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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (8-inch) Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (8-inch) review.

Mini marvels: How your laptop may one day be powered by a tiny 3D-printed battery

There've been a lot of cool 3D-printed projects popping up in the tech world lately, but a 3D-printed battery from a Harvard group the size of a grain of sand is perhaps the neatest thing we've seen. Plus, it has the potential to power…

Best apps of the week: Layrs, Crazy Taxi, Viber, and more

Need some new apps to occupy your phone? We have you covered with the best apps and updates of the week. Open up your app marketplace of choice and start downloading great apps like Crazy Taxi, Layrs, Viber, and many more.

Jetsetter: Strider returns on PS4 and Xbox One

This week in Jetsetter, we look at Capcom's surprise announcement of Strider HD, a new sequel to its classic arcade games. Will it be an authentic sequel, though, since it's the work of Japanese designers and an American development studio?…

Sorry Reddit, Digg’s new model proves community rule is overrated

Reddit no longer deserves its place as the "front page of the Internet." It is drowning beneath a tidal wave of crappy user-generated content. And Digg, on the other hand, has proven itself to be a worthy replacement.

Despite challenges from disability, a photographer finds success in weddings

Jaleel King, a Philly-based professional photographer, shoots weddings from his wheelchair. King discusses his technique and process, and the unique challenges of shooting from a seated position.

Beneath the paper world of ‘Tearaway’ lies Media Molecule’s creative heart

Media Molecule community manager James Spafford describes the studio's overall creative vision and how that feeds into the papercraft world and buddy adventure story of the upcoming PS Vita game, 'Tearaway'.

Ten affordable sports cars you can buy today

Sports cars: every motoring enthusiast wants one, but few can afford them. Right? Wrong. From both the new and used markets, the world’s automakers offer plenty of brilliant and financially accessible sports cars. Here's our list of ten…
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Sharp HT-SB60 Review

Sharp HT-SB60 review.
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WTF, Internet? Being the first to do something stupid doesn’t make it less stupid

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of everyone who thinks they're reinventing a platform ... when they're just being obnoxious. Just because you can upload something, doesn't necessarily mean you should, guys.

10 technically possible but totally awful ways to charge your phone

Mobile charging has come a long way over the years, but along the way there have been some unusual methods developed to power devices when an outlet isn't available. These are some of the strangest that we've come across.

Gamed: Homicidal hedgehogs, Steam digs deep, and EA’s NCAA Football goes bye-bye

In this week’s edition of Gamed, a new weekly column that looks at some of the week's biggest gaming stories, we look at Sonic's descent into murder, Oculus VR's transformation into hippies, and Steam's summer sale.