windows XP refuses to die, Google Chrome helps keep it on life support

In order to help protect Windows XP users from web based attacks, Google has decided to continue to provide security updates for its Chrome browser on the operating system until the end of 2015, and possibly beyond.
Health & Fitness

Go Naked and never buy bottled water again

Liquidity Nanotech designed a microfiber filter to fit a bottle top holder that works with a variety of sports bottles. Unlike your Brita pitcher, Liquidity's Naked bottle top filter removes bacteria that could make you sick, in addition to…