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Google Glass gets potential legal roadblock in West Virginia

Lots of organizations and administrations seem to be shunning the Google Glass way before it's released. A potential amendment to existing laws in West Virginia would see hands-free devices, like the Glass, outlawed while driving.

Windows 8 app store now has 50,000 apps to choose from

The Windows 8 app store reached a new milestone recently: With 50,000 apps in its store, it now has more than twice the number of apps it used to have in November of last year, or 25 times the number of apps available when at launch.

The iPhone 5 will arrive on April 21 with T-Mobile, will connect to new 4G LTE network

T-Mobile has announced it's to finally offer the Apple iPhone on its network, and it'll come with 4G LTE connectivity too. It's out in a few weeks time, and will be joined by the Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Did Mercedes accidentally reveal a plug-in hybrid S-Class to the Australians?

While a world-class, bespoke range-extended plug-in hybrid EV sounds like a good idea, would anyone actually buy it? Mercedes might be better suited to a lower-range plug-in, rather than mess with success.

BlackBerry Z10 now available for $100 with T-Mobile on two-year contract, or $532 without one

T-Mobile has put the BlackBerry Z10 up for sale on its website, just ahead of its big New York event, where we're expecting more news on its 4G LTE network.
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Vizify rolls out of beta, ready to protect and serve your Web identify – infographic style

Identify website Vizify is now open to the public, ready to create your custom landing page complete with personalized infographics that break down - visually - the data you and your social circle are creating. This isn't another social…

GDC 2013: Boldly going etc., etc. Hands-on with the ‘Star Trek’ video game

We go hands-on with Star Trek the video game, Namco Bandai and Digital Extremes’ offering that bridges the two Star Trek movies and reintroduces the classic foe, the Gorn.

BlackBerry improves TV show line-up inside BlackBerry World store

BlackBerry has added content from three new TV production companies to its line-up of shows featured inside the BlackBerry World app store, improving an already comprehensive catalog.

Analysts dismiss early U.S. BlackBerry sales as disappointing

It may only be early days, but analysts are already dismissing BlackBerry 10 sales in the U.S., citing everything from poor sales training in stores to less than impressive hardware for lackluster performance.

Thanks, Apple! Foxconn posts record quarterly profit following healthy iDevice sales

Healthy sales of the iPhone 5 and iPad devices have helped Foxconn to a record-breaking quarter. Apple's products are estimated to account for more than half of Foxconn's revenue.

Google slashes price of Nik photo-editing software, offers bundle for $149

Six months after acquiring photo-editing software company Nik Software, Google has launched the Nik Collection. The bundle of six plug-ins costs $149, offering a $350 saving on the previous price. Even better, for some existing Nik users…

GDC 2013: Hate aliens and have an iPad? Firaxis brings UFO defense to iOS with ‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’

Take-Two Interactive resisted bringing back XCOM as a strategy game for years, but the risk of releasing XCOM: Enemy Unknown in 2012 paid off. The game was a hit, and now Firaxis and Take-Two are broadening the game's horizons, bringing the…