Shark-tracking app wants to help keep your beach vacation bite-free

If multiple viewings of Jaws has left you reluctant to go swimming during summer vacations, then a new shark-tracking app aimed at helping humans and great whites to peacefully co-exist may encourage you to get back in the water.

Download these apps to capture Pokémon, tweetstorm, and more

Every week we hunt for various apps you can enjoy -- you've probably heard of this week's number one app though. Check out some of our other top picks including an app that lets you easily tweetstorm.
Emerging Tech

Awesome tech you cant buy yet: Solar hot dogs, dive cams, and crazy keyboards

Check out our roundup of the coolest crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the web this week. You can't buy this stuff yet, but it sure is fun to gawk!

Did someone order extra large? The Galaxy J Max lives up to its name with a 7-inch screen

Samsung announced the Galaxy J Max, a whale of a phone that packs an enormous 7-inch screen and not much else. The Galaxy J Max will be available later in July for Indian residents for around $200.

Poor G5 sales be damned: LG expects its best second quarter since 2014

According to its regulatory filing, LG expects its highest operating profit in two years. Unfortunately, the company's mobile division is expected to continue its ongoing struggles for the fifth consecutive quarter.

We literally cannot let go of our smartphones, new survey finds

According to a new survey conducted by YouGov Omnibus, over 50 percent of millennials report that they carry their phone in their hand throughout the day. For half of us raised with mobile devices, they've become an extension of our arms.
Virtual Reality

How should we move around in VR? Nobody has figured it out yet

If you asked five people how they like to move around in virtual reality, you'll probably receive five different answers, so we set out to see if there was a definitive future of VR locomotion we could paint: it turns out that it's harder…

The future of the $4 smartphone might not look as bright as you might imagine

Ringing Bells announced it finally began shipping its $4 Freedom 251 smartphone. However, based on comments from the company and recent product announcements, the future of the phone is in question.
Emerging Tech

Will a mobile app be the solution to stop unnecessary police shootings?

Technology investor Shervin Pishevar, chairman of Hyperloop One teamed up with former New York City Police Commissioner Berne Kerik to develop a mobile app that they hope will help stop unnecessary police shootings.

A mere $70 gets you the Alcatel Dawn complete with Android 6.0 Marshmallow

The Alcatel Dawn recently launched on Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Even though the phone will not win any awards, what makes it stand out from its competitors is its $70 price tag and Android Marshmallow.

5 songs you need to stream this week: Kendrick Lamar, Sampha, and more

Not sure what new music to listen to? We'll let you know what new tracks and albums dropping this week are worthy of your attention. Up this week: Kendrick Lamar, Sampha, and more.

Bragi Dash vs. Samsung Gear Icon X: Battle of the earbuds

The Bragi Dash and forthcoming Samsung Gear IconX can play music, track your workout, and filter ambient sound in and out -- all without wires. But which pairs of smart 'buds are better? Check out in-depth spec comparison to find out.