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10 helpful tips and hidden tricks of the HTC One M8

The HTC One M8 is easily one of our favorite devices because it can do so much. Are you using the handset to its full potential? Check out some of our favorite tips and tricks to get more out of your HTC One M8.

PlayStation 4 update includes a more robust video editor in SHAREfactory

The latest firmware update for PlayStation 4, version 1.70, levels up the console's video editing capabilities with more powerful tools and an on/off switch for HDCP copy-protection.

Flickr updates iOS, Android app with vastly improved experience and features

True to its word, Flickr has continuously evolve and improve its photo experience. The company has updated its mobile app for iOS and Android to version 3.0, making it more in-line with other photo apps and giving it an improved user…

Watch Dogs ebook follows a new character after the events of the game

An upcoming ebook from John Shirley follows a separate character after the events of the May 27 game. Could it also hint at the mysterious story DLC, which is said to feature a new playable character?

Amazing Spider-Man 2 credits feature a Marvelverse studio crossover

A post-credits scene that appears at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 features an unexpected nod to another studio's Marvel Comics movie, and we've got a rundown of how that came to be.

Go behind the scenes with The Final Hours of Titanfall

Take a peek behind the scenes with interviews, art, and firsthand accounts in The Final Hours of Titanfall, a new interactive ebook for Mac/PC and iPad/Surface written by Geoff Keighley.

HTC camera expert teases optical zoom and improved UltraPixel camera for future phones

HTC's imaging specialist has said in an interview we should look out for major advances in camera phones from the company over the next year, including the possible introduction of an optical zoom, and an improved UltraPixel camera.
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Glass: Google sends out dummy specs in try-before-you-buy program

It might not be normal practice for a company to send dummy products to potential customers prior to their release, but then Google, which has started sending dummy Glass units to interested individuals, is not your usual company.

Samsung offers free ebooks through new Galaxy-only Kindle app (Updated)

Samsung and Amazon have signed a deal to release a dedicated Kindle book store app for owners of the Galaxy S5 and other Galaxy devices, which offers the chance to download 12 books for free in the first year.