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Hot Tub Time Machine 2 gets a red-band trailer

Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, and Clark Duke head to the future for another time-travel adventure in the upcoming sequel to 2010's Hot Tub Time Machine.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor makes mortal enemies one week earlier

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment pushes up the release date for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor by one week. The game now arrives on September 30 for PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and on October 2 for PC, via Steam.

Codlight cPulse is a wacky multipurpose lighting accessory for Android phones

The Codlight cPulse is an Android smartphone case with a built-in 128-RGB-LED matrix that can perform all sorts of tasks. Besides lighting a scene for photos and videos, it can function as a notification light or alarm clock, and more.

BioWare teases a Nightmare with a live-action ‘You’ve Been Chosen’ creepfest

BioWare's 'Nightmare teaser' hints at a new reveal at Gamescom for what appears to be a horror game. The short, creepy video features a man trapped in a nightmare dreamscape.

Oyster ebook service lands on desktop and mobile browsers

'Netflix for novels' ebook service Oyster on Thursday launched a new web reader for desktop and mobile browsers. The company said its aim was to design a reading experience that feels "fast, fluid, and native to the web."

ZTE talks up the Nexus-like Blade Vec 4G, teases Grand Band fitness wearable

ZTE has provided more details about the Blade Vec 4G, its first phone to come with the Google Now Launcher pre-installed. It was launched alongside a revised Grand S2 smartphone, and news of the Grand Band fitness wristband.
Cool Tech

How Sony is helping West Africa with renewable energy

Sony Computer Science Laboratories is a much smaller operation than Microsoft Research or Google X. It likewise has a much narrower goal: saving the world.
Cool Tech

Google X project aims to define the perfect ‘healthy human’ via in-depth scientific study

The latest project to emerge from the Google X lab centers on health, and is ambitious even by Google's standards. The aim of the long-term study is to collect and process a mass of genetic and molecular data in order to define the perfect…

Instagram (possibly) teases its new photo messaging app, ‘Bolt’

Could Instagram be on the verge of launching a new Snapchat-like messaging app called Bolt? If a banner ad that appeared briefly on the media-sharing app this week is anything to go by, quite possibly.

In the future, screens may correct your eyesight problems, not glasses

Scientists are developing a special screen which could correct vision problems without the need for the viewer to wear glasses, and a prototype version could be just a few years away.
DT Daily

DT Daily: A Sense of sleep, high-tech pepper spray and Weird Al is number one 2:47

On the show today: A new device for tracking your sleep – or your insomnia, pepper spray taken to a more personal level, and after 30 years, Weird Al is number one. There’s no shortage of high-tech personal fitness monitors…