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E3 Hands on: Splatoon, Nintendo’s twistedly fun take on shooters

We go hands on at E3 with Nintendo's attempt at a team-based shooting game, Splatoon. How does the game measure up, and does it have enough depth? Find out here.

Twitter restores TweetDeck after major hack disables app

After hackers discovered a security flaw in TweetDeck, Twitter was forced to shut down the service's apps for a short time. The bug has since been patched and TweetDeck users are back in business.

FCC claims that hackers, not John Oliver, crashed its Net neutrality comments page

The Internet rejoiced over the idea that comedian John Oliver’s 13-minute rant on Net neutrality inspired trolls to do something useful for once. Now, the revelry may all be dismissed as a farce. The FCC claims that it was hacked.

Elite: Dangerous emerges from the vapor with an E3 trailer

Frontier Developments shared a new trailer at E3 of their long-sought sequel to the classic Elite space sim games, Elite: Dangerous.

The art of gaming, part II: E3 through a painter’s eyes

We commissioned artist Joshua Mongeau to bring you a unique take on what it's like to be at E3: through the eyes of a painter. See how Joshua interprets scenes from Mirror's Edge 2, Assassin's Creed: Unity French Revolution, and Tomb Raider…

Mercedes-Benz G-Class undergoes a redesign for the first time in 35 years

The beloved Mercedes “G-Wagen” has been a hit from the start, but it hasn’t had a fuel redesign since 1979. For 2016, the G-Class should feature a new chassis, new engines, and new bodywork.
Home Theater

Can Sony put the ‘TV’ into its new Playstation TV media device?

Sony's E3 announcement for a U.S. release of the Playstation TV brings a bevy of streaming and gaming options into play for the tech titan. But could this device be the key to bringing something even more tantalizing to the table?

Sky Diver, Futuremark’s newest mid-range PC benchmark, is out now

Sky Diver, the newest benchmark from Futuremark, fits best when tested on mid-range PCs and notebooks.

Control all your Bluetooth smart home gizmos from one app with Oort

Tired of firing up a separate app to control each of the Bluetooth devices in your house? Check out Oort -- an upcoming access hub that unifies them all and lets you control them from anywhere in the world

Bowser crashes Mario Party 10

In addition to the return of Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros., Nintendo is giving the next-gen update to another of its couch-play classics, Mario Party 10, coming to Wii U in 2015.

Traffic held at a standstill in Europe, as cab drivers protest Uber

Thousands of taxi drivers in Europe's biggest cities blocked roads and held demonstrations in protest against Uber, which recently expanded its operations to places such as London, Paris, and Berlin.

Intel pushes for wireless charging, agrees to partner with WiTricity

Intel has reached an agreement with WiTricity which could pave the way for Intel chips with wireless charging tech built in down the line.