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Hands on: Webnote is an iPad Web browser and social network in one

Looking for a new browser? Webnote is a browser meant for sharers. Part Web navigator, part social network, Webnote streamlines the sharing process with handy gesture controls. It's great for exploring new content, which is great since all…

Microsoft to roll out Windows 8 Mail, Calendar, and People app updates

By adding the ability to toggle between email accounts, schedule meetings more easily, and filter social media posts, Microsoft made its Windows 8 Mail, Calendar, and People apps a lot more useful.
Android Army

This plug-and-play Android MiiPC is only $100 on Kickstarter

Android may be coming to PCs sooner than you think. MiiPC, a new Kickstarter project, is hoping to sell a full Android Jelly Bean-powered computer for $100.

A 6-speed manual coupled to 560hp? BMW beefs up performance features on 2014 M6 models

With the addition of an optional six-speed manual transmission, the 2014 M6 line-up is shaping up to be one of BMW’s best to date. The line-up is also now available with carbon ceramic brakes.

In an always-on world, March Madness is no joke

With every game of the NCAA basketball tournament available on TV, phone, and computer, plus a gazillion apps feeding real-time bracket information, information overload doesn’t begin to describe our hero’s experience on Day 1.

Xbox 360 victorious at end of year-long Microsoft-versus-Motorola patent battle

In 2012, Motorola accused Microsoft's Xbox 360 of infringing on multiple patents. Now, the matter is finally settled, with the judge who suggested the ban in the first place ruling that the Xbox 360 doesn't infringe on Motorola patents.
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Everything you need to know about Facebook’s new Timeline

We get an early in-depth look at Facebook's new Timeline. Between the various designs being pushed out, there are a few things that need clearing up. Here's what you need to know.
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LinkedIn follows in Facebook’s footsteps, gets a search makeover

LinkedIn changed up its search, emulating Facebook to widen its appeal. Now the service includes autocomplete, as well as suggested searches to complement what you're looking for.

Windows Blue: What can we expect from Microsoft’s next operating system?

Microsoft's new OS might be out sooner than we've all anticipated, so here's what we know, what we think we know, as well as what you could expect to get from Windows 8's successor, Windows Blue.

Might the next Ariel Atom open-wheel street-legal race car be built from Titanium?

Despite the exceptional cost difficulty of using Titanium for vehicle construction, British track-car maker Ariel is considering using the high-strength, lightweight metal in its next Atom model.

Double Fine details ‘Broken Age,’ its long awaited Kickstarter adventure

One year after raising more than $3 million on Kickstarter to fund development, Double Fine's Tim Schafer has shared some fresh details about his new point-and-click adventure. Broken Age, due out later this year, follows the profoundly…

Facebook employees say goodbye to their desktops and go mobile-only to improve the app

More people are using Facebook on their phones now. To properly address that, the company temporarily shut down employee access to the website so that the team can focus on improving and perfecting the mobile Facebook experience. Hopefully…