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CyberLink's Media Suite 14 includes additional pro video and photo features

The Taiwan-based CyberLink announced this week the launch of its latest version of CyberLink Media Suite 14, which packs all 15 of CyberLink’s content and media product programs into one affordable package.

One of Fujifilm’s top-of-the line cameras can’t do top of-the-line features, company admits

When Fujifilm announced the X-T2, the company promised to bring its improved autofocus to its sister camera, the X-Pro2, via firmware. Unfortunately, this won't be happening for the X-T2's other headline feature: 4K video.

Windows 10 Mobile’s camera app could finally add a built-in panorama feature

After discontinuing the Lumia Panorama app, Windows users had to use third-party programs to snap panoramas, but that could change soon. A rumor confirmed by a member of the Windows Insider Team shows that panoramas will soon be built-in.

Huawei P9’s image quality impresses, video stabilization suffers

Huawei's dual-camera P9 smartphone takes fantastic images and offers advanced creative control, thanks to its Leica-approved dual-camera setup. According to DXO analysis, however, it falls just short of dethroning the mighty HTC 10.

DJI’s eye in the sky gets closer to land with optical zoom

Getting the camera off the ground makes it easy to get close -- if you want to risk a crash. DJI's latest camera includes an optical zoom alongside a number of other big features like 4K and enhanced stability.

TetherBoost Pro could make tethering your camera with USB 3.0 more reliable

Dropped connections are frustrating with any device, but a new camera-to-computer tether is working to help eliminate dropped connections cause by an underpowered USB port by regulating the charge between the two.

Bycle case turns your iPhone into the ultimate bike computer

Bycle is a hard case and app that turns an iPhone into a bike computer. Not only can it provide ride metrics, but it uses the iPhone camera to record POV videos as well. The metrics can overlay onto videos, and be shared.

GoPro LiveVR shows 360-degree view of motorcycle race from rider’s POV

To demonstrate how the Hero4 Black camera could provide unique 360-degree live broadcasts, GoPro created a video that shows its LiveVR technology bringing a new motorcycle racing experience to viewers.

Nest brings its camera to the great outdoors, or at least your front porch

The Nest Cam Outdoor is similar in specs to the indoor version, but it has a few features that make it suited to the outdoors. Two-way audio will be great for yelling at those damn kids to get off your lawn.
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Parody video shows what Instagram interactions would look like in real life

YouTube channel Haugen Creative has created a humorous video showing how awkward it would be to interact with Instagram in the world around you as you pass through visiting friends and family.

Best Websites for Free Stock Photography Right Now

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to freely download and use an image from the web without the looming fear of prosecution? Perhaps that's why we've put together a list of the best places to download free images online.

Five lenses in five weeks? Samyang teases upcoming announcements

An official teaser from Samyang is saying to expect 5 new lens announcements from the company over the next 5 weeks, one every Monday – starting July 18. There was no time announced for the first of these five releases.