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Volvo starts over from scratch, will replace entire line by 2018

Volvo has made the news a lot in the last year, thanks to the introduction of new engines and the debut of the stunning new XC90. But the Swedish automaker is just getting started; Volvo is planning on releasing as many as seven new cars in…

U.S. intelligence states North Korea was behind attack on Sony Pictures

Newly reported, off-the-record statements from U.S. intelligence claim North Korea was a key player in the attacks against Sony and suggest an official response may be forthcoming.

Quieter, roomier and more stylish than ever, Kia's Sorento keeps getting better

Kia’s all-new 2016 Sorento is a dramatic improvement over the 2015 version. Bolstered by a new 2.0-liter turbo engine and reimagined interior styling, Kia’s CUV is quickly eyeing the top of its class.
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Sony cancels the December 25 release of The Interview amidst hacker threats [updated]

The group responsible for the massive Sony email hack has invoked the September 11 terrorist attack in a threat against theaters showing The Interview.
Movies & TV

Neil Gaiman says Benedict Cumberbatch was perfect for Sandman, but so is Tom Hiddleston

Sandman author Neil Gaiman explains why Benedict Cumberbatch was perfect for Morpheus, but Avengers actor Tom Hiddleston would be great casting, too.

Bend time and shape your own story when Life Is Strange launches in January 2015

Life Is Strange, the episodic, time-warping adventure from French developer Dontnod with publisher Square Enix, will kick off its story on January 30.

OnePlus One gets kicked out of India, deal between Micromax and Cyanogen is the culprit

A New Delhi court banned the OnePlus One from India. The reasoning behind the ban is Micromax's exclusive deal with Cyanogen, which prevents other companies from selling Cyanogen-powered smartphones in the country.

Absurd Tumblr site combines images of two celebs into crazy funny offsprings

From Spockahontas to Quentin Tarantina Turner, a hilarious Tumblr site from a Swedish graphic designer mixes half-images of famous celebs (real and fake) into love children with equally funny names.

What’s that under the Christmas tree? A dirt-cheap HP Pavilion X2, courtesy of Microsoft

The 11th day of Microsoft deals shaves a cool $130 off the list price of the all-new HP Pavilion X2 2-in-1 laptop.