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Microsoft may add Kinect gestures to upcoming Nokia McLaren Windows Phone

Microsoft looks to add Kinect-like gesture controls to the upcoming Nokia McLaren smartphone and other Windows Phone devices. The 3D Touch interface will use gestures to control phone call settings, dismiss notifications, and other app…

Delays be damned, the 2015 Model X will be Tesla’s gift to families

After numerous delays, the Tesla Model X is finally coming in spring 2015. The new, family-friendly SUV will have space for 7, easy-access third-row seating, and will go from 0 to 60 mph in less than five seconds.
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Guillermo Del Toro writing Pacific Rim 2 with Zak Penn

"We’ve been working for a few months now in secret," said Del Toro of his collaboration on a Pacific Rim sequel with The Incredible Hulk writer Zak Penn.

Xi3 partners up with Intel to make teeny tiny PCs

It appears that Xi3, known for their dwarfish Piston system, will be making a series of miniature computers stuffed with Intel tech. The mini PCs will be targeted at government and enterprise customers.

Wakey wakey, Google Now sounds off alarm before transit arrives at stop

Google Now will give you a wake-up call when you're on public transit, so that you don't miss your stop. The new feature allows you to set an alarm once you're enroute to the office.

New ‘Sentry’ eye-tracking tech aims to help gamers hone their skills

Described by its maker as a "virtual, visual coach," the new Sentry Eye Tracker from SteelSeries aims to help gamers hone their skills, training them to process on-screen information in the most efficient way possible.

Modio app turns your iPad into a 3D monster toy design company

Modio takes full advantage of 3D printing technology, letting you design your own monster robots to play with – or use as decor for your bachelor pad. The iOS app gives you lots of design and color options for each module, creating a toy…
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Marvel makes it official: New director and writer announced for Ant-Man

Bring It On director Peyton Reed will direct Marvel's Ant-Man movie, replacing Edgar Wright. Anchorman's Adam McKay will contribute to the script for the upcoming film, which is scheduled for a 2015 release.

Here is one Redditor’s guide to watching E3 online today

E3 is just getting started, and in case you were wondering, yes there is a drinking game for the convention's major press events. We're at least hoping most of these gaffs don't come true this week.

Right to be forgotten: Google may flag up instances of removed links

Following a ruling by Europe's highest court giving Web users the right to have information about them removed from search results, Google is reportedly considering flagging up instances where links to Web pages have been removed.

Dear B&N: We’ll miss your originality now that the Nook is just another Tab

Barnes & Noble’s partnership with Samsung means one more piece of boring, unoriginal hardware from a company that used to make its name with unique, standout features.