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You no longer need an invite to sign up for Google’s Project Fi cell service

Google's Project Fi was launched last year, however, until now it was invite-only. Now anyone in the U.S. can use the service, as long as they have the Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, or Nexus 5X.

Now researchers can fool fingerprint scanners with an ordinary inkjet printer

Just how secure is the fingerprint sensor on your smartphone? Researchers at Michigan State University demonstrated how you can spoof a smartphone's fingerprint sensor using a simple inkjet printer.

The iPhone 6S bests the Galaxy S7 edge by 17 seconds in this speed test

In an informal speed test between flagship smartphones, Apple's iPhone 6s appears to beat Samsung's new Galaxy S7 edge.

Commerce Department ban on Qualcomm, Intel, and others from supplying ZTE has been lifted

The United States Commerce Department will restrict China-based telecom firm ZTE's suppliers over the company's alleged plan to resell technology to Iran, a violation of U.S. trade law.

Pay your OnePlus device off in monthly payments through PayPal

Thinking about buying a OnePlus device? This may push you over -- OnePlus has made buying a device a little easier by launching a monthly payment plan structure. It's unclear if the option will make its way to other markets.

Time has stopped for smartwatches, as the tech world waits for Apple Watch 2

Where are all the new smartwatches? CES and MWC 2016 both passed without any major, splashy new announcements, so what's the problem? Some say it's an over reliance on high-tech specs, but the Apple Watch 2 and Swiss watch maker's lethargy…
Android Army

Report: The Galaxy S7 edge is pretty cool but TouchWiz still stutters

An initial report has found that the Galaxy S7 edge performs better than most phones on the market, but old habits die hard and TouchWiz still stutters, lags, and skips frames. There seem to be few heating issues, however.

Hound, Roger, Anchor, and more: Check out these five apps of the week

Take a look at our top five new apps of the week. Roger is finally out on Android, and SoundHound brought Hound out of private beta. Tech newsletter Morning Reader also released an iOS and Android app, so you can keep up with the latest on…

Samsung might be working on an updated version of the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

It's rumored that Samsung is currently working on a refreshed version of the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite. According to reports, the tablet will pack more powerful internals and updated software.

New Malware, Accessibility Clickjacking, affects 65% of Android devices

Skycure co-founders Adi Sharabani and Yair Amit revealed that a new kind of malware puts a stunning 500,000,000 Android phones at risk. That's the equivalent of 65 percent of Android devices on the market today.

Amazon backtracks, says 'full-disk encryption' will return in a spring update

In the most recent update for its Fire tablets, Amazon has removed device encryption, a move that could be seen as backwards thinking. But the company has since backtracked and says full-disk encryption will return in a spring update.

The BlackBerry Priv is now available at Verizon with its QWERTY keyboard

The BlackBerry Priv is now available from Verizon, essentially meaning that the device is now available to 80 percent of U.S. customers. The device's main draw is the fact that it is one of the few to offer a physical keyboard.