LA schools halt plan to give students iPads after contract concerns, meddling kids

In a memo sent to the Los Angeles School Board of Education, Superintendent John Deasy revealed that the ambitious plan to distribute iPads to its students is dead before arrival. The program currently uses laptops instead of iPads.

T-Mobile will double your data if you add a tablet

T-Mobile will now double your data if you add a tablet to your Simple Choice Plan. The deal kicks off on September 3 and is a limited-time promotion with no definitive end date.

Sorry guys, this isn’t the iPhone 6 — China Telecom leak is a concept design

China Telecom recently leaked a picture of an iPhone 6 concept design, claiming that it was the real thing. Several news outlets reported the story.

Apple launches limited battery replacement program for iPhone 5

Potentially ideal for anyone with a qualifying iPhone 5 device, Apple has quietly launched a battery replacement program for anyone that is having trouble keeping their smartphone charged.

Google has already taken down hundreds of Swing Copters clones

Google has reportedly removed hundreds of clones of Swing Copters, Dong Nguyen's follow-up to Flappy Bird. The clones prevented the original game from becoming the top search result for "Swing Copters."

iPhone 6 screen hiccup could result in delayed launch or limited production

Apple reportedly experienced a serious issue with iPhone 6 screen production. Production is back on track, but the delay may result in a limited launch, sources say.
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Brazil Prosecutor wants Apple and Google to remove ‘Secret’ from app stores and devices

A Brazilian prosecutor is pushing for Google and Apple to not only remove the Secret app from their app stores, but also from devices that have the app installed. Cyberbulling and harassment were cited as reasons.

Now you can take 360-degree photos with Google’s Photo Sphere Camera on iOS

Google added its 360-degree Photo Sphere camera app to iOS. Now, iPhone users can take panoramic shots of their locations and share them on Views, Street View, or social media.

One third of smartphone owners in the U.K. don’t care about apps at all

According to U.K.-based professional services firm Deloitte, 31 percent of smartphone owners in the U.K. don't download apps in the first month of ownership. In addition, nine out of ten don't spend money on apps.

Mailbox Mac OS X beta out now, introduces draft support, message snooze features

Mailbox, Dropbox's mail app, is coming to Mac OS X, and will bring a couple of new features along with it. Learn more here.

Wow, Xiaomi’s new Android UI is almost indistinguishable from iOS 7

Xiaomi is often accused of copying Apple's smartphone and iOS design elements, but its latest MIUI 6 update looks almost exactly like iOS 7 in several key ways.

Sony will offer discounted albums through iTunes for iOS users

Available now, Sony's "Album of the Day" app offers iPhone users discounted albums for download through iTunes. The app first launched in Germany back in March, though time will tell if it's successful in the U.S.