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John McAfee: Why the hacking of Ashley Madison will go down in history

John McAfee discusses the biggest hack of 2015, its ramifications, and if there is anything positive that came out of the cheating habits of millions being exposed for all to see.

The Wi-Fi password for tonight’s GOP debate is ‘StopHillary.’ Really.

In a story that reads like a segment from Saturday Night Live's "Really?" members of the media must input the Wi-Fi password "StopHillary" in order to access the Internet at tonight's Republican debate.
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Star Wars #ForceForDaniel fan dies days after seeing an early screening of the film

Daniel Fleetwood, a 31-year-old Star Wars fan dying of cancer, whose wish was to see The Force Awakens before it is released in December, has died. Cast members, fans, and celebrities had rallied their support on Twitter.
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A hashtag for taxi riders to share experiences backfires spectacularly

An Australian taxi association says its Twitter campaign asking customers for feedback on its service has not been an epic fail, despite most people responding with tales ranging from the mildly critical to the downright scary.
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Social media to blame for an increase in chlamydia among all age groups

In Nebraska, an epidemic increase in chlamydia among people of all age groups is causing professionals to suspect the increased ability to meet strangers through social media platforms as a cause.
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Update: Facebook to stop tracking non-users in Belgium, following court order

A commercial court in Brussels ordered Facebook to stop tracking non-users of the social network. Unsurprisingly, Facebook plans to appeal the decision, though it's unknown when exactly the appeal will be heard.
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President Barack Obama joins Facebook

Although President Barack Obama has been active on social media, he made his first post with a video today to his very own Facebook page. The new page is attracting thousands of likes per minute.
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Taco Bell has 600 hilarious GIFs and images for you to express your taco love

To celebrate the arrival of the taco emoji, Taco Bell is launching a new social media campaign that includes the taco emoji engine, a Twitter feature that generates GIFs and images from 600 possible emoji combinations.
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Pinterest introduces visual search tool for iOS, Android, and the web

Pinterest's new visual search tool is like facial recognition ... but for furniture. Just as Shazam lets you identify unfamiliar songs that you're listening to, Pinterest now lets you identify unfamiliar objects.
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Periscope Android update lets you fast-forward and rewind video replays

Periscope is updating its Android app to include fast-forward and rewind options for video replays. The new functions are also available on the Web version of the Twitter-owned video broadcasting service.
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Snapchat takes on Facebook in video views, triples traffic since spring

Snapchat's video traffic has tripled since May to six billion views daily, it was revealed Sunday. In the battle for video views, Snapchat appears to be catching Facebook, a social network with more than 10 times as many users.
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Busted! Guy who used Twitter to manipulate stock market indicted

A Scottish trader who manipulated the U.S. stock market via a number of fake Twitter accounts, costing shareholders millions of dollars, has been indicted by the SEC for fraud.