Emerging Tech
Emerging Tech

A.I.-powered guitar gadget ‘hears’ what you play, backs you up in real time

OneManBand is a smart guitar device that 'listens' to what you’re playing, adapts to it, and then generates a real-time backup track to play with you. Playing on your own will never be the same!
Emerging Tech

XYZprinting’s da Vinci Nano is a cute plug-and-play 3D printer for the masses

Leading 3D printer manufacturer XYZprinting is using CES 2018 to announce three exciting new products. We're particularly psyched about their cute new $229 da Vinci Nano plug-and-play 3D printer.

The Populele is a gamified smart ukulele that promises to make music (more) fun

After a wildly successful Indiegogo campaign in the summer of 2017, PopuBand Music is back with its Populele -- a gamified ukulele that leverages technology to make learning an instrument as easy as it is fun.
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Truly creative A.I. is just around the corner. Here’s why that’s a big deal

When it comes to A.I. attempting to write new episodes of Scrubs, things look pretty funny. But whether A.I. can be creative is actually among the field's most important questions.
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Blasting your brain with sound, pulses can help quiet the din of tinnitus

Researchers from the University of Michigan have developed an experimental device designed to fight the effects of tinnitus by using sounds and electrical pulses to reset nerve cells in the brain.

Tiny flat lenses just graduated to full color (and soon, use outside the lab)

A group of Harvard researchers developed a flat lens that works for full-color images and has already licensed the tech for commercial use. Earlier research showed promise for use in tiny cameras, but couldn't capture color.
Emerging Tech

Child-friendly wearable smartphone gives parents a direct line to their kids

MyFirst Fone is a 3G smartphone, worn like a watch, that kids won't easily lose. Since it's only able to receive calls from certain numbers, it could be the communication solution parents are looking for.
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It won’t power the Matrix, but these suits use humans to mine cryptocurrencies

Looking for a new way to mine cryptocurrencies? You could do so by harvesting the excess heat your body generates -- which is exactly what a creepy-sounding Dutch organization is doing.

Inspired by Segway, this robotic suitcase follows you around the airport

The 90Fun Puppy 1 uses trackers to follow you around, but still manages to balance on two wheels using tech from Segway. The smart suitcase is the first U.S.-based launch for the China-based brand.
Emerging Tech

No, an alien megastructure doesn’t explain that mysterious star

"Tabby's Star" has confounded astronomers for years, with some suggesting that it could be the site of an alien megastructure. Now, a new study suggests that the explanation is much more simple.
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It’s almost here! Here’s the best of what’s coming at CES 2018

From wireless power to electric cars and the rise of China, these are the trends you’ll see dominate CES 2018, and the tech world in the year to come
Emerging Tech

Want to help bail people out of jail with spare change? There’s an app for that

A new app called Appolition lets you give your spare change to help bail people out of jail. Whenever you make a purchase, it rounds the price to the nearest dollar, and donates the extra.
Emerging Tech

3D-printed optical illusion tricks your eyeballs into perceiving a cube

We're suckers for a good optical illusion, and YouTuber 3DSage created a doozy. He created a perception-skewing piece of art that looks like a 3D cube, but turns out to be anything but.
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3D-printed lipstick applicator means perfect makeup every time

Researchers in the U.K.’s Cosmetic Science Group at London College of Fashion have developed a 3D-printed makeup applicator, which means perfect lipstick every time -- minus the mirror.
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A hospital in Japan is getting some help from a fleet of robots

Robots, who have made themselves useful in restaurants, in supermarkets, and in our homes, are now going into our hospitals as well. In Japan, these bots will begin operations in February.
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New DNA vaccine could lead to a one-dose universal vaccine for the flu

Researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine have developed a DNA vaccine, which could have the makings of a one-dose universal flu protection. Here's how it works.
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Listening to their own brain waves could help PTSD sufferers battle affliction

Post-traumatic stress disorder can be debilitating for those who suffer from it. Researchers have found a new way to help treat it -- by letting sufferers listen to their own brain waves.
Emerging Tech

Lab-grown SuperMeat may be the vegetarian option of the future

Thanks to companies like SuperMeat, even those who have sworn off of meat can still have the occasional piece of fried chicken. And it's not made of tofu or seitan or any other filler -- this chicken is grown in a lab.