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ICANN Greenlights First Internationalized Domain Names

The global Internet oversight agency has approved the first four fully internationalized top-level domains for Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.


Mass Effect 2 Trailer Makes Epic Debut During NFC Championship

Electronic Arts says Mass Effect 2 will launch in North America on January 26, 2010, but you can catch the epic trailer this Sunday night.


Kindle DX With Global Wireless Starts Shipping

Amazon nervously reminds consumers that its Kindle still exist and that its Kindle DX with global wireless is now available.

Cool Tech

Stanford Researchers Turn Fabrics into Batteries

Want to wear your electronic gear? Researchers at Stanford have used carbon nanotube ink to turn ordinary fabric into flexible, wearable batteries.

Cool Tech

ASUS UK Posts Action Shots of the DR-950 E-Reader on Flickr

We ransack the ASUS DR-950's Flickr album for photos of the recently released eReader.

Cool Tech

NASA Gives Space Station Crew Personal Web Access

Astronauts on the International Space Station are now able to surf the Web directly for the first remote controlling a computer on the ground.


China Says Internet Freedom Accusations Threaten Ties

China says U.S. accusations over Internet freedoms amount to little more than cultural imperialism.


Samsung to Build $6.7B Renewable Energy Plants in Canada

Samsung scored a $6.7 billion deal for green technologies with the Canadian government.

Cool Tech

Worst Technology 2000-2010: The Decade in Tech

Need a good laugh? Check out some of the worst tech products of our decade.


Will OnLive Kill the Gaming Rig?

As more first-hand details about OnLive emerge, hardcore PC gamers may go unfazed, but casual and console gamers should take notice.


Palm Pre Plus Juggles 50 Apps at Once

Doubled RAM inside Palm’s refreshed iPhone fighter allows it to run 50 apps at a time, and even then it hasn't hit the wall.