Google’s Project Loon brings Internet access to remote areas with giant balloons

Looking for an inventive way to bring Internet access to people all around the world, Google's Project Loon uses balloons floating in the stratosphere to bring Web access to remote, rural regions.

Internet secrecy, swirling supercells and more in this week’s Staff Picks

You want to know all the best from around the Web in the past week, but you don’t want to have to look for it, right? Never fear. We’ve trolled the matrix to find the coolest, weirdest, and most interesting tidbits of the past seven…
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Giving it up for the GIF: Happy birthday, GIF – you are an Internet treasure!

To celebrate, we're looking pack at some of our favorite GIF moments, as well as some of our favorite types of GIFs. Never change, you image format you. Never change.
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Facebook: U.S. gov’t requested data on 18K-19K users in last half of 2012

Facebook has released more details about government requests for user data in the United States, including requests by the NSA. The company touts the increased transparency as a win for users concerned about how the social network is…

BMI files lawsuit to get Pandora to pay fair licensing fees

Streaming Internet radio provider Pandora may find itself with legally-imposed fees for the music it provides after Broadcast Music Inc. filed a lawsuit asking the court to decide just how much musicians and songwriters should be paid for…

Having a bad day? Here’s how to make it better with just one click

There are those bad days that can only warrant an exasperated, exhausted curse word - but your day has been so bad that you can't even find the energy to do so. Thankfully, the Internet has come up with a solution for you.

Chrome Experiment’s ‘Cube Slam’ lets you smash your friends ‘Pong’-style via video

Google's latest Chrome Experimenta,'Cube Slam' was released yesterday. It's built with WebRTC, which lets you play against friends via video without needing to install any plug-ins. If you miss 'Pong,' you'll definitely want to try this…

Rdio rolls out to seven new countries, comes to Asia for first time

While Apple's forthcoming streaming radio service will initially only be available to those in the US, rival Rdio is continuing to take its service to new locations, on Thursday announcing seven new countries, including its first step into…

Trash can that looks like new Mac Pro causes a stir in Japan

The design of the new Mac Pro is SO 2008, at least, it is if the design of the Tubelor trash can is anything to go by. The Tubelor hit the headlines in Japan this week when someone noticed it bore a striking resemblance to Apple's new…

Street View: Google adds 1001 new destinations from around the world

Google on Thursday released a massive amount of new imagery for its Street View service, covering mostly off-road locations in Asia, Europe, Latin America, the US and Canada.

The most offensive thing about PRISM? That horrible PowerPoint – so this guy redesigned it

PRISM has some ugly slides, but don't worry Parisian designer Emiland De Cubber has spruced it up a bit despite regardless of the program's purpose.
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Comic creation goes digital with ComiXwriter software

After years of making do with regular word processing programs, do comic writers need a specialized software to help them create their scripts? One start-up is hoping the answer is yes, and he's got a Kickstarter riding on the results.