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‘Super Smash Bros. Wii U’ won’t have a story mode. So what?

Masahiro Sakurai revealed that his new Super Smash Bros. won't have a story mode or cutscenes. There's nothing in his statements to get upset about yet. Fan reaction to his statements about YouTube, however, demonstrates the rising anger…
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I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough!: The evolving world of digital detoxes and Internet addiction

What's the difference between Internet overuse and addiction? Or a recovery program and a detox? The rules to Web-obsessive treatment are being written as we go, and digging into what you're signing up (and paying) for deserve a harder…

Activision Blizzard goes independent with $8 billion buyout of Vivendi

With former parent company Vivendi struggling under significant debt, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick, along with co-chairman Brian Kelly and Tencent Holdings, secures the financial future for both companies.

Spendy but indispensable: Breaking down the full $650 cost of the iPhone 5

Why does an iPhones cost as much as, or more than, most new TVs or laptops? We set out to find out exactly what goes into an iPhone, what it costs, and show you precisely what you're paying for.

‘Downloaded’ charts the rise and fall of the Napster revolution

"The important thing about a revolution is that it's bigger than you," says Downloaded director Alex Winter in our discussion about his new Napster documentary and the 10-year process of bringing it together.
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Let’s not congratulate Twitter on making up these horrible words

This week there's been some online discussion about the additions Twitter has made to our vocabulary. Here's the thing though: They're awful. So let's just take a harder look at what exactly these words are supposed to mean before we go…
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Honey, let’s shrink the kids (using this 3D printer)

3D printers can create this, that and the other these days, but did you know they can also shrink the kids? That's right, a company in Japan is now offering to print up figurines of the family using nothing more than a set of photos.

We (still) love Apple! Americans vote tech giant ‘brand of the year’ across three categories

The latest Harris poll sees Apple riding high among American consumers, with the company occupying the top spot across three categories (computer, tablet and phone) in 'brand of the year' rankings.

Dongle deal demise: Chromecast-Netflix promotion ends following ‘overwhelming demand’

Well, that didn’t last long. The three-months-for-free Netflix deal offered with Google’s new Chromecast gadget is no longer available following “overwhelming demand” for the Web giant's new dongle.
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IAlert car seat sends reminder texts if you leave the baby in the car

Designed to help forgetful parents from leaving their child locked in a hot car, the IAlert car seat syncs with the owner's smartphone to provide important data about the safety of the small passenger.
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DT Daily: 19th century camera tech reborn, Bareye or beer goggles, The Aireal blows 2:27

Nineteenth century camera technology is making a comeback, how to buy a round of shots with your smartphone, and Disney’s new gaming technology literally blows. Related Links: Petzval lens Bareye Project Aireal

Report: Massive SIM card hack does not affect most U.S. phone owners

A security exploit has been discovered that affects as many as 750 million SIM cards around the world. We contacted the major U.S. carriers and researchers to find out just how safe you actually are.