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Social Media

Facebook users more likely to land a job through close friends, study shows

A new Facebook study shows that keeping in touch with close friends and family on the social network will boost your chances of landing a job five-fold compared to reaching out to a broader, weaker network of people.

The release of ‘Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’ may hint at the PS4’s release date

Every single video game console released since the PlayStation 2 has hit the market in November, right in time for every last Black Friday sale in the land. With Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag coming out for all consoles in October…
Home Theater

KEF E-series 5.1 speaker package brings cosmic audiophile speaker technology down to earth

KEF's E-series brings the sound quality of its award-winning Uni-Q drivers into your living room for a home theater experience that is worth writing home about.

‘Unpopular car’ problem? Carmakers’ lobby groups fight California Zero-Emission Vehicle mandate

Lobbyists filed a petition against the mandate, which will require carmakers to sell 1.4 million electric, hybrid, and hydrogen fuel cell cars in California by 2025, because they think people won't buy these cars.

Who just ordered one million BlackBerry 10 phones?

A single company has placed an order for one million BlackBerry 10 phones directly with BlackBerry, marking the largest, single order the company has ever seen. While it has revealed the amount, it has kept quiet about who placed the order…

Dating apps at SXSW hope to make serendipity happen

SXSW festival goers looking for love have apparently come to the most technological place to find it. Tons of dating apps were advertised across festival grounds, giving them plenty of options to find one true love - or a one night stand.

Rolls-Royce says “never say never” to a possible SUV

A Rolls-Royce SUV sounds about as likely as an Apple weed whacker, but company officials won't rule one out as long as it meets their high standards.

Microsoft issues fix to address Windows USB vulnerability

You can protect your computer from being infected by malware introduced via USBs by installing Microsoft's newest Windows update that contains a patch to fix your system's vulnerability.

Nintendo found guilty of patent infringement, ordered to pay $30 mil in damages

Nintendo may be one of video games' greatest play innovators, but they've never been the most remarkable hardware inventors. Most of their successful machines like Nintendo DS are based on others' inventions that they license. In the case…

ST-Ericsson introduces NovaThor L8580 chip, with eQuad technology (Update: it’s not quad-core)

ST-Ericsson has announced the NovaThor L8580, a quad-core processor which uses a new method of conserving energy, which the company has named eQuad.
Android Army

Google’s Andy Rubin steps aside to let Sundar Pichai take over Android (Updated)

Google CEO Larry Page has announced that Andy Rubin, who is currently in charge of Android, will hand the position over to the VP of Chome, Sundar Pichai. Rubin will stay with the company, but in an as yet undefined role.
Cool Tech

Do Top Chefs dream of electric kitchens? Season 9 winner Paul Qui does

We stopped by Top Chef season 9 winner Paul Qui's food truck heaven, SouthBites, for a quick chat about the equipments in his dream kitchen. We don't know how to use any of 'em, but boy do they sound cool.