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Aaron Paul’s Xbox One ad accidentally powers on people’s gaming consoles

A new Xbox One commercial featuring Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul is turning out to be a somewhat interactive experience. Apparently, the ad is powering up people's Xbox One's without their permission.

BMW and Tesla executives meet to discuss electric-car strategy

At roughly the same time Tesla announced it would share its patents with other carmakers, its executives were meeting with counterparts from BMW to discuss ways to promote electric cars.
Cool Tech

New technology can track a football’s exact location on the field

Sorry, football coaches: Your ability to challenge referee calls may soon become obsolete. Researchers have created a new technology that uses magnetic fields to track a football's exact position on the field.

Watch how aperture, shutter speed, ISO influence camera exposure in this video

A new educational video from CreativeLive explains the exposure triangle, which will help you master manual settings of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO of advanced cameras.

Portland opens its doors to Google Fiber, which could be an eyesore for residents

Portland, Oregon, is one step closer to basking in the glory that is Google-provided gigabit Internet service. On Wednesday, Portland commissioners unanimously approved a franchise agreement between Google Fiber and the city, which was…

As if Aston Martins weren’t cool enough, its GT cars are getting A/C powered by the sun

Aston Martin has teamed with Hanergy Global Solar to develop solar panel films for the back windows of its GT cars. Not only does the tech keep the drivers cool, it keeps the race car’s engine free of accessory drag.
Social Media

Facebook and Instagram open up to breast-feeding and post-mastectomy photos

Facebook has quietly reversed its controversial stances on breast-feeding and post-mastectomy photos – even ones showing nipples. The social network appears to have caved to an online campaign and changed its tune a couple weeks ago.

The main ingredient in No Man’s Sky’s random galaxy recipe? Simple math

Take a first, admittedly early step into the vast, procedurally generated galactic frontier of No Man's Sky and get a glimpse of what's to come.
Cool Tech

The Vessyl smart cup tracks everything you drink

The latest household smart device has arrived in the form of the Vessyl, an intelligent cup (complete with app) that regulates your drinking and can keep you hydrated throughout the day.

10 tempting tips for the Xperia Z2

Sony’s flagship is stylish and powerful out of the box, but you might not be making the most of it without a little tinkering. Check out our irresistible menu of Xperia Z2 tips to get the best experience possible.

Will Microsoft bring Cortana to iOS and Android?

Two members of Microsoft's Windows Phone team have been speaking about the prospect of bringing Cortana to iOS and Android in the future — would you want to have the app on your handset?