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Don’t be that guy: Avoid annoying behavior by following basic photography etiquette

From using a flash in a restaurant to taking photos in museums, casual photographers have a tendency to disregard good behavior when they're out shooting. Here are some basic photography etiquette to keep in mind.
Social Media

Facebook is trying to fix its News Feed relevancy problems – here’s how

Yesterday Facebook announced it would be telling us more about whats behind the News Feed algorithm, including some recent changes. So what exactly is Story Bumping and the other functions the platform uses to create the feed?

Yahoo to change logo, though purple color and exclamation point will remain(!)

Yahoo has decided its long-used logo is in need of a makeover. The Web company said it'll be unveiling its new design – a purple one with an exclamation point at the end – in September.

First Drive: 2013 Smart ED

Traversing San Francisco’s treacherous terrain is hard enough for gasoline-powered cars – let alone EVs. So naturally I was eager to find out how the 2013 Smart ED would fare during my recent test drive through the City by the Bay.

Bing homepage to showcase images from 500px photo site

Microsoft's Bing search engine has struck a deal with 500px to use images from the photo site for its homepage. 500px shooters interested in seeing their work showcased on the site simply submit them to editors who'll then pick out the…

Changing numbers: Computer scientist discovers alarming issue with Xerox scanners

If you've scanned anything in recent years using a Xerox machine, you might want to spend a couple of months checking through the more important documents, as it seems some machines have a habit of rewriting numbers.
Game Review

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Review

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons review.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Facebook News Feed demystified, streaming video felony, and NASA’s Mars machine 2:30

Facebook announces plans to make its News Feed less mysterious, the U.S. government considers making it a felony to stream copyrighted content on the Internet, and NASA invents a way to let you walk on Mars without having to leave…
Product Review

Motorola Moto X Review

Motorola Moto X review.

The artist behind the surreal ‘Hohokum’ on painting metaphors

'Hohokum' artist and co-creator Richard Hogg discusses his process of collaborating with Ricky Haggett's indie studio Honeyslug on bringing developing games together. He also offers insight on the source of the game's oddly named…

10 bluetooth headsets to help you talk to yourself in public

Owning a decent Bluetooth headset doesn't mean you have to look like a complete buffoon walking down the street on the phone. Here are our picks for the best Bluetooth headsets available, whether you're looking for something modest, cheap…
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The only shows that could possibly be worse than ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’

E! is producing a 'Rich Kids of Instagram'-inspired reality show, and we've got some social media-spawned ideas to add to its lineup. If any of these truly come to fruition, we're very, very sorry.