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Internet sleuth unmasks Hurricane Sandy’s ‘worst Twitter villain’

Twitter can be mighty useful during a tumultuous event such as Hurricane Sandy, providing on-the-ground information in real time to those caught up in it – unfortunately though, some of it may be false.

Google launches final version of Chrome Remote Desktop

Ideal for troubleshooting support or simply accessing a song collection, the release version of Chrome Remote Desktop has been pushed out by Google.
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Toshiba Satellite S955 Review

Toshiba Satellite S955 Review.

iTunes 11 delayed – now coming ‘before the end of November’

When Apple released its Maps app last month, it was ridiculed for being plagued with problems. Not wanting to risk a similar situation, the company has decided to postpone the rollout of iTunes 11, giving it more time to "get it right."

AV Rant #310: Discerning Buyers

Daylight savings has changed the podcast time. We’ll see how Tom getting up at 6am will work in the long run. This week, Sharp has a new LCD TV with a screen that resists glare. By being like a moth eye. We’re not sure…

Lexus charges into SEMA with the 2013 GS 350 S Sport

Lexus proves with the Supercharged 2013 GS 350 F Sport that there is still room left at SEMA for subtlety.

Google unveils new Siri-like voice search app for iOS

If you've fallen out with Siri, there's another voice search option out there for your iPhone. Google have just unveiled an updated search app that has a very Siri-like vocal option...

Zone of the Enders HD Collection: A second chance to make a first impression

Konami and Hideo Kojima give a second chance to the cult classic series, Zone of the Enders. Both of the PlayStation 2 games have been remastered, and the often neglected series has a new shot at life.

Windows 8 laptop roundup: Traditional PCs get an upgrade

Windows 8 is enabling a buffet of innovative new laptops. These are our currently our favorite in the launch library of Windows 8 devices.
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Surprise! The man who claims to own Facebook can’t seem to keep a lawyer

A man who claims he owns 83 percent of Facebook has just lost his lawyer, after the latter filed legal papers of his own to be released from the case. Bad timing: Said man has also just been arrested for falsifying evidence to support his…

Toy story: Chevrolet launches Camaro inspired by Hot Wheels

The limited edition Camaro Hot Wheels is a big toy for big kids. Orange plastic track not included.