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Intel shows a bit of everything at CES 2015, and it actually works

Intel casts a wide net in its CES 2015 keynote presentation, focusing less on computers and more on up-and-coming technologies that ought to keep the company relevant well into the future.

Forget theoretical speed, these TP-Link Wi-Fi routers have a lot more going for them

They're not flashy, and they're not going to break records, but TP-Link's newest routers promise robust features and stability.

Nintendo continues to tease the west with a very limited New 3DS release in Europe

The New Nintendo 3DS is gradually making its way west with the special Ambassador Edition, which is set for a limited European release by invitation only to Nintendo Club members.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Best televisions at CES 2015 2:58

The show floor at CES 2015 finally opened up today, and we spent the entire time staring down the best TVs all the major manufacturers had to offer. Sony, Samsung, Sharp, LG, and Panasonic all had something special to show, and we…
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First trailer for Ant-Man makes Paul Rudd a size-changing, ant-riding superhero

The first trailer for Marvel Studios' "Phase Two"-ending Ant-Man movie features Paul Rudd as a size-changing, butt-kicking, ant-riding superhero.
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LG finally flattens 4K OLED TV | Hands-on video

LG finally made good on its promise to offer a flat OLED TV. The new EF9500 4K OLED series offers several other small improvements over last year's offerings. We go hands on in our video.

Christmas comes late! Pioneer unwraps four connected car solutions at CES

At the 2015 CES, Pioneer announced four new connected car options. The technologies include Android Auto device compatibility, updated NEX receivers and TS-D speakers, and a new ‘Horizontal-Vertical Transforming’ loudspeaker design.