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Killer is Dead Review

Killer is Dead review.

Objection! The Supreme Court needs to understand email

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan admitted last week that the court "hasn't really gotten to email." In a time when laws are increasingly affecting the technologies we use, and howe we use them, this kind of disconnection is no longer…
Home Theater

If you can’t beat ’em, pick on someone smaller! Networks go after Aereo copycat

Thanks to copy-cat service FilmOn X's (formerly Aereokiller) recent loss in a California court, Aereo may find itself in the Supreme Court, putting its strategic expansion plans in jeopardy.

iPhone 5 problems: What users complain about the most (updated)

Have you been experiencing any iPhone 5 problems? Join us as we run through the most commonly reported issues with Apple's flagship smartphone and try to find workarounds or solutions.

Pirates, ninjas, and robots: Expanding ‘Borderlands’ $10 at a time

A crew of Gearbox Software development leads chat with Digital Trends about the ever-changing process of bringing downloadable story content for 'Borderlands 2' into being.
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Acer Aspire Z3-605 Review

Acer Aspire Z3-605 review.
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If you want to really quit Facebook, you’ll have to resort to self-electrocution

Quitting Facebook is often an exercise in futility, but there might be a way to literally shock the habit out of you. Are we really that hopeless?

Try not to wince as a Land Rover Defender gets crushed by U.S. Customs

This waste of a perfectly good Land Rover shows that the government takes illegal vehicle imports very seriously. Many desirable models aren't sold in the U.S., and getting them here can be difficult.
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The company you’re keeping on Facebook could affect your credit score

Need a loan? You may want to take a quick look at your Facebook account. If any of your contacts are delinquent debt payers, your application may be doomed.

AT&T will carry the Nokia Lumia 925, and it’s coming in two weeks for $100

AT&T continues to add to its portfolio of Windows phones as it gets ready to sell the Nokia Lumia 925 starting September 13. The phone will cost $100 with a 2 year contract. Pre-orders for the device will start August 28.