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Time-traveling astronaut leaks Google’s Nexus Space phone, coming in 2029

Google's working on a future smartphone called the Nexus Space, or the Nexus 16. The massive phablet won't be out in the near future though, but leaks indicate it's already popular in the year 2029...
Smart Home

OneRent to launch its residential rental and property management service in new cities

Finding a long-term residential rental in five big cities may get easier in the not-so distant future. After securing new funding, One Rent has announced that plans to expand its residential rental and property management service.

Apple Pay reportedly coming to mobile websites later this year

Apple looks set to expand its payments system to mobile websites before the end of the year, reports suggest. The move would allow users of Touch ID-equipped iOS devices to make purchases on shopping sites via the company's Safari browser.

Is Google building a live-streaming YouTube app to take on Periscope?

YouTube, it seems, wants to get into the mobile live-streaming game. Reports suggest the business is building an app along the lines of Periscope and Facebook Live that'd let users quickly and easily launch a live broadcast.

Ride-hailing wars: Uber accuses Indian rival of booking 400,000 fake rides

Uber is taking its main rival in India to court. The U.S. company accuses Ola of booking and then canceling more than 400,000 rides in an underhand effort to boost its own business by keeping Uber drivers off the road.

Google Maps gets more ride-sharing options, though it depends where you are

Google Maps for iOS now includes the same ride-sharing tab that landed for Android users last week. It means riders in the UK, for example, can now quickly compare estimated fares for several services, including Uber, Gett, and Hailo.

A wireless mouse that's faster than wired? The G900 could be a game changer

Wireless gaming mice are met with skepticism from most gamers, but Razer’s Mamba has shown the idea can work. Now Logitech is entering the fray, looking to convert doubters with a new wireless flagship.

This double barreled handgun folds up to look like a smartphone

Playing off the fact that the majority of Americans carry around smartphones every day, a startup company in Minnesota has created a handgun that can be disguised as a smartphone when not in use.

Kendall Jenner reveals secrets behind her Instagram success

Kendall Jenner has graced a special digital edition cover of fashion magazine Vogue, in which she discusses the secrets behind her Instagram success that has seen her amass a whopping 64 million followers on the app.
Home Theater

Want to share one audio stream with ten sets of headphones? Meet HUB

Definitely less expensive than using Sonos speakers in your home, HUB is a new solution for streaming audio to speakers or headphones from a single source. That source can be anything from a mobile device to a home theater receiver.
Social Media

Facebook’s latest test feature notifies you if someone is impersonating your account

Facebook is reportedly testing a new feature that will alert you when someone is suspected of impersonating your account by using your name and photo. The function is already available in 75 percent of the world, with plans for further…

Lego Marvel’s Avengers brings decent gameplay to well known movie scripts

Marvel's heroes return in "Lego Marvel's Avengers" giving fans the chance to replay scenes in their movies as Lego characters. See what we think about Lego's latest game in this quick video.