Kojima Productions partners with Sony for PS4 console exclusive project

Metal Gear Solid series director Hideo Kojima has officially parted ways with Konami after spending nearly 30 years with the company. The veteran director is now working with Sony on an upcoming project for the PlayStation 4.

Wild wasteland: the best secrets and Easter eggs in Fallout 4

The world of Fallout 4 is big, and loaded with secrets. Here are some of the best references and other hidden things throughout the Commonwealth.

Climbing Mt. Everest in VR is so terrifying that my knees wobbled

I climbed Everest, thanks to the incredible power of the HTC Vive, Nvidia, and the team of FX experts responsible for the movie of the same name. It was utterly terrifying, but proof VR is the most exciting tech innovation we've seen in…

Remastered Turok: Dinosaur Hunter launches for PC this week

A remastered version of Acclaim's Nintendo 64-era first-person shooter Turok: Dinosaur Hunter will launch for PC platforms via Steam,, and the Humble Store this week, publisher Night Dive Studios confirmed.

Based on These eBay Listings, Devil’s Third is Already a Collector’s Item

Retailers didn't expect anyone would be interested in Devil's Third so they didn't buy many copies. By doing so, they made the retail game into a prized commodity for North American game collectors.

Guitar Hero Live adds GHTV online versus mode

Guitar Hero Live's GHTV mode just got lot more competitive with the introduction of Rival Challenges, a new feature that pits veteran players against one another in a series of online head-to-head matches.

Not everyone who plays video games is a gamer, study says

A new study from the Pew Research Center suggests the connection between playing video games and identifying as a "gamer" are not as strongly related as you might think.

Destiny's new microtransactions let you pay your way to the top

The latest batch of DLC for Bungie's spacefaring first-person shooter Destiny allows players to skip the game's lengthy leveling process, instantly boosting character classes and weapons with one-time purchases.
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All hail the new king of gaming laptops, Acer's vicious Predator 17

Acer is known to offer bargain hardware for gamers, but has lost previous battles in the high-end, hardcore gaming arena. Can the company’s new 17-inch Predator change its fortunes?

Fable Legends public beta delayed to spring 2016

The public beta for Fable Legends, the upcoming multiplayer free-to-play entry in Microsoft's action-RPG series, has been pushed back to "Spring 2016," according to developer Lionhead Studios.

Oculus Rift creator proves the headset does work on a ‘room-scale’

After trying it out for himself this weekend, it's clear that Palmer Luckey wasn't kidding around when he said Oculus Rift wasn't incapable of room-scale VR. Over the weekend, he decided to try it out for himself just "for the hell of it."

Battlefield Hardline makes its ‘Getaway’ next month

Battlefield Hardline receives its third expansion, Getaway, next month, and the focus is all on high-speed car chases. Four new maps and a new "capture the bag" game mode highlight the new content.