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RIM Q3: Subscribers and overall sales down, cash pile and PlayBook sales up

Six weeks before Research In Motion unveils its next-generation BB10 operating system and handsets, the company posted Its Q3 financial results, a mixed bag by any standards.
Movies & TV

Jack Reacher review

Not even Jack Reacher can get to the bottom of this messy movie starring Tom Cruise.

Super Bowl XLVII will be streamed live on the Web

Looking to build on the success of the live streaming broadcast of the last Super Bowl, the NFL is bringing the big game online once again during 2013.

What year is it? Plans for the 2017 Audi R20 supercar begin to surface

Porsche hasn’t even officially released its 918 plug-in hybrid supercar yet and Audi is already trying to steal its thunder.

Move over AT&T: Verizon expands LTE to 29 new markets

Verizon Wireless has announced that it will extend its 4G LTE service to 29 new markets before the year is over.

DT’s ‘Better Than Socks’ Holiday Giveaway: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for the Xbox 360

We continue our holiday giveaways with a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for the Xbox 360. Read on to learn how to enter to win.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, Senator Jay Rockefeller wants to blame video games

West Virginia Senator John D. Rockefeller introduces a new bill to study the effects of violent video games on children in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting while calling on the FCC and FTC to increase their roles in the gaming industry.
Social Media

Instagram officially says it’s sorry and takes back proposed advertising policy

After nearly a week of user backlash and criticism, Instagram backtracks and reverts to its original advertising clause. However, the update terms of service and privacy policy will still be enacted January 19.
Android Army

Flipboard finally releases a tablet app for Android

After a long wait, Flipboard has finally released a tablet version of its Android app, adding better formatting for devices with larger screens.

AV Rant #317: Live from New York!

Ok, not quite live. But the good news is for this week and next, Liz and Rob are on the same continent for easy podcasting. Tom is off exploring the world, so Rob steps in once again. This we we talk about television news. Nielson will be…

Lotus Evora Sports Racer trades hardcore performance for an extra helping of tech

Lotus founder Colin Chapman's motto was "simplify, and add lightness," but the Evora Sports Racer should appeal to buyers who want a more luxurious sports car.

Apple App Store vs. Google Play Store: Which made more money in 2012?

A new study has drawn comparisons between the revenue made by Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store.