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Sanyo Brings Dual Camera Xacti Camcorders to the U.S.

Sanyo has started shipping four Dual Camera Xacti camcorders in the U.S. and Mexico, including a model that can operate for up to an hour ten feet underwater.

Home Theater

Verizon Turns Up Its Online Media Store with MP3s

Mobile operators have been offering music to cell phone users for years...but Verizon Wireless is the first to roll out MP3s.


Texas Adds Anti-Vista Rider To State Budget

Texas has added a rider to its state budget requiring written authorization before buying Windows Vista.


What Gifts Did Obama Bring To England?

On his visit to England for the G20 Summit, Obama brought gifts of DVDs and an iPod.


Swedish Piracy Law Cuts Internet Traffic By A Third

On the day a new Swedish anti-piracy law came into effect, Internet traffic in the country fell by one-third.


OCZ Neutrino DIY Netbook

Picky netbook buyers can literally build the systems they want with this partially assembled shell.


Samsung Makes an Eye-Popping OLED Impression

One of the company's newest phones uses the same technology found in cutting-edge TVs to deliver incomparable color.


Samsung’s Propel Pro Remembers Everyone Who Has Ever Touched it

The mirror-like new Propel can't help but look grimy after you get your mitts on it.


Hands Off with the Palm Pre

Something's fishy about Palm's mysteriously uptight demo of the Pre.


HTC’s Touch Pro2: Exactly What the Original Should Have Been

A number of major fixes to the next-gen Touch Pro make it one of the most promising models in HTC's upcoming line.


Hands On With HTC’s Snap

We fiddle with the company's new budget-priced Windows Mobile handset.


TomTom’s Unique New GPS Mounts Flex, Rotate and Fold Flat

The company's creative new take on the old task of holding a GPS unit in a window solves many of the problems of previous attempts.


3Deep: Web 2.0 for Your Phone’s Contact List

The upcoming app allows you to see when your friends are busy, what they're doing, and be notified when they're free.


Personal Internet Use at Work…Increases Productivity?

An Australian study has found that folks who use the Internet at work for personal reasons are nine percent more productive than folks who don't.


April 1 Comes and Goes…With Nary a Peep from Conficker

Media hype aside, April 1 seems to have come and gone with barely a murmur from the dreaded Conficker PC worm. Or maybe it's just lying in wait?