Microsoft launches Office Insider for Mac users, promising early updates for enthusiasts

Office Insider is no longer Windows-only. Mac users can now opt in to get early updates for Office for Mac 2016, and test new features in Office apps.

Who needs a charging cable when you have the Boomerang case for the iPhone?

The Boomerang case offers something very few, if any, cases offer: a built-in charging cable. The case is currently available for purchase through Indiegogo for the iPhone 6 and 6S.
Product Review

Edwin the smart duck makes bath time lots of fun, but he runs out of tricks too fast

We spent some time with Edwin, the world’s first smart rubber duck, which offers interactive app experiences for kids. Find out if it went swimmingly.

Now you can caption your own GIFs with Riffsy’s iOS keyboard app

Now you can personalize your own GIFs with captions using Riffsy's GIF Keyboard app for iOS. The keyboard makes it easy to share GIFs in any messaging app, and now it's more personal than ever.

California anti-encryption bill proposal might force Apple to stop sales on its home turf

California has pushed a new law into the state assembly, looking to weaken smartphone encryption and give law enforcement a permanent backdoor. The legislation is a carbon copy of an anti-encryption law published in New York state last…

Apple is accused of patent infringement arising from Siri functionality

Apple is facing a new lawsuit from Dot 23 Technologies, a "non-practicing entity" that claims that voice dial recognition in Siri has violated three of its patents. The company is seeking monetary damages related to the infringement.

Apple opens doors for future iOS app developers at its first European dev center

Apple has announced plans to open its first European iOS development center in Naples, Italy. The center will offer specialized support for teachers and practice skills for students, alongside creating "additional opportunities" in Italy.

This phone case lights up in time to music, ready to annoy everyone behind you at concerts

Smartphones are now so common at concerts and festivals, we may as well make them standout as much as possible. That's the idea behind the Candel, a case with a light up rear panel that flashes in time with music.

Sing your heart out with the help of Apple's new Music Memo app and updated GarageBand

Apple's getting serious about music. It's released a new audio recording app, Music Memo, and an update to GarageBand that includes support for live loops. The app's free, and the update's available at no charge for existing users.

You can now download iOS 9.2.1, which fixes bugs and offers security updates

Apple has released iOS 9.2.1 for supported devices. It's a rather minuscule update that brings bug fixes and security updates to the platform. iOS 9.3 will be here in the coming months and will focus on education, while bringing a host of…

Is your phone conflict free? If it's from Apple or Samsung, no, says Amnesty International

Do you own a conflict phone? You probably do, according to Amnesty International's latest report. The organization accuses several big smartphone makers -- including Apple, Samsung, and Huawei -- of making phones with conflict minerals.

A glittery iPhone 5C case leaked and chemically burned a 9-year-old girl

Not all that glitters is gold ... nor is it safe. In a true 21st-century nightmare, a 9-year-old girl has been left with a what may be a permanent scar in the shape of an iPhone 5c as a result of a chemical burn from her glittery phone…