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New Mac Pro struggles with spotty 4K monitor support

Apple's new Mac Pro offers beefy graphics hardware, but you may be out of luck if you want to use it with a 4K display - at least for now. Read on to learn more about a flaw in Apple's newest desktop.

TURBOPANDA, RAGEMASTER, and 13 other NSA codenames that prove spies laugh, too

The National Security Agency gets a lot of flack for, you know, violating the entire world's right to privacy and whatnot. But after seeing the codenames the NSA gives its spyware and other snooping tech, we're starting to wonder if we're…
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Blueshift’s bamboo Bluetooth beauty ditches D cells for supercapacitors

Bluetooth speakers are everywhere, but none of them are remotely like Sam Beck's Blueshift speakers. With a recently successful crowd-sourced funding campaign and $36,000 in his pocket, Beck is setting out to produce one of the most unique…

Movies we hope don’t suck, 2014 edition, Part 2

In part two of the movies coming in 2014 we hope don’t suck, we look at the films that will be released between May through July. These are the films we hope don’t suck because there will be larger consequences if they do.

Missing 2013 already? View your most popular Instagram photos last year in a short video

Instagram-tracking service Statigram offers a new tool that turns your most-popular photos into a short highlight video. The feature picks five photos from your 2013 posts based on "likes."

How to swap a lens on your new Sony A7R in midair while falling from 15,000 feet

An ad created for Sony China shows skydivers changing the lens on a Alpha A7R while in midair. Over the course of two days, the 4K, slow-motion footage required nine jumps to capture.
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DT Daily: ATM’s robbed with USB stick, NASA’s VR robot arm, Atari classics alive on the Net 2:22

Hackers use USB sticks to loot ATM’s, NASA shows off a VR controlled robotic arm, and hundreds of classic Atari games are preserved and playable over the internet.

Dwayne Johnson teases possible role in DC film

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson tweeted that he recently had a meeting with Warner Brothers CEO Kevin Tsujihara to discuss a possible role in an unnamed DC Comics movie.

This hydrophobic t-shirt is nearly impossible to stain

The days of living in constant fear of spills and stains may soon be behind us - a young Silicon Valley entrepreneur has created a hydrophobic t-shirt that repels water on the molecular level. Hit the jump to see it in action.
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Netflix tests out $7 service plan on new customers

Netflix today announced it's adding an experimental new plan to its growing selection of subscription services. In addition to the company’s regular $8 and $12/month plans, the company is testing out a new $7/month plan for new users…