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It’s the Game of Thrones intro meets The Legend of Zelda: Enough said

Nintendo may have denied rumors of a Game of Thrones-style television series adaptation of The Legend of Zelda, but that hasn't stopped one fan from showing us what that might look like when interpreted very literally.

MIT Media Lab-inspired Berklee ICE hopes to change the music industry

New Berklee College of Music initiative, inspired by the MIT Media Lab, seeks to research, develop entrepreneurial music and tech projects.
Movies & TV

Netflix Watch video has a bit of fun at the Apple Watch’s expense

Netflix pokes fun at the Apple Watch, while promoting its services, with the hilarious parody video for the fictional Netflix Watch, a device that lets you watch Netflix wherever you are.

MacBook review round-up: Apple’s latest laptop is a beautiful compromise

The first wave of MacBook reviews have come in. While the praise some traits, most notably the system's thin and light design, the verdicts are surprisingly lukewarm for a all-new Apple laptop.

Getty Images unveils Boards, a new project collaboration tool for finding images

Finding the appropriate stock image can be difficult, but it's even harder when you have to guess what your client might or might not like. After listening to user feedback and studying the way its offerings were being used, as well as…
Movies & TV

9 things to know about Marvel’s new Daredevil show on Netflix

This weekend, Marvel's brand new television series Daredevil premieres its entire first season on  — thirteen episodes of blind attorney Matt Murdock slugging it out on the streets of New York City, using his heightened senses and ninja…
Cool Tech

Like something out of a James Bond flick, these hair extensions can remotely control electronic devices

These unassuming hair extensions can be used as a wireless input device for mobile phones, and can be programmed to open applications, send preset messages, or broadcast a person's location -- all without the user visibly interacting with…

Rumors say more Intel Skylake processors may bundle Iris graphics

The next generation of Intel's chips continues to push Moore's law to its conclusion, with 14nm CPUs. Beyond being small, they have a very low 15-watt thermal design power, despite the fact that they come with Iris graphics.
Home Theater

HBO is now live on Sling TV

Following the launch of HBO Now on Apple devices, HBO has come to Dish Network's streaming service with live and on-demand access for a $15 monthly fee, in addition to Sling TV's $20 base package.
Android Army

You can now pay for donuts, sweaters, and food delivery with Google Wallet

Google Wallet now supports more apps. Dunkin' Donuts, Seamless, and Shopify have joined a growing list, but the payment platform is still behind Apple Pay, and is dwarfed by PayPal.