Apple investigating MacBook Air Wi-Fi issues, orders store workers to ‘capture’ faulty machines

After reports in recent days about Wi-Fi issues with Apple's updated MacBook Air machine, the tech company has decided to investigate the issue, telling Apple store employees to send faulty machines in for testing.

Siri’s pronunciation to improve in iOS 7, thanks to new name learning feature

We already know Siri is set to be more helpful in iOS 7, but a new feature has been discovered which shows the virtual assistant is willing to learn too, as you'll be able to teach it how to pronounce difficult names.

New Nokia ad depicts iPhone users as pale, red-eyed, freakish zombies

Looking for a way to differentiate the Nokia Lumia 925 from the rest of the smartphones in the mobile space, Nokia has produced a creative ad poking fun at Apple users and promoting a feature of the Lumia lineup.

Virgin Mobile users get access to the iPhone 5 next week

Potentially good news for anyone looking for the iPhone 5 without having to sign a service contract, Virgin Mobile plans to start carrying the Apple smartphone starting late next week.

Best Buy recalls thousands of MacBook Pro batteries due to fire, burn hazards

Electronics retail giant Best Buy is recalling thousands of MacBook Pro replacement batteries following a number of incidents where the battery had caught fire, including one which resulted in “a serious burn to a consumer’s leg.”

Apple awarded $30m contract to supply LA schools with iPads, Microsoft not happy

Apple has scored a tasty $30 million contract with the LA Unified Schools District to supply students at 47 campuses with an iPad. As you might expect, Microsoft is somewhat miffed about the deal.

DT Deals: A 10-foot Lightning cable that won’t stretch your budget

No more sitting by the walls waiting for your phone or tablet to charge up. Today's DT Deals offers a Lightning cable for iPhone 5 and iPad mini for half the price - but several times the length.
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Apple MacBook Air 13-inch (2013) Review

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch (2013) review.

Relax, wannabe designers: iOS 7 will succeed despite your icon tantrums

Last week, Apple unveiled a brand new look and feel for iOS 7, but before its presentation ended, the Internet was up in arms about how bad the icons look. Here's why it doesn't matter.

Secret menu discovered inside iOS 7 beta, reveals new gestures being tested by Apple

A developer has uncovered a hidden settings menu in the beta version of iOS 7, which reveals Apple is testing new features and gestures, that could be introduced in future versions of the new OS.

You can already make your Android phone look like iOS 7

A new custom theme allows Android 4.0+ users to get a taste of iOS 7 without an iPhone, mimicking the new Jony Ive design that was recently unveiled. Besides the look, its creator also added custom apps to help deliver a more authentic…

Watch: OS X Mavericks multi-monitor mode demoed on six 27-inch displays

Now that developer preview of Apple's OS X Mavericks is available, we're starting to see demonstrations of the new OS. One user with sweet-looking six (!) monitor setup take us through Apple's new full-screen app support within a…