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All this week’s Facebook news that’s fit to share

Facebook emoticons, anti-virus software, and a Want button lawsuit are just some of the Facebook stories that may have slipped by your radar this week.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Internet troll goes on CNN, FTC offers cash for robocalling cure 3:13

Related Links: Reddit uber-troll Violentacrez half-apologizes on CNN ‘Ultra High Definition’ officially replaces ’4K’ as name for next-gen TV standard FTC offers prize to stop robocalls  Google and Samsung shun Intel…

2013 Lexus LS 460 first drive

Lexus unveils the latest version of its flagship sedan, featuring a dramatic styling overhaul and a robust list of tech features throughout its cabin.

Reddit uber-troll Violentacrez half-apologizes on CNN [video]

After Gawker's controversial outing of the "Internet's biggest troll," Michael Brutsch, who became famous on Reddit as vile porn peddler "Violentacrez," took to CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" to tell his side of the story.
Cool Tech

Puffer jacket with built-in goggle is the best way to look (like a) fly this winter

Time to shop for winter clothes already? Why not consider this nylon puffer jacket with a goggle built into the hoodie to avoid the brisk, cold air? You might look a bit goofy, but the jacket's got functionalities that might be worth…

Why I won’t be buying a Windows RT tablet (And why Microsoft doesn’t mind)

Windows RT tablets will be crippled out of the gate by a lack of applications, making holding off a wise choice for smart consumers.
Android Army

Prototype E Ink Android phone puts your AMOLED screen to shame (but only in direct sunlight)

Onyx International, a company known for its range of e-readers, has shown off a prototype Android smartphone with an E Ink display. While the outdoor legibility and battery life are both excellent, the screen does let it down in other…

‘We can hear you having sex’: Messages to neighbors via Wi-Fi network names a growing trend, report says

An increasing number of computer users setting up Wi-Fi in their homes are reportedly sending out messages to annoying neighbors via their wireless network names.

Google and Samsung shun Intel, announce Exynos-powered Chromebook

Google has once again partnered with Samsung to produce a laptop running Chrome OS. The new model shuns Intel's chips, and has a very attractive price tag too.
Cool Tech

Wanna be a national hero? FTC contest offers $50,000 prize for solution to end annoying robocalls

A new contest launched this week asking for solutions to end annoying robocalls. Announcing the contest, David Vladeck of the Federal Trade Commission said that $50,000 in prize money was up for grabs, adding that the winner would be so…
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Man hired woman to slap him each time he visited Facebook

Definitely an interesting method to staying off sites like Reddit and Facebook, a slap in the face will do wonders for your productivity.
Home Theater

‘Ultra High Definition’ officially replaces ‘4K’ as name for next-gen TV standard

A board of industry leaders recently convened for a meeting in which it was decided that "Ultra High Definition" will replace "4K" as the name for the emerging, next-generation TV and projector technology. The decision was motivated not…