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Diablo III to offer cash auctions, can’t be played offline

Diablo III brings three major changes to the 15-year old franchise.


Apple expected to launch line of HDTVs in 2012

One analyst expects Apple to launch a line of high-definition TVs as soon as March 2012, with hardware comparable to the $5,200, 46-inch Bose VideoWave with built-in stereo surround speakers.

Home Theater

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary trailer teases newly enhanced terminals

A newly released trailer for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary shows off what the animated cutscenes connected to the game's terminals look like.


PlayStation Vita UK release date possibly outed by leaked Blockbuster flyer

A purportedly leaked Blockbuster UK flyer pegs Sony's PlayStation Vita -- both the 3G and non-3G versions -- for an October 28 release.


Men build small flying spy drone that cracks Wi-Fi and cell data

The safety of Wi-Fi networks may be in danger from small threats flying above us. An airplane hobby shop owner and an ex-Air Force official team up to create a drone that cracks into Wi-Fi and cell phones.

Cool Tech

Tablets installed on grocery carts help shoppers save money

Imagine walking through a grocery store and the cart is telling you what's on sale based off proximity to the item. A company is testing a pilot program with tablets mounted on carts.

Cool Tech

The Airbnb horror story continues

Despite assurance from Airbnb that it has righted the wrongs of a vandals who sacked a rental property, the vocal victim claims it's a PR masquerade.

Social Media

Nintendo 3DS early adopters get 20 free games with updated multiplayer

Disappointed that Nintendo slashed the price of the 3DS just a few months after you purchased it? Nintendo is rolling out a new program to thank consumers for their loyalty in early September.


Lenovo ThinkPad tablet goes on sale August 23 for $479.99

Lenovo's ThinkPad Honeycomb tablet will bring a stylus, detachable keyboard and other business features to the Android game on August 23, starting at $479.99.

Android Army

Windows Phone 7 according to Dilbert

Microsoft is banking on Dilbert creator Scott Adams to show some love for Windows Phone 7, but will the high-risk maneuver work?


Five reasons why the Nintendo 3DS is Bob-ombing with gamers

Nintendo is taking drastic measures to save the 3DS, including an $80 price cut. But will it be enough? Here's why the Nintendo 3DS has failed to connect with gamers so far, and why a lower $170 price tag won't be enough to save it.


iTunes store goes global with 90-second previews

Seven months after 90-second song previews were introduced in the US iTunes store, the extension has now been rolled out to other iTunes stores around the world.


20-year-old man dies after marathon gaming sessions

A British man who played video games for long stretches without taking a break was killed by a resulting blood clot, according to the results of an autopsy.


Rumor: iTunes 11 to get radical overhaul, including iCloud integration

Apple's iTunes looks like it's in for a radical overhaul, which could include integration with the company's new iCloud service.