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From ‘F.E.A.R.’ to ‘Betrayer’: Coloring colonial America in black & white

Blackpowder Games co-founder Craig Hubbard discusses the inspiration and make-up of 'Betrayer,' the studio's upcoming Steam Early Access game. Hubbard and his fellow devs bring a wealth of experience from their time working on 'F.E.A.R.'…

Thinner iPad and Mini with Retina set to launch by year-end, report says

Apple looks set to unveil refreshed iPads by year-end, according to Bloomberg. Its report confirms what many expect – that the next full-size iPad will weigh less heavily on your biceps, and that the Mini will finally get a 'proper'…

Apple seeks to rid world of sketchy third-party chargers with $10 replacements

Apple has introduced a scheme to help rid the world of potentially dangerous third party chargers, as it'll swap any dodgy cheap charger for an official USB power adapter from August 16, at almost half the usual cost.

Can a Grumpy Cat make you LOL if it’s an APNG and not a GIF?

Animated GIFs aren't the only animated image standard on the Web. In fact, animated PNGs (APNGs), have been alive and well since 2004. One Kickstarter project is hoping to make it as much of a standard (or more) as animated GIFs.

Google rolls out latest Glass update, plenty for Explorers to play with

Google promised early on it'd roll out updates on a monthly basis for its wearbale Glass gadget, and by the looks of it the device is really starting to take shape now. Monday's update certainly appears to give Explorers plenty to play…

Rumor: Galaxy Note 3 to feature 5.68-inch screen, Android 4.3, and 3GB of RAM

An almost complete list of features has been leaked for the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3, including news of a 5.68-inch screen, Android 4.3, and 3GB of RAM. The phone is expected to launch next month.
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Is Soundhalo a Spotify killer or just a concert-goer buzzkill?

Upcoming app Soundhalo wants to produce live concert coverage and make it available for download. Will it ease some of artists' gripes with digital music coverage and consumption and keep users happy?

Woman credits Google Glass for proving “Paralysis doesn’t have to be paralyzing”

While Google Glass continues to be viewed with a degree of skepticism in some quarters, for quadriplegic Alex Blaszczuk it’s opened up a bundle of possibilities, allowing her to “do things I thought I wouldn’t be able to do…

Rumor: LG is working on the Vu 3, could reveal all in September

A rumor report says LG is working on the Vu 3, the successor to the unusual Vu II phablet with its 4:3 aspect ratio screen, and it could launch the device at the IFA show in Berlin next month.

Security concerns: Norway blocks Apple from gathering 3D Flyover imagery of capital city

Apple's Maps mess has been well documented and the company is now working hard to put the situation right. However, its quest to bring users 3D Flyover imagery for all of Europe's capital cities has hit a snag in Norway.
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DT Daily: Hyperloop unveiled, RIM for sale, Virtuix Omni pre-orders 2:45

Elon Musk reveals his eagerly anticipated Hyperloop Design, Blackberry hangs a for-sale sign on the window, and the Virtuix Omni is one step closer to landing in your gaming den. Related Links: Hyperloop Blackberry for sale…

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop would go 700 mph, do LA to San Fran in 30 minutes, and cost 20 bucks

On Monday, Elon Musk dropped another science/technology bomb on a suspecting public, finally releasing plans for a "hyperloop" he's been hinting at. It would be predictably awesome.