After 1 user was hacked, Spotify issues a patch

Spotify acknowledged that one user's account was hacked recently. Although no other users were affected and no sensitive personal data was compromised, Spotify issued a software update and told customers to change their passwords.

Kids react with surprise, shock, and laughs to a decades-old Apple computer

What happens when you put a decades-old computer in front of some modern-day kids? You can see for yourself here.

Apple patent hints at drop proof iPhone 6 made of sapphire and LiquidMetal

Apple received patents for its way of embedding sapphire displays and a unique LiquidMetal smartphone construction method. The deal with LiquidMetal ensures that Apple will have exclusive rights to the special alloy.

Apple wants the iPhone to control your home, could introduce new tech at WWDC

A new report has suggests Apple may be about to introduce its first smart home automation system, where everything from light bulbs to security systems could be controlled using an iPhone.
Android Army

Patent battle: Apple tries again to ban sale of Samsung devices, wants damages increase

Following the conclusion of Apple and Samsung's most recent patent trial where a jury ordered the Korean company to pay Apple $119 million, the iPhone maker is now seeking a sales ban of Samsung's infringing products, as well as an increase…

Dear Apple: Spare us the back patting and show us something awesome at WWDC

Apple’s long history of exciting WWDC announcements has fizzled out in recent years as the event degenerates into one big Apple lovefest. Will you guys just tease the iPhone 6 and get it over with already?

Osmo connects real kids’ toys with iPad games

Tangible Play brings back physical childhood toys and connects them to your iPad with Osmo. Want to get your kids back to playing with real toys? Just connect Osmo, then break out the Tangram puzzle pieces, markers, and letter tiles.

Surface Pro 3 vs. 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina: Specs, features, and prices compared

Here, we stack up the most powerful config of the Surface Pro 3 against the highest-end 13-inch MacBook Pro you can buy today. So which device emerges as the victor? See for yourself here.

Apple still bests Samsung in U.S. smartphone sales

Apple's iPhone is still the most popular handset in the United States, but Samsung comes in a close second. Together, the two companies account for more than two-thirds of all smartphones sold.

Apple’s iMessage fix could end headaches if you move to Android

Apple may finally fix a major bug in iMessage that has plagued platform switchers for years. The new update should resolve the issue that prevented former iPhone users from receiving text messages from friends still using iMessage.

Apple may use solar-charging touchscreens on future iPhones, iPads, or iWatches

A new patent granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office points to Apple taking a greener approach to powering its mobile devices. The patent shows solar panels integrated into a mobile device’s flexible display.

Lost a furry friend? PetMatch helps grieving pet owners find lookalikes to adopt

Here lies Meow Man: epic cat and slayer of birds. He will be missed. That is, until he is replaced by an identical cat found on PetMatch. The PetMatch app uses a machine vision algorithm to help users find a new pet with a similar look.