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In the very near future, you’ll be able to 3D print real wood furniture

A new method of additive manufacturing developed by 4 AXYZ would allow you to 3D print your own custom-made furniture designs out of real, high-quality wood. Hit the jump for details.
Home Theater

The Qplay streaming box hits the streets, but already faces some new competition

Qplay, the video-curation device from the co-creators of TiVo is now available in beta for $49. However, the device will have to contend with some serious competition in the cord-cutter marketplace, including Mohu's new Channels device…

The Amazing Spider-Man 3 director and release date named, annual movies promised

Sony announces big plans for The Amazing Spider-Man property, including a goal of releasing a Spider-Man related film (including spin-offs), each year, possibly starting with The Amazing Spider-Man 3 on June 2016.

Hands on: The latest version of Firefox OS is lukewarm, but still heating up

The first version of Firefox OS didn’t do much to impress us after an extended test, so can the latest version of the software make amends? We give it a try on two new smartphones, but the specs of each may be responsible for many of the…

Robbin’ and Stealin’: Your guide to getting started in Thief

Eidos Montreal and Square Enix have relaunched the Thief franchise, and we have some tips on how to get the most out of it, where to get started, and some general tips.

BlackBerry activates wayback machine, hints Q20 to be the first of several ‘Classic’ models

With BlackBerry's announcement of the Q20 at Mobile World Congress, we saw the return of several nostalgic features of BlackBerry's past. Do not expect it to be a one-time deal, though.

Tiny Tango PC can also be configured with Chromium OS, Ubuntu Linux pre-installed

You'll be able to configure the Tango PC with both traditional and alternative operating systems pre-installed. Read on to learn more about what else will be offered, and could be coming down the line here.
Android Army

HTC turns to humor to tease new HTC One

HTC took to YouTube to tease its upcoming successor to the HTC One, though we learned a bit more about the company's humor than we did about the device itself. With a month to go, though, HTC will tease all it wants.

7 ways your apps put you at risk, and what you can do about it

We all know how much personal data we have on our phones and tablets. How many apps put our privacy at risk? Most of them, it turns out. Read on to find out how to better protect yourself.

360 million online account credentials found on the Web, security firm says

An Internet security firm has indicated that they have uncovered information for hundreds of millions of Web accounts in the last few weeks alone. The information was likely leaked by hackers.

The next Ford Focus RS will be Mustang-powered … and coming Stateside in 2015

A new Ford Focus is coming, and that means a new Ford Focus RS, which promises to deliver 330 horsepower from the same engine as the new Mustang. Given how impressive the Focus ST is, the RS edition promises to be stunning.