Adobe releases Photoshop Mix 1.5 for iOS, adds support for digital stylus, cloud clipboard

Adobe has a new update to its Photoshop Mix app for iPhone and iPad. The app now supports digital styluses like Adobe Ink, Wacom, and Pencil; Cloud Clipboard; and easy photo merging.

Huge outage hits Apple storefronts, including iTunes, iBooks, App Store

Apple's digital storefronts are experiencing unplanned downtime, according to a post on the company's website. The iTunes, App Store, Mac App Store, and other storefronts are not working. Apple is working on the issue.

MacBook (2015) vs. MacBook Air (2015): Spec Showdown

The redefined MacBook may tout a gorgeous Retina display and an ultra-thin design, but how does it compete with Apple's budget-based MacBook Air? Check out our spec comparison of the two for a closer look at the hardware and specifications…
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Don’t blow $17,000 on an Apple Watch Edition, buy this tech instead

The tech world is full of tempting delights with terrifying price tags. On that note the most expensive Apple Watch will cost you $17,000. We decided to take a look at what else that amount of cash could get you.

Is Apple’s new MacBook the last of a dying breed?

At its 'Spring Forward' event, Apple unveiled the new MacBook, a striking system that's thinner than any competitor. Yet its impressive design may indicate the company is drawing closer to blending the Mac with tablet design.

If you’re going to drop $10K on an Apple Watch, protect it with the Bumper (updated)

ActionProof announced the Bumper, a case for the Apple Watch. Made of Laprene, it can absorb a reasonable amount of shock from any accidental drops. It's currently running a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo.

This is what it’s like to wear the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch doesn't have everyone starry eyed. Early hands-on reviews talk about the interface, looks, and feel of the Watch on their wrists.

Apple’s new MacBook asks if you can handle a one-port future

The new MacBook marks a bold step into a fully wireless future, and there's no doubt that it represents the future of notebook design. But not everyone will be able to handle its head-first dive into tomorrow.

What’s smaller, the MacBook’s logic board, or the Raspberry Pi? The answer will surprise you

The logic board in the new MacBook hosts an Intel processor, a hard drive and RAM, yet is incredibly small -- smaller, in fact, than the Raspberry Pi.

Wear your home on your sleeve with the new Apple Watch

Want to control your smart home from your wrist? When the Apple Watch debuted today, it already had some capabilities ready and waiting, though more are almost certainly on the way.

MacBook vs Dell XPS 13: Which is the king of portable laptops? 6:25

The latest MacBook in Apple's lauded lineup boasts more than just a Retina display and a touchpad feature called "Force Click." However, how does it compare with one of the best laptops on the market, the Dell XPS 13? Check out…

Marriott to accept Apple Pay for your hotel incidentals

Marriott International announces that it will begin accepting Apple Pay at 11 of its major U.S. properties. The company will also release an app in time for the Apple Watch's availability.