Amazon takes the NYC subway to shorten delivery times

Amazon is giving true creed to the phrase "planes, trains, and automobiles," by hitching a ride on the New York City subway to shorten the delivery times on their same-day delivery services.

Researchers figure out how to create time-lapses from crowd-sourced photos

Researchers at Google and the University of Washington have developed an automated method of producing time-lapses from crowd-source photos. It relies on a combination of algorithms and internet archives.

FTC wants bankruptcy court to approve RadioShack’s customer data sale under certain conditions

The FTC has gotten involved in RadioShack's bankruptcy process, saying that the bankruptcy court can approve RadioShack's sale of customer information, so long as the sale meets certain conditions.
Movies & TV

So bad it’s good? Here are 15 of the worst movies currently on Netflix

For every blockbuster streaming on Netflix, there's an equally atrocious movie eagerly awaiting a viewing. Here are 15 of the best worst movies on Netflix.

Reddit steps up its fight against harassment, users are unimpressed

Reddit has declared war on harassment. Some users, however, are McKayla Maroney levels of unimpressed. Like many well-intentioned things shared with the Reddit community, the site's public vow to fight harassment was met with criticism.

5 cool, creative design platforms to make your website come alive

Web design isn't easy. Thankfully, these five design platforms give creative people all the tools they need to build their own sites easily and efficiently.

European mobile carriers might soon give users the option to disable Google’s ads

A recent report revealed that several European mobile carriers will soon block ads from Google and other companies on their networks. One carrier has allegedly installed the ad-blocking software and will soon offer it to subscribers.

United Airlines will offer up to 1,000,000 miles for finding security flaws

United Airlines has joined the slew of major companies in the last few years offering rewards to determined computer engineers and coders who might find flaws in its security systems.
Social Media

This hilarious video will make you so happy you’ll never date Google+, or any other social network

Ever wondered what it would be like to date the personification of your favorite social network? Turns out if that's Google+, it may go pretty badly. But then, in this funny video, it doesn't look like any of the others would be much…
Home Theater

AT&T and Hulu get cozy in new multi-platform partnership

Hulu and AT&T have announced a joint effort to bring Hulu to the AT&T customers. According to a press release by AT&T this week, the commuications giant will offer Hulu subscription streaming service to its subscribers across multiple…

Microsoft says our attention span is a mere 8 seconds — That’s less than a goldfish

Microsoft has concluded after surveying 2,000 people and monitoring the brain activity of over 100 others, that our attention spans have gone down. We now have an attention span lower than a goldfish.

There is a town in Spain that's run on Twitter

Twitter isn't only about frivolous tweets. When used creatively, it can help run an entire town. That's what's happening in Jun, Spain, where the government operates via the social network, and everyone from the mayor to the guy driving the…