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Netflix gives America’s history an R-rated revision in its first animated film

Netflix's first original animated film will be America: The Motion Picture, a revisionist take on the early days of America. Channing Tatum will star as George Washington and the film will be directed by Archer's Matt Thompson.
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'Ghost in the Shell' may look beautiful, but it feels hollow

Scarlett Johansson goes cyberpunk for Ghost in the Shell, a flashy film that falls short of its legacy but still offers surface-level entertainment value.

Insurance company tallies damage from first seven Fast & Furious movies

The first seven Fast & Furious movies racked up over $500 million in damages, according to British firm Insure the Gap. That includes the destruction of over 150 cars, and 31 buildings.
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Lucasfilm: How we made ‘Rogue One’ look and feel seamless within the Star Wars saga

The design aesthetic of Rogue One was informed as much by the past as it was by the future, according to Lucasfilm VP and co-production designer Doug Chiang.
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Caesar is back with a vengeance in new ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ trailer

With War for the Planet of the Apes set to round out the franchise's latest trilogy this summer, 20th Century Fox has unveiled a new trailer. The action-packed preview teases the intense war ahead.
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From Marvel to DC? Joss Whedon in talks to direct stand-alone Batgirl movie

Joss Whedon left his mark on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he's ready to do the same for the DC Extended Universe. The filmmaker is reportedly closing in on a deal to direct a stand-alone Batgirl film for Warner Bros.
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The rivals for the Iron Throne take a long walk in 'Game of Thrones' season 7 trailer

All the key players get into place in the new trailer for the upcoming, penultimate season of HBO's Game of Thrones, which returns for a seventh season July 16 ahead of its grand finale next year.
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Trailer for ‘Jurassic World’ director’s ‘The Book of Henry’ is full of surprises

Here's the first look at The Book of Henry, the next film from Safety Not Guaranteed and Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow, which follows a brilliant young boy who enacts a complicated plan to rescue his neighbor.
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And the winner isn't: Oscar mix-up prompts new safeguards from Academy

We're still cringing over the 2017 Oscars' Best Picture debacle, but we should be spared such chaos in the future. The Academy has revealed its plans to avoid such mix-ups going forward.

Silicon Valley Warriors: Draymond Green discusses technology’s growing influence on the NBA

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green told us how the NBA embraces technology to help players properly recover and how HotelTonight helps him find the best deals on last-minute hotel rooms.

Hideo Kojima headlines the inaugural Tribeca Games Festival

An offshoot of the film festival, the Tribeca Games Festival will cover storytelling across a wide variety of games. With presentations by Hideo Kojima, Ken Levine, Sam Lake, and many more, NYC will be buzzing April 28-29.
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‘We all float’: The first trailer for Stephen King’s ‘IT’ is pure nightmare fuel

Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema have released the first official trailer for the upcoming big-screen adaptation of Stephen King's It, and it's just as terrifying as you expect.