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Activision ups its mobile game with Activate and two new Skylanders titles

Activision's bid to conquer the mobile gaming market continues as the company announces a new Game Center-style social network called Activate and two new Skylanders titles for mobile devices.
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Quora introduces Top Writers, drives attention – and rewards – to its most influential users

Quora continues to chart the knowledge graph with a nod to the most well-versed, influential writers using its platform. The Top Writer title includes special Quora perks, and should drive these users as well as Top Writer hopefuls to boost…

State of the Web

The digital realm is increasingly becoming the center of the modern universe — where we work, socialize, entertain, and discover. And yet, this realm is still very new, and still not fully realized or firmly defined. Each Tuesday, State…

Bugatti SuperVeyron to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next fall?

The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport is already the world's fastest car, but Bugatti is reportedly upping the ante with a 1,600 hp, 288 mph version.

Microsoft says games will make Windows Phone 8 a winner, but what’s different?

Windows Phone 8 phones are coming out this fall, marking the next phase of Microsoft's grand Windows 8 transformation. The company says that video games will help the mobile platform thrive, but the company's made the same claims before and…

State of the Web: How Hurricane Sandy made me a believer

The destructive winds of Hurricane Sandy blew away more than just trees and buildings — it swept away my foolish notion that the Web is nothing more than a great place to find cute pictures of cats. It's a vital utility capable of saving…

No Internet? No problem! SMS your way back to the Web

As Hurricane Sandy continues to ravage the East Coast, many are without power or Internet access - but if you've got a phone (and any phone with a text messaging plan will do), here are a handful of sites you can access via SMS to document…

Mercedes-Benz aiming for younger buyers with cheaper, more youthful, C Class variants

Mercedes is keen to change its image and attract younger buyers with new, cheaper models.

Nintendo: Wii U launch games delayed to ensure steady releases in 2013

Nintendo is working hard to make sure it doesn't repeat past mistakes with the release of the Wii U console this fall. In order to make sure there's a steady stream of Nintendo-made titles on the market, it has delayed would be Wii U launch…

Hurricane Sandy: Google adds power outage info to crisis response map

Google has assembled a crisis response map providing the latest information regarding Hurricane Sandy, which is forecast to hit the East Coast of the US on Monday.

Hurricane Sandy by the social media numbers

For those lucky enough to sustain electrical power and Internet connection, social media was definitely the place to be for updates on the latest Hurricane Sandy developments.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 is Infinity Ward’s next game says voice actor (UPDATED!)

With just two weeks until Call of Duty: Black Ops II's release, most of Activision's mammoth audience is focussed on the new digital war against drones. Talk of the next entry in the series is already bubbling, though, as a voice actor…