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Tom Hardy being pursued for lead villain in X-Men: Apocalypse

The Dark Knight Rises actor is reportedly being offered the title role in X-Men: Apocalypse, which will have him play a dangerous mutant foe of the X-Men.
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Awesome! The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack is coming out on cassette tape

The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack will be released on cassette tape this November. It's a limited edition and can only be found at a few record stores.

Watch out, McLaren: Twin-turbo Ferrari 458 targeting the 650S with 666 devilish HP

We know that Ferrari will release a 458 successor in 2015, but the juicy details keep pouring in. New reports say the revamped 458 will feature a 650-plus-horsepower V8 and target the McLaren 650S.
Game Review

Fantasia: Music Evolved Review

Fantasia: Music Evolved weaves a magical spell out of melody, motion, and merriment.

No worries: Apple boss describes iPad sales slump as a ‘speed bump’

Apple's iPad may be experiencing a sales slump, but boss Tim Cook doesn't seem too worried, describing the drop in sales for the third consecutive quarter as a mere "speed bump."

Check out the coolest future tech from Intel’s Make It Wearable competition

Intel's Make It Wearable competition is in the closing stages, and the ten semifinalists have been revealed. We've checked them out, and picked four of our favorites.

GoPro footage shows camera mauled by grizzly bear, GoPro survives (sort of)

A British filmmaker in Canada recently looked on as a grizzly bear gave his GoPro camera a good going over. Fortunately the animal didn't disappear into the woods with the device, leaving the filmmaker with some unique footage.

Apple’s not going to tell us how many smartwatches it sells

Apple appears to be approaching the launch of its smartwatch with great caution, announcing on Monday that, unlike the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, it won't be revealing detailed sales data for its new wearable after it goes on sale next year.

AT&T will sell you the giant Galaxy Mega 2 on October 24, will charge a reasonable $150

Samsung loves to make big phablets and its Galaxy Mega lineup is no exception. The latest model is the 6-inch, 720p Galaxy Mega 2, and it'll be released through AT&T on October 24.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Getting paid to drive an EV, smart luggage, Apple Pay debuts 2:59

Today on DT Daily: Get paid to drive electric, luggage goes high tech and Apple Pay goes live for iPhone 6 users.  Using electric cars to reverse-power cities is not a new idea – but getting paid for it is. And now, the Wall…
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“Zombie-proof” log cabin comes with security cameras, solar panels and Xbox

Definitely ideal for anyone that has multiple seasons of Doomsday Preppers saved on their DVR, this zombie fortification cabin will provide all the safety you need for any potential undead apocalypse.