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Facebook debuts open-source Android security tool that encrypts data on SD cards

Facebook decided to share security software it developed to protect its Android app from malware, which encrypts the data stores on MicroSD cards used by phones and tablets. The decision to open-source is good news for other developers.

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Useless, embarrassing, and a waste of money: A Google author’s description of Glass

Author and journalist Jeff Jarvis is a confirmed Google fan, but even he can't find anything good to say about Google Glass, which may be bad news for Google in the near future.


AllCast local media streaming returns on the Google Chromecast

Definitely excellent news for anyone that has a large library of stored movies and music, Android application AllCast is once again compatible with the Google Chromecast after the public SDK launch.

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Google Smartwatch: What we think we know about Google’s other wearable tech project

We've been hearing about a possible Google-produced smartwatch for some time, although the rumors have been sporadic. We've gathered them all together here, along with other information on the possible Google or Motorola project, to keep you fully up to date.


EverythingMe learns how you use your Android phone, and makes it better

Android is a customizable platform but if you really want your phone to feel like it's made just for you, try EverythingMe. The app launcher uses context to predict your needs and offers impressive organization.


Leaked Samsung Windows phone could be a future Verizon release

A new leak has provided some more information on the rumored Samsung SM-750V smartphone, this time indicating it'll run Windows Phone 8.1 and be released on the Verizon network.


Floatifications is like Facebook Chat Heads, but for all app notifications

Which you could get Facebook Chat Heads-style notifications from other apps? Now you can with the extremely customizable Floatifications app for Android. Get handy pop up bubbles to inform you of activity on your favorite apps.

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AT&T patents a new way to skirt net neutrality on its wireless network

AT&T's latest patent hints that it may move to control speeds and access to certain types of data, meaning it could cut you off, slow you down, or charge you if you use too much of your data to stream, download movies, or torrent.


Exploding iPhones take two more victims: Here’s how to avoid joining them

Smartphone battery woes are creeping up again. Several iPhones have reportedly exploded or swelled up this week, bringing back fears about smartphone safety. Here's how to keep yourself safe.


Will Google’s Motorola sale help mend its crumbling relationship with Samsung?

By selling Motorola and sharing patents, Google has convinced Samsung to stop aggressively moving away from Android, but the relationship is still doomed to fail, most likely.


Get these Super Bowl apps before your fingers are covered in nacho cheese

Double down on your football diet with these second-screen Android and iPhone apps for turning your phone or tablet into a command center for stats, virtual gambling and even trash talk.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo unveiled, launches next month

The Galaxy Note 3 Neo phablet has finally become a reality, with the device unveiled on Samsung's Polish site on Friday. The spec list for the Note 3 'lite' falls in line with recent rumors, and a global(ish) launch is expected next month.

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Dell’s Wyse Cloud Connect HDMI dongle runs Android on any screen

Definitely one of the more interesting products released by Dell of of late, a new HDMi dongle called the Wyse Cloud Connect allows business travelers to connect remotely using virtual desktop platforms.


Who are the real winners and losers in Google’s Motorola sale to Lenovo?

Lenovo is buying Motorola Mobility from Google for $2.9 billion. But who comes out ahead in this new world, who loses, and does it all mean for the Android ecosystem?

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