Welcome to 2016: US Senate staff will no longer receive BlackBerrys

Lawmakers are getting dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. A policy change means Senate staffers will no longer receive BlackBerry phones, but Android devices or iPhones, instead.
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No English? No problem: Facebook can translate posts into different languages

Facebook is testing a new feature that will allow you to automatically translate posts. Once translated, posts will display in their translated versions to those who don't speak the language of the original post.

Best app deals of the day! 6 paid iPhone apps for free for a limited time

Everyone likes free apps, but sometimes the best ones are a bit expensive. Now and then, developers put paid apps on sale for a limited time, but you have to snatch them up fast. Here are the latest and greatest apps on sale in the iOS App…

SanDisk’s high-performance MicroSD cards are built for your 4K video library

SanDisk just announced the 256GB Extreme MicroSDXC card that sets a new transfer speed record of 100MB/sec and has enough capacity for 14 hours of 4K footage. A new Ultra card with the same capacity but lower speed was also announced.

11,000 bots now live on Facebook Messenger after just three months

Facebook launched bots on Messenger just three months ago, but developers are all over it. Over 11,000 bots have launched in that short period of time, but is anyone actually talking with the things?

The tough get going: Which Samsung Galaxy Active phone is right for you?

Like your phones tough? Samsung has released the Galaxy S7 Active, which is as a follow-up to last year's Galaxy S6 Active, and it's ready to take some punishment. But how do the two devices compare? Check out our in-depth spec comparison…

Huawei says it is still on track to ship 140 million phones by year’s end

Huawei president He Gang shot down earlier rumors of lowered targets, saying the company will definitely ship 140 million phones in 2016. It shipped over 100 million in 2015, becoming the third-largest phone maker in the world.

Don’t get all wet — slap this limited edition waterproof case on your iPad

Catalyst Lifestyle, manufacturers of waterproof cases for the iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch, debuted a few new models at CE Week 2016 in New York City. One, the Limited Edition line for the Apple Watch 42mm, features "premium materials."

Phones don’t get much bigger than the Xiaomi Mi Max

Xiaomi has got a big new phone. A really big new phone. It's called the Mi Max, and the screen is 6.44-inches in size, bridging the gap between its current largest phone and the Mi Pad 2 tablet.

Google’s latest diversity report shows very slow progress

Google has released its latest diversity report, showing slow progress, but progress nonetheless. Google is quick to highlight that these numbers do not reflect where the company wants to be.

Olloclip’s addition for Otterbox’s modular case easily switches between 4 lenses

Olloclip was at CE Week 2016 this year, and we stopped by to take a look at its new 4-in-1 lens designed for Otterbox's modular Universe Case. Snap it on and you get four different lenses to switch through.

Android's next flavor is Nougat and it's version 7.0

Google has long been teasing Android N's potential name to be Nutella, but you can say goodbye to the chocolate spread as Nougat has taken the cake. Android Nougat is expected to be released some time this summer.