Emerging Tech

Find inner peace in KFC’s internet Escape pod

Need a break from the internet but can't bring yourself to hit the "off" switch. Then climb into KFC's signal-blocking "escape pod" and enjoy some quiet time in the protective embrace of an odd-looking Colonel Sanders.
Emerging Tech

Now some of London’s buses use coffee to get started each morning

Some of London's buses are now chugging along the city's streets powered by a coffee-based biofuel. The pollution-cutting effort reflects growing interest in biofuels for a cleaner environment.
Emerging Tech

The SureFly two-person drone taxi will make its maiden flight at CES 2018

Workhorse has announced that its SureFly octocopter, essentially a human-sized drone for up to two people, is set to make its manned maiden voyage at January's CES event in Las Vegas.
Emerging Tech

Octinion’s strawberry-picking bot is quick, nimble, and ready to replace humans

Belgian engineering company Octinion has developed a robot that's capable of picking strawberries without bruising them in the process. Well, there goes another job humans used to do!
Emerging Tech

Amazon Echos given to people in need to reduce demands on caregivers

An innovative trial taking place in the U.K. is giving Amazon Echos to people with learning disabilities to see if they can help cut down on demands for already overstretched human caregivers.
Health & Fitness

Kevlar finds a use beyond bulletproof vests — as a cartilage replacement

We trust Kevlar to protect us from external forces, but now, we might put the material to use internally as well. As per new research from the University of Michigan, we may soon be padding the insides of our bodies with "Kevlartilage."
Emerging Tech

World’s largest aircraft tears itself apart

The Airlander wasn't supposed to break free from its mooring, but the aircraft was supposed to tear apart, or else it could've gone anywhere. Two people were injured in the Saturday's incident, and the maker is now investigating.
Emerging Tech

Watch NASA test the supersonic parachute for the 2020 Mars mission

In preparation for the next trip to the Red Planet, NASA tested a supersonic parachute that will be used during entry into the Martian atmosphere by deploying it from a rocket at nearly twice the speed of sound.
Virtual Reality

How Hollywood techniques and VR are changing the field of neuroscience

Big-budget CGI and virtual reality are mostly confined to the entertainment industries, but researchers have taken advantage of those techniques to help them more easily study the human brain.
Emerging Tech

Kickstarter lets you subscribe to creators with Drip

Drip is a crowdfunding tool that allows you to subscribe to a creator and give them monthly payments. This is in contrast to the Kickstarter model, which has backers pledge money to one single project.

Try these accessible tech teaching tools on your next dream golf vacation

Golfers have always loved gadgets, but now you can use the latest technology previously only available to tour pros to help you improve your game on your upcoming vacation to a high-end golf resort.

20 car technologies we’re thankful for (and a little spoiled by)

There’s a lot to be thankful for this holiday season, but here at DT, cool car technologies are at the top of the list. Inside, we’re giving thanks for heated seats, adaptive cruise control, and much more.
Emerging Tech

High-tech neuroprosthetic ‘Luke’ arm lets amputee touch and feel again

Researchers at the University of Utah have attached a robotic arm and hand that respond directly to nerve impulses. Called the "Luke" arm, it's a revolutionary advancement in neuroprosthetic devices.
Emerging Tech

Scientists hope their latest alien invitation won’t trigger an invasion of Earth

Researchers from METI have sent a friendly greeting to a red dwarf system that could be home to an alien civilization. We may hear back from them in 25 years, but what will the response be?
Emerging Tech

The Orbital Reflector, launching in 2018, is the world’s first space sculpture

The Orbital Reflector is a satellite that will have no commercial, military, or scientific purpose. Visible from the ground without a telescope, it will exist as a artistic endeavor orbiting the Earth for all to enjoy.
Emerging Tech

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Snow scooters and fully automatic toothbrushes

Check out our roundup of the best new crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the Web this week. You can't buy this stuff yet, but it sure is fun to gawk!
Emerging Tech

‘Slaughterbots’ video is a real plea from scientists to ban killer A.I. bots

This Slaughterbots fictional video from the Future of Life Institute depicts a killer robot swarm attack. This chilling short was presented at the recent UN conference on fully autonomous weapon systems.
Emerging Tech

Apple data center in Denmark gets a new neighbor in Google

Apple and Google may be rivals, but they are also neighbors. The search giant recently purchased a plot of land in Denmark which is next to the one Apple is using to build a data center on.