A crashed drone camera keeps on filming as confused people stare and wonder what it is

Remarkable footage of a drone flying into Sydney Harbour Bridge appeared online recently, though possibly more remarkable is the fact that its on-board camera kept on filming, capturing its post-crash journey following its discovery.

Nissan’s self-driving car tested on public roads for first time, comes back in one piece

Nissan plans to start selling its self-driving car by 2020. This week it tested it out on public roads in full automatic mode for the very first time, and we're happy to report it returned to base in one piece.

Google offers hands-free voice search for computers running Chrome

Google has offered voice search on computers running Chrome for a while, though up until today you had to first click on the mic icon in the search box. An extension rolled out by the Web giant Tuesday, however, allows for truly hands-free…
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Facebook updates Kosovo’s status from ‘It’s complicated’ to ‘country’

Facebook recently recognized the disputed territory of Kosovo as a “country,” following a campaign by “digital diplomat” volunteers. That puts the social network in line with 105 countries around the world that view Kosovo as a…

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is likely off the hook in the US

WikiLeaks founder Juilan Assange is likely off the hook – at least as far as the U.S. government is concerned. But he may still have legal trouble due to sexual assault charges in Sweden.
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Facebook’s browse feature: an attempt to lure you onto Graph Search

Are you one of the people Facebook is testing the Browse button on? You get a sampler of potential graph searches, although some may ruin your self-esteem.
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Yahoo’s latest acquisition is Katie Couric – here’s everything you need to know

Katie Couric has accepted a position as Yahoo's new Global Anchor - so what does that even mean, and has Yahoo finally defined itself as a media company?

Amazon says its warehouse workers know what they’re getting into

As Amazon takes on thousands of extra workers in preparation for what's likely to be its busiest holiday season ever, a UK expert on work-related stress claims those employed at the company's distribution centers face an increased risk of…

This man has half a million Christmas lights in his front lawn, and a world record

Australian David Richards has entered the record books and annoyed a few neighbors by decorating the outside of his home with a staggering half a million LED lights for a Christmas display quite unlike any other.
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Want to follow Bud Light on Twitter? You now have to enter your age

Attempting to keep kids from being exposed to advertising meant for adult brands, Twitter has streamlined the age verification process that has to be completed to become a follower of an alcohol company.
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Twitter gets serious about user privacy with added encryption

Snooping on your Twitter account and messages just got a lot more difficult. On Friday, the social network announced that it has bolstered its system with a robust privacy technology that makes it extremely difficult for anyone to get a…
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Tis a thing of beauty: The first #selfie ever taken

No, it wasn't on Instagram, or anywhere else online. Just consider this self-photographer way ahead of his time. Way, way, way ahead of his time.