Netflix adds 1080p video streaming to iOS app, but only over Wi-Fi

Netflix has released version 7.0 of its iOS app, which has been optimized for use on the new Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, with the latter benefiting from 1080p streaming video.

How to (mostly) fix the Apple iMessage bug on iPhone

Apple has finally provided a solution to the iMessage bug plaguing people who dump Apple phones for something different. Here are the steps to deregister your iMessages.

Two screens and 7-day battery life? The Geak Watch 2 gets lots of funding

Shanda's Geak Watch 2 may be the ultimate smartwatch. It features two displays, 7-day battery life, and works as a standalone smartwatch. The watch is currently part of a crowd-funding campaign on Pozible.

Microsoft goes all-in for mobile with free iOS and Android apps

Microsoft updated its iOS apps to include document creation and editing for free. Improved Office apps for Android are also in the works. The new layout and features make Office truly mobile-friendly for the first time.

Google Wallet’s fortunes rise as Apple Pay spreads the gospel of mobile payments

Google Wallet reportedly saw an increase in use and downloads before and after Apple Pay launched. Mobile payments seem to be getting more popular, thanks to increased awareness and advertising.

Fret not, OS X Yosemite users: Apple is working to fix your Wi-Fi woes

Apple never publicly confirmed that it was aware of OS X Yosemite's Wi-Fi bugs, but an update that is currently being tested will address the issue.

Don’t worry! CurrentC can’t block Apple Pay forever

The Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) says its Apple Pay ban will last "months, not years," to give its CurrentC app a chance to get off the ground first. MCX also denies reports that it fines or threatens retailers who allow NFC payments.

The iPhone is no longer welcome in Russia, iCloud to blame

Starting on January 1, 2015, Russia will reportedly ban sales of the iPhone and iPad. The reason given was that data stored on iCloud is stored on servers in the United States, not in Russia.

Do we hear a million? Apple-1 computer sold by Steve Jobs could break auction records

An ancient Apple-1 computer that was sold by Steve Jobs himself back in the 1970s is going to be auctioned off in about a month. Learn more here.

Stolen nude pictures from woman’s iPhone could land California cop in jail

A California Highway Patrol officer was charged with two felonies on Halloween after he was caught allegedly stealing nude images of one DUI suspect from her phone to his. The officer could potentially see some jail time.

Take back control of your keystrokes: How to disable autocorrect in OS X Yosemite

Nothing is more annoying than when a computer thinks it knows what you want to type, when it doesn't have the slightest clue. Take that power back from OS X with this guide.

Who deserves to handle your digital money?

As mobile payments go mainstream and more retailers support the service, Apple Pay and Google Wallet will undoubtedly emerge as the two leading mobile wallet apps, but which one is the best?