Apple reveals health-focused push with Health app and Mayo Clinic partnership

Apple revealed its push into health with HealthKit and Health. HealthKit creates a composite profile based on information gathered from different health-related apps, while Health displays activity metrics.

Apple debuts Handoff for iOS and OS X devices in call to Dr. Dre

Apple introduced a new iOS-infused version of OS X for Mac at WWDC 2014 on Monday. A new feature called Handoff gives all iOS and OS X devices proximity awareness, so that you can switch from email on your iPhone to email your Mac…

OS X Yosemite handles calls and texts, gets updated Calendar, Notifications, and more

Apple just took the wraps off OS X Yosemite at WWDC 2014, which will be released this coming Fall. You can learn more about the next versions of the company's desktop operating system here, which will cost you nothing.

Apple announces iCloud Drive, now works as a file system like Dropbox

During WWDC, Apple announced iCloud Drive, which converts iCloud into a file storing system in the cloud. Announced as part of OS X Yosemite, it allows you to store documents, as well as any file you have, in the cloud.

How to watch the WWDC 2014 live stream whether you have an Apple device or not

There are multiple ways to watch the live stream of WWDC 2014, even if you don't have an Apple device. You can learn more here.

Make all your Spotify tracks available offline with the tap of a button

Spotify added a magic button that will make all your tracks available offline in one tap. Spotify added the new feature to make it easier for users to download their playlists again after a recent hack prompted the company to issue a major…

This could be the new OS X: Four alleged images leak prior to WWDC

If these leaked OS X 10.10 images are legitimate, it may be a sign that Apple is pushing their desktop OS to be more like its mobile counterpart. You can learn more here.

Can Beats get Apple back in rhythm with the music industry?

After 10 years riding high on the success of iTunes, Apple has lost its music mojo. Can Beats bring it back by giving Apple a viable Spotify competitor?

More than 25 percent of a smartphone’s price may come from patent royalties

Two lawyers from Apple’s law firm during its patent trial against Samsung and an executive from Intel have released a paper that shows how much consumers pay for patent royalties on an average smartphone.

Amazon Prime may add music streaming for a limited selection of songs

Amazon might just give everyone another reason to pay $99 for an Amazon Prime subscription. The company will reportedly add music streaming to its already impressive library of Prime content.

Betaworks introduces Dots sequel: TwoDots

Dots made mobile gaming beautiful. Now, the app's creator, Betaworks, has released its sequel: TwoDots. TwoDots is a bit more complicated than the original, but just as beautiful, if not more so. Will it be the next mobile gaming craze?

Samsung’s Simband smartwatch could tell the doctor you’re ill before you know yourself

Samsung looks to the future of medical technology with Simband, a prototype smartwatch. The device contains a plethora of sensors to measure your vital signs and uploads them to SAMI, the sensor data cloud where all your info is stored.