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Facebook is the main political news source for 61 percent of millennials

According to a new Pew Research study, Facebook is the main political news source for young Americans, with 61 percent of those surveyed reported getting most of their political and governmental information from the social media platform.
Social Media

Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce, formally introduces herself in a photo tweet

Bruce Jenner will appear on the cover of the June issue of Vanity Fair as a woman named Caitlyn. Jenner officially announced the cover photo and name change on her new Twitter account.
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Threats via Facebook not criminal, Supreme Court rules

Threats via social media are to be taken very seriously, but the U.S. Supreme Court ruled they are not criminal until context is established and the intent to carry out the act is there.
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Man crochets food-related head wear, becomes Instagram sensation

A 22-year-old Australian man has become something of an Instagram sensation after several months of posting photographs of food-based headgear that he's crocheted. Talk about ridiculous, but creative.

Now you can call an Uber in Foursquare to take you to that new burger joint

Thanks to Button, you can now order an Uber directly from the Foursquare app to take you to your restaurant or venue of choice. The Deep-linking startup company Button plans to link more apps soon.
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Pinterest implements ‘visual search’ tech to intelligently locate similar images

Pinterest is debuting a new feature called visual search that allows similar images to be discovered and displayed. This could have positive implications for its users and its own bottom line.
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It’s official! Starting today, Facebook supports animated GIFs

Facebook has finally added support for GIFs on their desktop platform. This comes after their work around two years ago and GIF support added for their messenger in March.
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Path’s social network, messaging app to be acquired by South Korean Internet firm

Path Inc. announced it is shedding its social networking and messaging apps. South Korea's Daum Kakao is acquiring the apps to expand its mobile messaging efforts in growing Asian markets, while Path Inc. will pursue other ventures.

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good: Marauder’s Map Chrome extension helps you stalk friends

A new Chrome extension uses Messenger to display a map of your Facebook friends' recorded locations, based on their Messenger usage. It's pretty much as scary and creepy as it sounds.

Google gives free unlimited photo storage to everyone, even iPhone users

Google has announced its anticipated standalone photo management service, Google Photos. Available for Android, iOS, and the Web, Google Photos offers unlimited photo and video storage, as well as intelligent photo management and search.
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Twitter kicks troll Charles Johnson to the curb for threatening an activist

On Sunday, Charles Johnson, Twitter troll extraordinaire, was banned from the site, after he advocated for the "taking out" of DeRay McKesson, a well-known civil rights and social justice activist.
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Tinder to blame for rise of STD’s in Rhode Island

The risks arising from online dating apps are now of the health variety, as Rhode Island's Department of Health reports that apps like Tinder have contributed to the rise of sexually transmitted diseases in the state.