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Falcon thinks ‘Captain America: Civil War’ is Marvel’s best movie yet

Anthony Mackie has already seen Captain America: Civil War, and he's all about the upcoming superhero flick. The actor, who stars as Falcon, recently said that he thinks the film is Marvel's best yet.

Asus settles FTC lawsuit over flawed router file security

Asus is settling and FTC lawsuit regarding their routers out of court, agreeing to establish a security program subject to audits. The settlement suggests the FTC is watching companies that develop IoT devices closely.
Smart Home

Make your own espresso via Bluetooth on Nespresso’s Prodigio machine

Nespresso unveiled a new espresso machine called the "Prodigio," built with Bluetooth connectivity that allows users to to schedule a brewing time, brew coffee right away, and more through their smartphone or tablet.

Once threatened by Yahoo, Time Inc. may now be its savior

Magazine publisher Time Inc. may be looking into merging with the spun-off core of Yahoo, potentially saving the company from being subsumed by interested buyers.

Lords of the Fallen, Borderlands free with Xbox Live Gold in March

Microsoft will hand out another batch of free games for Xbox Live Gold subscribers in March, including the Dark Souls-inspired action-RPG Lords of the Fallen and an Xbox One-compatible version of Borderlands.

Psychonauts 2 dev team lands BioShock 2 lead designer

BioShock 2 and The Bureau: XCOM Declassified developer Zak McClendon has joined up with Double Fine as the lead designer of the company's upcoming crowdfunded platformer Psychonauts 2.
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Someone set this The Walking Dead chase scene to Benny Hill music, and it’s hilarious

Several crafty YouTubers took the chase scene from the latest episode of The Walking Dead and set it to the tune of the Benny Hill Show theme song. The result is pretty hilarious -- good luck not laughing.
Emerging Tech

SpaceX ‘not expected’ to successfully land its upgraded Falcon 9 at sea Wednesday

Despite typical optimism from Elon Musk's aerospace company, the agency says it does not expect to successfully land its Falcon 9 on a barge Wednesday. Instead, it's focused on delivering a 12,000-pound payload for the Asia-based SES.

BMW will revive the 8 Series sports coupe to lead its luxury pack

BMW has revealed that it plans to reintroduce its 8 Series in 2020. The automaker has yet to decide whether the model will be a coupe like its predecessor, but it will be the brand's new flagship.

BuzzFeed just killed your productivity with its new app, BuzzFeed Video

Your productivity levels are about to take a nosedive. On Tuesday, BuzzFeed, otherwise known as ADD central of the already ADD-prone Internet, unveiled a new app called BuzzFeed Video.
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How Ex Machina built a better, beautiful, and utterly believable android

Alicia Vikander's artificially intelligent android, Ava, is at the heart of sci-fi thriller Ex Machina's Oscar-nominated visual effects, which blur the line between human and robot.