Heartbleed is bandaged. Now how do we prevent the next one?

The worst of the Heartbleed OpenSSL bug has probably passed but that doesn't mean we're any safer. A giant vulnerability could be discovered tomorrow. Here are some ways the Internet can better protect itself.

Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and peers pledge support for OpenSSL

The Linux Foundation has collaborated with major tech companies for a three-year initiative called the “Core Infrastructure Initiative,” which aims to prop up underfunded open-source projects.

Vic Gundotra, head of Google+, abruptly leaves company

Google senior vice president and head of Google+ Vic Gundotra announced the end of his eight-year tenure at Google. Gundotra did not reveal what project he has moved on to, however.

Amazon takes on the grocery store with Prime Pantry

Potentially useful for heavy products that you have to lug out to your car each week, Amazon's Prime Pantry service will ship groceries to your doorstep for a flat rate fee rather than a weight-based shipping fee.

New FCC proposal threatens to eradicate the open Internet

Striking a blow to proponents of net neutrality and the open Internet, the FCC will soon be voting on a proposal that provides rules around paying Internet providers for preferential speed treatment.

Microsoft’s Bing in the Classroom launches, filters out ads and adult content

Microsoft's ad-free version of Bing takes flight, and is now available for use with all eligible school districts here in the states. You can learn more about Bing in the Classroom here.

43 percent of DDoS hacking attacks in Q4 2013 came from China, Akamai report says

A huge chunk of Denial of Service attacks originated from one country towards the tail end of last year. However, this doesn't come as a huge surprise to us. Learn more here.

Now Google Street View lets you rewind time to the good old days (of 2007)

Google has added time travel to Street View. Well, virtually, that is. You can now look at past images for a particular location, as far back as 2007. The feature is available in the desktop version of Google Maps.
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Twitter rolls out new photo-centric profile design for Web, adds new features

The profile redesign shown off by Twitter earlier this month is now available to all. Bigger and bolder, the photo-centric design adds an extra column and brings with it a number of new features.

Households that pay online sales tax spend 10 percent less on Amazon

Definitely an interesting impact on sales through Amazon, a new two-year study shows that the introduction of an online sales tax within a state significantly impacts consumer spending levels.
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Netflix to increase prices for new members as Q1 results show profit rise

Netflix on Monday announced it'll soon be raising prices for new members by between one and two dollars a month. The announcement came as the streaming video company announced Q1 figures showing increased profits and a growing user base.
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Online petition requesting the deportation of Justin Bieber fails

Clearly the obvious response to this type of popular, yet implausible petition, the White House decided to stay quiet on the issue of Justin Bieber's immigration status and his ability to stay in the United States.