This could get expensive: eBay’s going to livestream Sotheby’s New York auctions

If you're an avid eBay user and fancy taking part in a high-end Sotheby's auction, a new livestream site from the e-commerce giant makes it easier than ever to place bids. Just make sure you have enough money in the bank before you start.

YouTube replaces those annoying annotations with slightly less irksome cards

YouTube's annoying annotations are finally getting a less pesky replacement: cards. The cards look much nicer than the annotations, and you can even make them go away, if you don't want them cluttering up your view.

Wildly entertaining Google Feud game will put your knowledge of popular searches to the test

Test your knowledge of Google search autocorrect with this amazing Google Feud game. You'll have three wrong answers before you get thrown over to the next query that you need to complete.

Performing better at work? You’re probably using Chrome or Firefox

According to a new study, employees who use non-default browsers stay longer and perform better at work. Apparently, those who choose third-party browsers are researchers who are better informed.

Google Now will use other apps to better assess your needs

Google will soon introduce an open API for Google Now, allowing third-party apps to tap into the service. Allowing third-party apps to contribute to Google's data collection should improve the accuracy of Google Now's suggestions.

Here’s what $8 bucks a month could get you on YouTube

While YouTube is synonymous with web video for most people, increasing pressure from competitors like Vimeo and start-up Vessel have the company considering a subscription video on demand service, similar to its Music Key service.

Facebook’s new rules ban bare buttocks, breasts, and bias

Facebook published an updated version of its Community Guidelines, providing more detail about the content it allows its members to post. It includes new information on the site's stance concerning nudity, bullying, shaming, and violence.

Yahoo is eliminating passwords completely

Listen up, Yahoo users. A new log-in system from the Web company means you no longer have to remember your pesky password. Once you set it up, next time you log in you'll receive a single-use code to your phone. And that's all you need.

Google now lets you look for flights with Wi-Fi

Need to get some work done while you're in the air? Details of the amenities you can expect to find on board your aircraft have been added to Google flight search thanks to a new partnership.

Now you can watch 360-degree videos on YouTube, and they’re awesome

As promised in January, YouTube has finally flipped the switch on 360-degree video viewing and uploading. The videos are best viewed on your smartphone or with a VR headset, if you have one.

In spite of privacy concerns, the CISA cybersecurity bill moves forward

The Senate Intelligence Committee passed CISA, an updated version of CISPA, by a wide margin. Unfortunately for the bill, it faces the same privacy concerns as its zombie elder.
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Sandy Hook victim Victoria Soto’s family applies for trademark to lower online harassment

The family of Victoria Soto, who was among those killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting a few years ago, applied for a trademark for her name in the hopes of curbing online harassment aimed at the family.