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One-star Yelp review? It may be a sign of food poisoning

The power of the masses and public forums may be helping public health officials track food poisoning outbreaks, and Yelp is at the forefront of this new, almost accidental method of food safety alerts.

Stories you missed: Nike’s self-lacing shoes, Apple flips the bird, Facebook search

It can be challenging to keep track of everything that happens in the tech world. That's why we have compiled a list of the top 10 tech stories from this week — just for you. From Nike's charitable way of celebrating Back to the Future to…
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This picture about women in tech really is worth a thousand words

Rather than telling you again why there aren't enough women in tech and why it literally pays for there to be more, here's an infographic from The Next Generation to do the job on my behalf!

Google's Crisis Info Hub provides refugees with much needed data and information

Google's Crisis Info Hub leverages the search giant's technical prowess to provide migrants with crucial data including travel conditions, lodging options, danger warnings, and the all-important registration information.
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Snapchat makes you happier than Facebook and not because of sexting

A recent study coming out of the University of Michigan indicates that Snapchat users are happier and experience more positive emotions when interacting than do users on Facebook.
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Find out how people with your name make a living with the LinkedIn Name Game

As part of the LinkedIn 2015 Bring In Your Parent event, the Name Game allows you to enter your first name and find out the most common jobs performed by others who share that name.
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Thousands of pros on LinkedIn have fake degrees and aren’t even trying to hide it

Thousands of professionals on LinkedIn list college degrees and credentials purchased for just hundreds of dollars from educational institutions known as degree mills or diploma mills.
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The ultimate silver lining — Jack Dorsey gives a third of his shares back to Twitter employees

Christmas is coming early for what's left of Twitter's workforce -- those who survived the slashing of 8 percent of the employee base have now been rewarded with a third of CEO Jack Dorsey's stock, valued at around $200 million.
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Mancunian or Cockney? British Airways survey finds few can tell the difference

A language survey, part of a British Airways promotion, determined which accents we can identify and which are the sexiest. It also determined whether Brits or Americans are better at identifying the other side's dialects.

Facebook app draining your iPhone battery? Company says it’s fixed it

If you had a hunch it was Facebook's app draining your iPhone battery faster than it really should, then you were right. The company said Thursday it'd uncovered a couple of power-related issues, and has fixed them in an update you can grab…
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Facebook’s new search will scour all public posts

Facebook's expanding the scope of its search function to encompass all 2 trillion (and counting) public posts on the social network. It's an attempt at transforming search into a more useful, cohesive tool.
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Instagram releases Boomerang because GIFs are taking over the world

Instagram, the app that makes all of our lives look better than they are, has released Boomerang, a standalone app that allows you to take five photos, string them together into a GIF, and play them over and over.