Emerging Tech
Emerging Tech

A history of artificial intelligence in 10 landmarks

With thousands of researchers actively working in the field, narrowing down the 10 most significant milestones in the history of AI isn't easy by any means. But we've certainly tried!

Have $16 million? Climb aboard Porsche’s new superyacht

Porsche’s design arm, Studio F.A. Porsche, unveiled a 115-foot superyacht dubbed the Dynamiq GTT 115. Created with shipbuilder Dynamiq, the vessel is powered by two 1,650-horsepower diesel V12s, and costs $16.7 million.
Health & Fitness

A new smart foam in football helmets could help detect concussions

The latest innovation in football safety comes from Brigham Young University in Utah, where Ph.D student Jake Merrell is leading an effort to measure football-related head injuries in real time with a smart foam.
Emerging Tech

Another mass extinction event is on its way, warns MIT scientist

A geophysics professor from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) claims he’s just run the math… and we’re on our way to what he refers to as a mass extinction event. Here's why.
Emerging Tech

Watch Lockheed Martin burn drones out of the sky with a new laser

Lockheed Martin recently showed off its ATHENA laser blaster by blowing drones out of the sky with it. The weapon may one day help protect soldiers in combat from threats that could possibly include swarms of drones.

Kodak Moment’s chatbot suggests the best Facebook photos for printing

The Kodak Moments chatbot suggests Facebook photos to print, while a similar AI-powered feature is also in the updated app. The algorithm factors elements like faces, relationships, location, and photo quality into the decision.

Weekly Rewind: The best Porsches ever, a new Nest security system, Google's HTC acquisition

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on that it's almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of it. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top tech stories from this week.
Emerging Tech

Innovative suction robot is designed to hitchhike on the side of a shark

A suction robot designed by engineers at China’s Beihang University and Harvard University could hitch a ride on the side of a shark to either save on energy or else help track them.
Emerging Tech

In order to stay in space for so long, Peggy Whitson exercised like crazy

How did Peggy Whitson manage to stay in space for so long? By taking care of her body in space the same way we manage our bodies here on Earth -- with lots of exercise. The ISS has a special astronaut gym on board.
Product Review

RadMini Folding Ebike Review

The RadMini folding fat bike can handle any terrain - including your closet.
Emerging Tech

Using cellphones and sewage, scientists can tell what drugs you’re taking

Asking people about their drug habits -- either legal or illicit -- unsurprisingly doesn't always result in reliable data. You know what does? Analyzing sewage and cellphone signals.
Emerging Tech

This handheld scanner lets farmers analyze their crops in seconds

GrainSense is a smart device that lets farmers scan their crops with various frequencies of near-infrared light to find out the levels of protein, moisture, oil, and carbohydrate in their grain.