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Storenvy rebrands as a digital mall powered by social for discovering cool products

Storevy is rebranding from an ecommerce solution into a marketplace where shoppers can discover cool creative products through social and genre-based channels.


BitTorrent’s Android apps reach 10 million download milestone

BitTorrent has announced its collection of Android mobile applications have been downloaded 10 million times, with its uTorrent and Remote apps making up a large portion of that figure.


Google updates Maps for 10 European countries as part of Ground Truth project

Google rolled out new map data for 10 European countries on Wednesday as part of a drive to expand the coverage of its Ground Truth project, which is working to add even greater to detail to its online maps.


Gangnam Style: The annoyingly catchy song that is making a man millions

Will PSY be a one-hit wonder or will Gangnam Style be a stepping stone to greater things? Either way, it's made him a boatload of money.


Swimming robot enters the record books after epic 9000-mile journey across Pacific

A wave-powered swimming robot which set off from San Francisco over a year ago has reached Australia after an epic 9000-mile journey.

Cool Tech

Oops! Skype reveals details of upcoming video messaging feature in terms-of-service update

Any fanfare Skype was planning for the launch of its new video messaging feature will likely sound more like a rapidly deflating balloon after details of the feature appeared in its latest terms-of-service update.


Indian town bans women from using cell phones to cut down on affairs

In an attempt to save the institution of marriage, a village in eastern India has banned women from using cell phones, believing that that will reduce the number of extra-marital affairs in the community.


Mac OS X malware outbreak expected in 2013

It's that time of the year, folks. No, not the holidays – cybersecurity prediction time! Renowned cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Labs has released its predictions for the state of digital security over the coming 12 months. Here's what they're expecting.


Is Silicon Valley’s legendary office culture a business liability?

Plush offices loaded with free food and goodies may seem appealing, but the appearance they give to outsiders and the burden they impose on small companies can also present serious problems.


AT&T Wireless launches video bills to explain charges to customers

Definitely helpful after significantly altering a wireless service plan, AT&T is starting to send video bills that walk the customer through new charges.


Verizon CEO: Redbox Instant won’t launch until early 2013

The partnership between Verizon and Redbox won't bear fruit as quickly as some had hoped, with Verizon's CEO telling reporters that the service won't launch this month as rumored, but instead at some undisclosed point within the first half of 2013.

Home Theater

Disney inks new Pay-TV deal with… Netflix?

Disney has signed away its exclusive TV rights from 2016... to a company that isn't even on television. For three years, Netflix will control the House of Mouse when it comes to small screens everywhere.


Ignore previous designs – this is what the new Yahoo homepage will look like

The latest reported design for the new Yahoo homepage under Marissa Mayor, CEO of Yahoo, looks promising and uses responsive design to fit mobile devices.


Think before you sync: A few things to consider before enabling Facebook Photo Sync

Before you go ahead and sync your smartphone photo gallery to your Facebook, consider a few of the privacy and security implications. As the social network makes a dive into the deep end of big data, there are a handful of reasons we need to think twice before…


State of the Web: Why Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia won’t ruin the Internet … yet

Even in a worst-case scenario, whatever happens at the UN's ITU conference this week will have little effect on Web users in the United States (at least in the short run). It's the rest of the world that needs to worry.