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Rise of the Planet of the Apes wins weekend box office

The reboot of the Planet of the Apes franchise beats out The Smurfs for the top spot in this weekend's box office.

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Hacked toy truck saves soldiers’ lives

Six soldiers' lives were saved by a modified remote-controlled truck in Afghanistan last week.

Cool Tech

Anonymous hackers deface Syria’s Ministry of Defense website

Anonymous members have hacked the website of Syria's Ministry of Defense, and replaced the official homepage with images of citizen unrest and brutality by authorities.


Boeing employees will hitch a ride to ISS aboard company spaceship

The company's CST-100 spacecraft is the latest commercial space travel offering.

Cool Tech

45,000 Verizon workers go on strike

With Verizon Communications aiming to cut costs from its dying landline division, 45,000 union workers have walked out of contract negotiations.


Rumor: Apple to launch a lower-spec iMac this month

In what looks like a bid to attract students or simply those looking for a better deal, Apple looks set to expand its range of iMacs this month with the offering of a lower-spec machine.


PS Vita pre-orders go up on Best Buy’s Canada site with a March 30, 2012 release date

Pre-order product pages for Sony's PlayStation Vita have appeared on Best Buy's Canadian website, with the portable gaming device marked for a March 30 release.


Borderlands 2 details start to emerge

The first details from Game Informer's cover story on Gearbox Software's highly anticipated sequel Borderlands 2 have hit the web


Updater: An online solution for handling your offline communication

The Internet seems to be the sometime-enemy of paper mail, but a new service might actually make your mailbox a friendlier place.


Comcast’s Internet Essentials offers low-cost Internet to struggling families

Comcast launches the Internet Essentials program for low-income families, a $10 monthly Internet package that includes a voucher for purchasing a low-spec PC and access to digital literacy training.


AntiSec hackers release data from over 50 law enforcement agencies

Potentially placing the lives of police informants in danger, the group of hackers known as AntiSec released a large amount of private data allegedly obtained from law enforcement agencies.


ISPs secretly hijacking search traffic to profit off customers

The next time you search for a company or brand name, watch to see if you are forwarded to the official brand page by the ISP rather than viewing the search results.


Facebook finds digital proof that Paul Ceglia is committing fraud

Did anyone actually think Paul Ceglia's claim of owning the majority of Facebook was legit? After analyzing Ceglia's evidence, Facebook lawyers have taken a step closer to completely shutting down the lawsuit.

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Opinion: Qualcomm’s secret fix to the Android problem

Qualcomm’s Android-ready hardware and patents may be the solution to the hit-or-miss quality of Android phones and Google’s ongoing intellectual property fiasco.

Android Army

Acer boss calls tablet computers ‘a fad’

Acer boss Stan Shih said he believes tablet computers are merely a fad, despite growing sales of the portable device.